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Game Update - February 7

Wed Feb 07, 2018 3:58 am

Patch 1.16.14

Greetings, Commanders!

Art of Conquest will soon be updated to Patch 1.16.14.

Servers will be suspended for maintenance on February 7 at 6:00 AM UTC for an estimated 2 hours while the game is updated. When maintenance is complete, simply open the game to download the update and continue playing. We apologize for the wait!

Below are the detailed patch notes:


The addition of House Skills brings more utility to your noble House:

• You can view the unlock status of your House Skills by going to the House → Cities tab. Tap a skill to view its description.

• Commanders can unlock new House Skills by capturing more cities. Should the number of cities controlled by your House decrease, some House Skills may be deactivated if your House no longer meets the requirements to unlock them.

House Skills:

• Control 2 cities to unlock Prompt Production: Immediately harvest 4 hours' worth of your stronghold's gold, elixir, and lumber production.

• Control 3 cities to unlock Resource Shield: Activate or prolong your Shield for 2 hours so your stronghold loses no resources if attacked.

• Control 6 cities to unlock Mass Revive: Immediately heal a maximum of 8 hours' worth of troop injury at your Hospital.

• Control 10 cities to unlock Repair Wall: Immediately repair your stronghold wall for 10% of its health.

• Control 15 cities to unlock Intimidate: When activated, Commanders who attack your stronghold will have their troop injury rate reduced by 10%.


• Added "Fjord" as the fifth dimension of the Void and expanded the Void to 100 stages with all new equipment and rewards.

• Adjusted the way the Void Mirror is opened: Commanders can now travel through the Void Mirror after their stronghold reaches level 9. There are no longer any Rakan troops guarding the Void Mirror.

• Note: This update will not affect Commanders with strongholds over level 9 who have already entered the Void, but Commanders with strongholds under level 9 who have already entered the Void will temporarily be barred from re-entering the Void until your stronghold reaches level 9, at which time you will find your previous Void record intact.


• Fixed a bug that caused tanks to stall out and fail to attack the walls during siege battles when deployed in the middle of your troops.

• Fixed a bug that caused Rose to be pulled by Cleo's "Tome of Creation" ability.

• Fixed a bug that caused dwarf mech-walker units to deal critical damage to themselves when using their "Overcharge" ability after having researched the "Lethality" upgrade.

• Edited the description of the Mummy, Conjurer, and Necrolyte ability "Resurrect" for clarity (ability remains unchanged).

• Edited the item descriptions of Binding Pledge and the Dragonhorn set for clarity (equipment values remain unchanged).

We’d like to wish everyone a fun time in the game with your friends!

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