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Game Update: 1.18.14 Update Note

Mon Jul 02, 2018 11:08 am

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The ancient Colosseum has been restored. Who will triumph in the Gladiator Games? There can be only one Champion of Nore, and the majestic War Lion will recognize no other master!

Servers will be suspended for maintenance on July 3 at 1AM UTC for an estimated 2 hours while the game is updated to Patch 1.18.14. When maintenance is complete, simply open the game to download the update and continue playing.



• All players who have reached stronghold level 8 are eligible to participate. Tap the new Colosseum button at the bottom left corner of the main interface to join the Gladiator Games.

• The first five offensive battles every day are free. After that, each offensive battle requires a Colosseum Pass, which can be obtained throughout the game and by purchasing with Linari.

Defensive Formation

• To battle in the Colosseum, you must first deploy a defensive formation. In the Colosseum, even heroes that are injured or out of energy may be deployed, and injured troops are considered healthy to fight. Borrowed troops may not be deployed.

• After battles heroes and troops in your defensive formation will not be killed, injured, or lose mana and energy.

• You can alter your defensive formation whenever you like.

Offensive Formation

• Each time you enter the Colosseum you will automatically be paired with 3 opponents from which you can choose one to battle. New opponents will be paired after each battle.

• Heroes and troops can be deployed in your offensive formation, and like your defensive formation, even heroes that are injured or out of energy may be deployed, and injured troops are considered healthy to fight.

• After battles heroes and troops in your defensive formation will not be killed, injured, or lose mana and energy.

• If you leave during the deployment phase, you will forfeit the battle.

Deployment Phase

• Unlike regular battles, during the deployment phase in the Colosseum, a random section of the opponent's fog of war will be cleared.

Colosseum Battles

• The time limit for a Colosseum battle is 90 seconds. If there is no winner after 90 seconds, the defender is deemed the winner.

• In Colosseum battles, hero attributes do not grant troop buffs.

• Only certain hero abilities can be used in the Colosseum. You can see which abilities can be used by consulting ability descriptions.

• Battles are fully automated and abilities are automatically cast by the AI in a random fashion. Damage abilities target the closest enemy troop group, and healing abilities target the friendly troop group with the lowest health.

• Rakan ale abilities are automatically cast in a specific order.

• In both offensive and defensive battles, both sides earn points for winning and have points deducted for losing.


• Each celebration of the Gladiator Games lasts for one week. The first Gladiator Games will be open from July 3 at 10AM UTC to July 10 at 4AM UTC.

• Between celebrations of the Gladiator Games, the Colosseum is closed to players, but you can still visit the Colosseum Store.

• If your realm is less than one month old, the competitors you face will all be players from your realm, but if your realm is more than one month old, you can fight Commanders from other realms in a cross-realm celebration of the Gladiator Games.


• In the Colosseum log menu you can view your 20 most recent battle outcomes.

• From here you can exact revenge upon adversaries who defeated you. Initiate a counterattack to begin deploying for battle.

• Each past battle can be avenged only once. Counterattacking also costs one pass and points can be gained.

Colosseum Store

• The Colosseum awards daily prizes based on your ranking as well as final prizes at the conclusion of the games.

• Prizes include Gladiator Gold, which can be exchanged in the Colosseum Store for Soulfire, rare resources, building rush, troop rush, and limited quantities of Dragonglass and runestones.

• Any leftover Gladiator Gold will expire at the conclusion of the games, so be sure to spend it all!


Wraxius Rework

• New Specialty "Spirit Energy".

• When Wraxius carries a green lantern, nearby friendly units gain health over time and nearby enemy units take damage over time.

• When Wraxius carries a blue lantern, nearby friendly units attack faster and nearby enemy units attack slower.

• When Wraxius carries a violet lantern, nearby friendly units deal more damage and nearby enemy units deal less damage.

• These buffs are doubled for allied skeleton units.

• New ability "Stygian Lantern" will replace old ability "Mesmerizing Lantern".

• Stygian Lantern: Wraxius places the lantern he is holding onto the battlefield and receives a new one in its place. The higher the ability level, the longer the lanterns last. Placing the green lantern costs 1 mana, placing the blue lantern costs 2 mana, and placing the violet lantern costs 3 mana. Placing the first green lantern shares a global cooldown with other hero abilities, but the cooldowns of each lantern are independent from each other and do not share a global cooldown with other hero abilities.

• New ability "Cursed Light" will replace old ability "Lantern of Darkness".

• Cursed Light: Wraxius damns a lantern with eternal night, causing it to emit an area of flickering violet light that increases allied attack and reduces enemy attack.

• New ability "Lunar Light" will replace old ability "Tearing Light".

• Lunar Light: Wraxius burdens a lantern with the night's grief, causing it to emit an area of lambent blue light that increases allied attack speed and movement speed and reduces enemy attack speed and movement speed.

• New ability "Abyssal Light" will replace old ability "Glow of Death".

• Abyssal Light: Wraxius warps a lantern with the despair of the abyss, causing it to emit an area of irradiant green light that restores health to allied units over time and damages enemy units over time.

• New ability "Refract" will replace old ability "Soul Blast".

• Refract: When an enemy Humanoid unit perishes within the lighted area of a lantern, there is a chance it will leave behind two corpses. When lanterns expire, they explode in an eruption of dark energy that damages enemies in an area. Both chance and damage scale with ability level. When Wraxius transforms into a spirit demon, he explodes the energy in the lanterns at his side, dealing triple damage.

• New ability "Metamorphosis" will replace old ability "Imprisoned Spirit".

• Metamorphosis: When Wraxius has placed all three lanterns, he channels their magical powers for 5 seconds and then absorbs them into his body, transforming into a huge spirit demon with additional damage, health, and attack speed that scale with ability level.


• New effect added to Gazul's "Immortal Strength" ability. Allied Undead units now have a chance of immediately resurrecting upon death.


• Reduced the cooldown of the "Resurrect" trait of Mummies, Conjurers, and Necrolytes. The more times Resurrect is cast, the lower the chance it will succeed.

• New effect added to the "Vengeful Spirit" trait of Occultists and Warlocks: Attacks deal magic damage equivalent to 0.5% of the target's health. Damage doubled against Magical creatures.

• The battlefield grid space occupied by Acolytes, Occultists, and Warlocks has been changed to 3x4.


• Character tab added to the options menu with three areas for customization: avatar, mount, and titles.

• Tap "Avatar" to select the hero that represents your player character. Here you can change the hero's selected skin as well as unlock new skins.

• Tap "Mount" to select the mount your character rides.

• Tap "Titles" to select the titles you display. You can use at most two titles at once.


• You can now configure six preset formations as well as use two recent preset formations specific to battles in the Abyss.

• Fixed a display bug that covered part of the battlefield in automated Abyss battles.

• The quantity of Dragonglass and Soulfire you have is now displayed at the top left corner of the screen in the Abyss.

• You can now assign units to your garrison defense force one at a time.

• You can now find House members by searching their name in the "Members" tab of the House menu.

• Reduced the health of dragon bosses across all dragon races and rarities.

We will be following your feedback closely as we continue in our quest to make Nore the best possible world for all our Commanders. Remember to visit our Facebook Page for more inside scoops

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