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Game Update: 1.19.02 Update Note

Mon Sep 17, 2018 7:07 am

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Servers will be suspended for maintenance on September 18 at 1AM UTC for an estimated 2 hours while the game is updated to Patch 1.19.02. This is a larger update with tons of great new content, and when patching is complete you will be prompted to download the latest version of Art of Conquest from the store.


Hero Description:

• Specialty "Wolf Pack"

• Rather than leading troops into battle, Fenris summons two Wolves to fight by his side. If a Wolf perishes, Fenris will sacrifice 30% of his health to resummon it. Wolf attack scales with the level and Might of Fenris. Wolf health scales with the level and Stamina of Fenris. Wolves and Direwolves excel at ambushing back-rank enemy heroes and troops.

• Maul

• The basic attacks of Wolves and Direwolves deal bonus damage and affect enemies nearby the target.

• Bloodthirst

• The basic attacks of Wolves and Direwolves deal bonus damage and regenerate health.

• Thick Hide

• The heavy winter fur of Wolves and Direwolves mitigates the ranged damage they take.

• Feral Instinct

• Increases the attack speed of Wolves and Direwolves. When a Wolf or Direwolf drops below 50% health, the attack speed bonus is doubled.

• Lupine Link

• Fenris strengthens his bond with Wolves. He sacrifices less health to summon Wolves, and the damage and health of his Wolves is increased.

• Full Moon

• Fenris transforms into a powerful Direwolf, increasing his damage output and health regeneration while becoming immune to all slowing and crowd-control effects. He cannot summon wolves while in Direwolf form and will prioritize attacking back rank heroes and troops. Lasts 30 seconds.


• Save formations to defend against sieging enemies.

• After troops in the formation fall in battle, their number will be replenished by troops from the garrison.

• When troops in the formation fall in battle and their numbers cannot be replenished, the formation will become invalid.

• When your formation becomes invalid, the system will automatically deploy defensive troops. If you save an empty formation, the system will still automatically deploy defensive troops.

• When players Defend allied strongholds, the highest Power troops from the combined pool of formation and garrison troops will be deployed.


• You can share a post when:
1) You acquire a new Hero.
2) You win plunder from an enemy city.
3) You win a duel.
4) You or the Lord of your House becomes King or Emperor.

• You earn a reward for the first post you share every day.


• When your Hero's Attributes reach the limit, you can use Attribute Cards to raise the limit.

• The higher you want to raise the limit, the more Attribute Cards you need to use.

• Different Attribute Cards contain different numbers of points:

• Common Attribute Cards contain double the points of Hero Specific Attribute Cards, e.g., a common +1 Might Card contains 2 points while a Hero Specific +1 Might Card contains 1 point.

• All-Attribute Cards contain quadruple the points of single Attribute Cards, e.g., an All-Attribute Card contains 4 points while a single Attribute Card contains 1 point.


• 1000 Soulfire, 50 Dragonglass, and 1 random +0 Runestone chest added to the Royal Chest.

• Damage leaderboard added and Contribution leaderboard removed in the Golem Invasion and Anniversary Warships events.

• Hero Bonus of Puresteel set (Puresteel Broadsword, Puresteel Sallet, Puresteel Chestpiece) and Katara changed to "Critical hit chance +20% (effect does not stack)".

• If you go offline when moving into a city after winning the battle, you will gain Surrender status.

• Increased the basic attack and health of Spearmen, Hoplites, and Centurions. Increased the duration of "Savage Thrusts" to 10 seconds. "Impenetrable Defense" can now be triggered once every 3 seconds and the effect is slightly increased.

• Commanders can neither initiate a duel nor be challenged within 5 seconds after a duel ends.

• Army supply limit removed when converting troops.

• You can toggle hero ability animations in Options.

• Category labels added in House Activity. You can also find activities by keywords.

• Equipment (including Artifacts) cooldown time removed.

• You can now choose your Portrait Border.

• Hero Trials cooldown time reduced to 20 hours.

• 20 new stages added to the Void.

• A city cannot be declared war upon for 8 hours after successfully defending against a previous declaration of war.

We will be following your feedback closely as we continue in our quest to make Nore the best possible world for all our Commanders. Remember to visit our Facebook page for more inside scoops.

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Re: Game Update: 1.19.02 Update Note

Sun Sep 23, 2018 9:30 pm

Como adquirir novo herói grátis?

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