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Game Update - March 14th

Fri Mar 16, 2018 2:59 am

Greetings Commanders!

These are the patch notes for the March 14th update!


To prevent your resource production and daily activities from being limited by the strength of your kingdom, some dungeon and resource point mechanics have been adjusted as follows:

• All dungeons and resource points connected to an active city will refresh as daily quests, regardless whether they be located in sovereign, enemy, or allied territories.

• Dungeons and resource points within the capital region of your kingdom shall have cooldowns of 8 hours (±2 hours depending on the dungeon/resource point). Those in other regions shall have cooldowns of 72 hours (±6 hours depending on the dungeon/resource point).

• Quests in enemy kingdoms will appear only for dungeons and resource points with ratings of 2 stars lower than regular quests.

• Increased the resource production quantity of all dungeons and resource points.


After this update, the first cooldown cycle for dungeons and resource points outside of capital regions shall be set at 24 hours. Starting from the second cycle, cooldowns will take 72 hours as normal.

When a quest refreshes, the countdown to the next refresh begins immediately—that is, the countdown does not wait for the quest to be completed before it begins ticking. However, if the previous quest has not been completed when the refresh countdown for the next quest reaches 8 hours, the countdown will pause until the previous quest is completed.


Activity quests have been added to the quest menu.

• Completing Activity quests adds to your Activity level. Several tiers of reward chests become available when your Activity level reaches certain milestones.

• Activity quests refresh once every 24 hours. Quests include escorting wagons, clearing dungeons, making Shop purchases, expending energy, collecting Income, transmuting equipment, sieging strongholds, requesting resources, borrowing troops, and exploring the Void.

• Seven days after a realm goes live, the Commanders of the kingdom ranked last in National Power will receive a bonus Kingdom Progress Chest with their Activity quest rewards.


Healing times for troops level 2 and above have been vastly reduced. The higher the troop level, the greater the reduction in healing time.

For example, the new healing time for level 2 troops is 96% the duration of the original time, while the new healing time for level 13 troops is 26% the duration of the original time.



• Spin Strike: Knock back replaced by Weakened Armor debuff (affected units take additional damage for 3 seconds).

• Meat Dumpling: Damage mitigation proportion increased.

• Increased base health at each level.

• Increased movement speed.

• Fixed an error affecting Injury recovery time.


• Pyro Pincers: Damage increased.

• Startling Blow: Activation chance increased.

• Iron Shield: Now activates automatically at the start of battle.

• Increased movement speed.


Lich Cave Units

• Level 2 Academy upgrade that converted 10% of damage dealt into self-healing has been changed into a buff that grants 50% damage mitigation for 7 seconds at the start of battle.

• Increased attack and health.

Rakan Dojo Units

• Level 11 Academy upgrade changed from increased critical strike chance to increased damage mitigation.

• Level 11 Academy final upgrade changed from increased critical strike damage multiplier to increased evade chance.

• Increased attack and health.


• A maximum of 4 borrowed troop groups can now be deployed in battle at one time.

• Items previously sold for Linari in the Blacksmith and Mafa's Item Shop on the adventure map will now be sold for Alchemy Stones. This change will take effect when the next batch of items refreshes.

• Researching the level 12 dwarf Academy upgrade "Regroup" will now grant additional ammo to Riflemen, Sharpshooters, Deadeyes, Blasters, Rocketeers, and Bombardiers.

• Fixed a bug that prevented the "Rally" ability imparted by the Glory equipment set from triggering when target units were too far away.

• Fixed a bug that prevented Jacques' machine gun from reacting for a short time after using his "Firestorm" and "Spray and Pray" abilities back-to-back.

• Fixed a bug that prevented Cleo's "Tome of Redemption" ability from taking effect during battle.

• Fixed a bug that prevented Cleo's "Tome of Redemption" ability from affecting Mummies, Conjurers, Necrolytes, and skeleton warriors summoned by Gazul during battle.

Servers will be suspended for maintenance on March 7 at 6AM UTC for an estimated 4 hours while the game is updated to Patch 1.16.16. When maintenance is complete, simply open the game to download the update and continue playing.

We will be following your feedback closely as we continue in our quest to make Nore the best possible world for all our Commanders.

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