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Game Update: 1.20.18 Update Note

Thu Jan 24, 2019 11:06 am


Servers will be suspended for maintenance on January 28 at 1AM UTC for an estimated 2 hours while the game is updated to Patch 1.20.18. When maintenance is complete, simply open the game to download the update and continue playing.

You will be notified if any changes are made to the schedule.


Tok the Masked Maestro will be available in a hero chest soon after the update.


• Divination

Tok channels the energies of battle in a ritual of divination to summon elemental spells. Each time a friendly hero ability is cast, Tok descries half an elemental pattern, and upon completing the pattern, he summons the elemental spell in waiting. There are eight spells in total: Sky [Black Hole], Lakes [Tranquility], Fire [Rain of Fire], Thunder [Plasma Strike], Wind [Tailwind], Water [Blizzard], Mountains [Meteor Shower], and Earth [Earthquake].

After casting a divination, for a brief time Tok does not begin to descry the next elemental spell. Equipment abilities cannot hasten this process. Damage dealt and healing delivered by the eight spells scale with Tok's attack attribute. Whenever friendly rakan units imbibe Ale, for 10 seconds the chance that divination spells trigger the bonus Yang effect is increased by 6%. Can stack.


• Clairvoyance

Tok sees deeper into the future, increasing the damage and healing efficacy of all Divination spells.

• Tortoise Mastery

When Tok is on the battlefield, all Dragon Turtles, Dragon Terrapins, and Dragon Tortoises have their attack and health increased. Additionally, the strength of their War Drums and Double War Drums, as well as the effect of Battle Lust, is increased.

• Heavyweight

Tok has legendary tolerance. His presence increases the duration of all Ale effects on friendly rakan units.

• Fengshui Master

Tok uses all terrain to the advantage of his army, decreasing morale decay speed in grassland battles, increasing evade chance in tundra battles, increasing magic resistance in desert battles, and increasing physical resistance in all other terrains.

• Prophetic Trance

Upon completing a divination, Tok is filled with oracular energy, quickening his drumbeat and granting bonus damage, attack speed, and health to friendly units.

• Zen State

When channeling a Divination spell, there is a chance that Tok will trigger its bonus Yin effect and a smaller chance that he will trigger its bonus Yang effect.

Note: Yin and Yang will enhance Tok's Divination.


Registration time: Jan 28

• During registration time, you can choose a battle region to participate in the Mines of Mayhem battleground.

• You will be teleported to the Mines of Mayhem to plunder celestite and battle with other Commanders from all realms.

• At the end of the event, you will earn rewards according to the celestite leaderboard.

Event Rules

• Your troops and heroes will travel to the underworld, excluding borrowed troops. Defeated Commanders will be teleported to the respawn point where their armies will respawn.

• You can plunder celestite from other Commanders. The winner of a duel will plunder half of the celestite currently carried by the opponent.

• Mine carts will appear on the tracks after a countdown. You can safely deposit all of your celestite in mine carts to prevent it from being plundered by other Commanders.

• If you leave the battleground before the event ends, you will continuously lose your celestite, including the celestite you have already deposited in mine carts.


• Challenge quests are now reset after a period of 7 days. Objectives and difficulty rewards have been updated.

• Quests and difficulty rewards will be preserved after you disband a pact but you will not be able to form another pact until quests are reset after 7 days have passed.

• Quest update: Raid dragons of any race and gain a certain number of chests. You no longer have to raid dragons of a specific race.



Ninjas, Assassins, and Shadows

• Mirror Image rework; Shadow Strike removed; Ambush, Fatality, and Siege Specialist added

• Mirror Image: After drinking Ale, activates the Fatality buff and summons a mirror image to assist in battle for 30 seconds.

• Ambush: When an enemy is struck by a shuriken thrown by an Assassin or Shadow, there is a 5% chance a mirror image will be summoned nearby for 10 seconds to ambush the enemy. Mirror images are melee fighters with half the health and damage of the unit that spawned them. They carry the Fatality buff and prioritize attacking the enemy back ranks.

• Fatality: Buff that grants bonus attack speed and movement speed by 20%. Also makes the bearer immune to morale collapse and most crowd control effects.

• Siege Specialist: Assassins and Shadows bear the Fatality buff permanently while attacking or defending during siege battles.

Samurai, Ronin, and Blademasters

• Iaijutsu now deals damage to nearby enemies.


Sentries, Wardens, and Guardians

• Slightly increase the attack and health of Sentries, Wardens, and Guardians.

• Agile extra effect: Deals heavy damage to Large and Massive units.

Treants, Saphearts, and Treefathers

• The individual unit supply count of Treants, Saphearts, and Treefathers has been reduced to 15. Training time, healing time, and resources required to train have been reduced.

Funguys, Sporebuds, and Shroomlords

• The individual unit supply count of Funguys, Sporebuds, and Shroomlords has been reduced to 15. Training time, healing time, and resources required to train have been reduced.


A number of events will be available during Chinese New Year.


• The Honor limits for all stronghold levels has been increased by 50%.

• Sprig hero chest added to the Shop.

• You can now choose which 3 resources are displayed at the top of your screen.

We will be following your feedback closely as we continue in our quest to make Nore the best possible world for all our Commanders. Remember to visit our Facebook page for more inside scoops.

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