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Developer Diary - December 15th

Fri Dec 15, 2017 11:10 am


Ho Ho Ho, Commanders!

Who of you has started buying Christmas gifts? We have got some for you!
As you know, we are always thinking about ways to bring you guys more content and make Art of Conquest even richer in features and more awesome than it already is.
Our newest addition to the things you can do in Art of Conquest is going to be the Limited Time Challenges. The Limited Time Challenges means a series of challenges that will be running for periods of a few days each and that will reap rewards depending on your rank in these challenges.
During the upcoming Christmas period, you will have the chance to pitch your army against monsters in the hunt of Christmas gifts that can contain not only resources and experience cards, but two awesome items that will put you right into a jolly mood for the holidays. One is a new skin for everybody’s favorite dwarven pyromaniac and the other one a whole new mount! Pictures of these two? No sorry, no spoilers here, let me just tell you that one of them has antlers...
And then, there will be all sorts of other challenge disciplines that reward players depending on who builds the most building (upgrades) during a certain time, who amassed the most resources and many many other criteria. The new challenges come not only with direct rewards, but are linked to leaderboards and brand new achievements to get you even more rewards out of them if you stay on top of your game!

And all this is not it, fellow commanders, we've got even more good news for you! We have heard your concerns that the rare resources are a bit too rare for your likings. Well, we've thought about it, run the numbers, and fair enough, we will be increasing the general output of these rare resources for you guys soon! The mines themselves will probably not be producing more than they do now, but you will receive higher amounts of rare resources from the Void and also from the just mentioned newly introduced Limited Time Challenges! All in all you will have more rare resources to invest in your gold and silver troops.

Sounds good? It is! Enjoy the holidays!

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