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Game Update: 1.20.34 Patch Note

Thu Mar 28, 2019 2:54 am


Servers will be suspended for maintenance on April 2 at 1AM UTC for an estimated 2 hours while the game is updated to Patch 1.20.34. When maintenance is complete, simply open the game to download the update and continue playing.

You will be notified if any changes are made to the schedule.


You can gain Dragon Essence of the same quality when you release or replace your dragons.


Any Dragon Essence lost upon releasing or replacing divine dragons after Patch 1.20.26 will be returned to you:

• The amount of Legendary Dragon Essence that will be returned to you is equivalent to the number of divine dragons that you released or replaced between 4AM UTC on March 2 and 4AM UTC on March 30. The divine dragons that you released or replaced before Patch 1.20.26 have already been returned to you as random Divine Dragon Eggs, so these won't be returned to you as Dragon Essence this time.

• Dragon Essence will be returned to your Items panel one day after the new update is released. Dragon Essence can be used to infuse dragons and provide the same infuse progression as one baby dragon of the same quality.

• Epic, Rare, and Common Dragon Essence will not be returned.


New Item: Dragon Scroll. Can be traded in at the Black Market for advanced dragon abilities. You can get Dragon Scrolls from future events or by purchasing sets.

New dragon abilities added in the Black Market:

• Onyx Dragon: Eternal Void
• Jade Dragon: Rebirth
• Topaz Dragon: Electric Field
• Ruby Dragon: Rampage
• Azure Dragon: Noble Blood

The above dragon abilities can be traded for with Dragon Scrolls.


You can trade for Dragonglass and Soulfire with Adamantium in the Void.


Samurai, Ronin, and Blademasters

• Increased the cooldown of Iaijutsu.

• Reduced the area damage of Iaijutsu.

Lancers, Crusaders, and Templars

• Increased attack and health by 25%.

• Charge now stuns more enemies.

Technicians and Engineers

• Attacks now have a 25% chance to stun enemy troops for 2.5 seconds. The evade chance of stunned targets is reduced by 40% for 3 seconds.


Battleground changes:

• Gain 150% movement speed buff upon winning a duel. Also gain immunity from being challenged to another duel for 15 seconds.

• The 2:00-2:30 UTC Friday battle region has been moved to 2:00-2:30 UTC on Saturday.

• New battle region added: 20:00-20:30 UTC on Friday.

• The Mine Cart now appears only once during the event.


Event starts on April 8.

During the event, clear dungeons for a chance to find tracks that will lead you on a Treasure Hunt quest. Each set of tracks is different and calls for a special lineup of heroes to pursue. Your heroes will hunt for treasure while you play. They may even find Dragon Abilities and Divine Dragon Eggs.


Season starts on April 2. The new season introduces the following changes:

• The number of Nexuses has been increased to 3.

• The Clash of Fate map has been updated. A mini map will now be displayed in the bottom left corner.

• Significantly more points are awarded for occupying the Nexus during the final 20 minutes of the battleground.

• After occupying the Nexus for 5 minutes, if you abandon your spot, you will not be penalized by being returned to the respawn point.


• Chest rewards for defeating golems will be sent via mail.

• The max level Garrison Training of Ninjas now increases attack and health by 20% (previously increased attack by 40%, which did not match the description).

• The 24-hour limit for contributing to House Influence has been removed.

• The Dragon Egg Set purchase limit has been increased to 3.

• Energy Sets, Mana Sets, and Dragon Energy Sets are now available in every batch of goods in the Shop.

We will be following your feedback closely as we continue in our quest to make Nore the best possible world for all our Commanders. Remember to visit our Facebook page for more inside scoops.

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