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Game Update: 1.18.26 Update Note

Tue Aug 14, 2018 3:03 am

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Servers will be suspended for maintenance on August 14 at 1AM UTC for an estimated 2 hours while the game is updated to Patch 1.18.26. When maintenance is complete, simply open the game to download the update and continue playing.


• The ten-day event Wrath of Nerokles will start at 8AM UTC on August 18. Please get prepared while waiting.

• Commanders can access the Wrath of Nerokles raid dungeon event through the Fathomrest Gate in your stronghold. The event will last for 10 days with a new map containing 10 mist regions. Once Commanders complete the quests and slay the elite monsters within a region, the next region will be unlocked on the following day of the event.

• During battles, the injury rate is 100% and heroes expend energy.

• Commanders can get Dragonsteel by battling monsters and exchange them for various resources and items with Sabo the Tinker. The number of his resources and items is limited.

• Nerokles has infinite health. The highest amount of damage dealt to Nerokles during a single battle by each Commander will be recorded and displayed on a leaderboard. Rewards will be delivered accordingly when the event ends.


Hero description:

• Specialty "Ancestral Totem"

• Deploy Cost: 3. Baelrog wields the ancestral totem of his clan in battle, absorbing the spirit energy of fallen allies.

• Ability "Revenant"

• Every so often, Baelrog's totem summons a wrathful revenant to lash out at a nearby enemy, dealing damage and stunning the target. If the totem's spirit energy is full, enemy troop groups struck by the totem will suffer 20% faster morale collapse.

• Ability "Shock Wave"

• Each time he absorbs spirit energy, Baelrog slams the earth with his totem, releasing a shock wave that deals damage to enemy in its path. If his totem's spirit energy is full, Baelrog will attack in a continuous barrage of shock waves.

• Ability "Overawe"

• When Baelrog is on the battlefield, enemy units attack slower and deal less damage. Does not affect massive or large units.

• Ability "Indomitable Spirit"

• Baelrog gains damage mitigation when his health drops. If he is defeated when his totem's spirit energy is full, he will be reincarnated with part of his health. Baelrog can reincarnate only once per battle.

• Ability "Totem Curse"

• Enemies struck by Baelrog's totem have a 25% chance of being cursed for 3 seconds. Cursed units suffer extra damage per second. If the totem's spirit energy is full, enemies struck have a 100% of being cursed.

• Ability "Primal Fury"

• Baelrog's attack speed is increased for 15 seconds. If his totem's spirit energy is full, Baelrog deals double damage to enemies below 30% health.

Hero acquisition:

• Follow the story in Wrath of Nerokles and complete missions to summon Baelrog.


• The first artifact slot has been unlocked. Hero strength is greatly increased when an artifact is equipped.

• Follow the story to acquire the “Halceon Edge”, an artifact sword.

• Artifacts can be enchanted with special materials to increase their star level. Each time you enchant your artifact, it gains half a star. Max level requires 5 stars.

• Artifacts of different star levels have different stats and special abilities.

• Artifact materials can be acquired from the Wrath of Nerokles event. More ways to get materials will be revealed in the future.

• Artifact materials can be crafted or distilled.


• Hero Trials are unlocked when the Tactics School reaches level 3. Deploy heroes to complete challenges and get EXP Cards and Artifact materials.

• Trial battles do not result in damage or injuries. Casting abilities does not deduct mana or energy. However, deploying heroes costs Trial Energy. Each hero can use 3 points of Trial Energy per day (Jacques, Rose and Baelrog expend 3 points of Trial Energy per battle).

• Commanders need to complete 6 trials to complete the trials for the day. Hero Trials refresh every 24 hours.

• The difficulty of Hero Trials keeps pace as Commanders rise in power, and rewards increase accordingly.


• Fixed a bug that caused troops to cast abilities multiple times or stop moving.

• Abilities successfully casted by only part of a group of troops will be cast again by the remaining troops.

• Heroes will no longer cast another ability if it would interrupt the ability currently being casted.

• Abilities interrupted by Bane's "Provoke" ability will not be re-casted.


• There have been some changes made to the rules governing realm transfer. You can now see the quantity of resources that you can take along when you transfer to a new realm. You are now allowed to transfer back to your original realm.

• If you have a character who is King in the realm where you are about to transfer, you cannot proceed with the transfer.

• A notification now pops up when you are about to delete your existing characters.

• You cannot migrate to the kingdom that has the highest National Power on the continent.

• Your booster will continue after you transfer to a new realm.


• Unwanted Valor cards can now be transmuted into Alchemy Stones.

• Unwanted dragon eggs can now be transmuted and there's a chance to get eggs of better quality.

• Each Commander can request only one chest during the term of a king’s reign.

• The Primal Shield trait of Bloodclaws and Dunelords now reduces damage taken during the first 12 seconds of battle.

• Switching to a second hero ability specialization is now unlocked at Valor Tier 8. A third ability spec can be unlocked at Valor Tier 13.

• The Activity quest "Train Your Dragon" has been replaced with "Deploy Dragon".

• All reward probabilities for hero chests, Mithril Chests, Gold Chests, Adamantine Chests, Orichalcum Chests and the Lucky Wheel are now displayed. Also, players who win the grand prize will be displayed in game.

We will be following your feedback closely as we continue in our quest to make Nore the best possible world for all our Commanders. Remember to visit our Facebook page for more inside scoops.

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