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Game Update: 1.18.10 Update Note

Tue Jun 19, 2018 10:39 am

Wandering minstrels sing of the Succession War, spreading tales of the legendary clash to every corner of the land. Yet the fierce competition has forced a change to the rules of engagement. From Ironstone to Maradon to Sunglade, an all-new siege strategy is taking root. Another era of epic warfare is about to begin in Nore.

Servers will be suspended for maintenance on June 20 at 1AM UTC for an estimated 2 hours while the game is updated to Patch 1.18.10. When maintenance is complete, simply open the game to download the update and continue playing.



• While a city is being captured, players from different Houses can move their strongholds into districts within the city.

• You can now choose to abandon your progress in the middle of capturing, but doing so will cause you to gain Surrender status.


• While a city is being captured, players within the city from different Houses can duel each other, the loser being moved back to the capital and gaining Surrender status.

• While a city is being captured, players outside the city can duel players who have already moved into the city. A victorious player from the outside will be moved into the district of the defeated player. Defeated players will be moved back to the capital and gain the Surrender status. If a player is disconnected or leaves their House, this will count as defeat.

• If they do not meet the requirements to capture a city, a victorious player from the outside will NOT be moved into the district of the defeated player.


• When a city being captured is occupied by players from only one House and none of its members are engaged in battle, the capture progress will continue to build. Otherwise, capture progress will stall.

• When a city being captured is occupied by players of multiple Houses, if one of the Houses controls more than 25 districts within the city, capture progress will slowly build for an hour until that House captures the city.

• When all the members of the House currently capturing a city have been driven out of the city and the remaining players in the city all belong to one House, capture status will be transferred to the remaining House and capture progress will start over from zero.


• The Annex imperial power can be used only when the city capture progress is currently building.


Bloodthirsty warriors, the time has again come for you to sharpen your weapons and prepare for war. Battle for the right to preside over Nore from the ultimate seat of power at the Imperium. The schedule for the return of Succession Wars is as follows:

• For realms that have yet to be online for 30 days, the first Succession War will begin on the first Saturday after the realm has been online for 27 days. Future Succession Wars will begin on the first Saturday 11 days after the conclusion of the previous Succession War.

• For realms that have been online for at least 30 days, the first Succession War will begin on Saturday, June 2 at 2PM UTC. Future Succession Wars will begin on the first Saturday 11 days after the conclusion of the previous Succession War.

• New realm merges will reset the Imperium to an empty neutral city, terminating any Succession Wars that were currently in progress on the seed realms. The first Succession War will begin on the first Saturday 27 days after the realm merge. Future Succession Wars will begin on the first Saturday 11 days after the conclusion of the previous Succession War.

For precise times, please consult the in-game countdown timer.


• You must reach 60% of your opponent's Power to initiate a duel.

• When your opponent is escorting their resource wagon, you must reach 60% of their Power to rob the wagon.



• New ability "Sacred Shield" will replace old ability "Glory Hammer".

• Sacred Shield: Tiadrin enters battle protected by a shield of sacred light. The shield absorbs damage dealt to Tiadrin. When Tiadrin falls in combat, the sacred light is passed on to all friendly heroes on the battlefield, protecting them with a shield.

• Weakened Armor effect added to "Sacrifice" ability.

• Sacrifice: Tiadrin sacrifices some of her remaining health to summon a massive sword that smashes into the ground, dealing damage to enemy units in the area of effect and imparting Weakened Armor onto them for 10 seconds.


• Accuracy reduction effect added to "Twisting Thorns" ability. The ability's damage area has been slightly increased, and the rate of damage has been slightly increased.

• Twisting Thorns: Gan harnesses nature's power, summoning an entangling vine at the specified area. Each time enemy units are entangled, they take damage, become rooted for a short duration, and their attacks suffer a 50% reduction in accuracy.

• Movement and attack slowing effect added to "Earthquake" ability. Ability description updated.


• New ability "Cornered Beast" will replace old ability "Berserker Specialist".

• Cornered Beast: Bane flies into a berserker rage when his health falls below 30%, increasing all damage he deals.

• "Recruit Berserkers" ability renamed as "Viking Chieftain" and updated with new effects.

• Viking Chieftain: Bane can train Thanes at the Barracks in human strongholds. When he is on the battlefield, all allied Thanes have their damage and health increased.

• Physical damage mitigation effect added to "Provoke" ability. Now passively triggers once every 15 seconds.

• Provoke: Every 15 seconds Bane challenges nearby enemies, forcing them to attack him while increasing his physical damage mitigation.

• Added automatic trigger of Provoke to "Ferocious Charge" ability and linked the charge distance to the ability level.

• Ferocious Charge: Bane charges to the target location, dealing damage to enemies hit along the way. At the end of the charge, Bane immediately triggers Provoke.

• Reduced the physical damage mitigation effect of "Barbaric Blessing" ability.

• Reduced the base damage of "Spinning Axe" ability and Decreased the interval at which it is triggered.


• A "Versus" hero lineup now displays at the beginning of duels, and a left sidebar has been added to show the relative hero attribute leads each player has over their opponent.

• Before you begin deploying your troops, the hero lineup display shows you the available heroes your opponent has to deploy. You can also see which skin each hero has equipped.

• By tap holding the "Attribute Lead" left sidebar, you can see an overview of how troop buffs are derived from hero attribute leads.

• Before the battle starts, you have 5 seconds to view your opponent's formation.


• You can now sign in every day to earn a reward and view the reward content for the following 6 days.

• Daily sign in reward content refreshes every 24 hours. Unclaimed rewards cannot be collected after a refresh.

• Commanders of Valor Tier 8 or above may claim double the daily sign in reward on every Monday.

• Sign in 3 days in a row to earn 100 Linari and 7 days in a row to earn 200 Linari. Progress resets after you sign in 7 days in a row.

• Progress also resets if you skip a day without signing in.


• Dragon-related rewards have been added to Mithril, Gold, and Adamantine Chests as well as to the treasure guarded by dragon bosses.

• Each hero can now preset three equipment loadouts to quickly change between.

• When you have a currently constructing or upgrading building, you can now proceed to change races. When you change to the new race, your building construction and upgrade research progress will not be affected.

• Added a Blessing Overview information button to each statue in the Temple. Here you can view the blessings granted by the Runestones you have socketed.

• When you reset a hero, your hero will not earn energy or mana upon leveling up until reaching the level it was at previous to being reset.

• You can now scroll the screen around in the Stronghold interface. Certain building locations have been adjusted.

We will be following your feedback closely as we continue in our quest to make Nore the best possible world for all our Commanders. Remember to visit our Facebook page for more inside scoops.

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