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Developer Diary - January 10th

Wed Jan 10, 2018 10:13 am

Troop Conversion

Happy New Year, Commanders!

We hope you all had some nice holidays and started off into 2018 with a lot of energy, good mood and great plans! We are looking forward to this new year together with you guys and we are excited about the updates we have waiting for you!

But before we introduce more new stuff to the game, we would like to address a little issue linked to race change, many of us have been thinking about. When we introduced the new research system (Back to School Update) in August, one main reason for this was to make race change easier and less costly, as you would no longer have to start over with a research level of 0 after a race change.

We are now going to go one step further and make it possible for you to also convert any of your troops into your current race. In case of a race change that means after changing your race from human to dwarf, for instance, you can choose to convert your remaining human units to the equivalent Dwarven units.
But this comes in handy not only if you are planning to change your race. Even if you have never changed your race before, you will have gathered some troops of other races through different ways. But as your research level does not apply to them, you may end up not using them a lot even if they are silver or gold troops. Well, now you can just convert them into silver or golden units of your own race so they benefit from the research bonuses.

And don't worry - you will have full control over this at all times. The conversion needs to be actively triggered so it is completely up to your choice if you want to convert your troops, and how many of them. If you want to keep that one golden spider and that one pack of archers, well, who's to say you can't?

Thanks for playing and cheers to a new year full of glorious victories, crushing defeats and a lot of fun!

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