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Game Update - December 6th

Tue Dec 05, 2017 11:18 am

Patch 1.15.14

Greetings Commanders,

Art of Conquest will soon be updated to Patch 1.15.14.

Servers will be suspended for maintenance on December 6 at 1:00 AM UTC for an estimated 2 hours while the game is updated. When maintenance is complete, simply open the game to download the update and continue playing. We apologize for the wait!

Below are the detailed patch notes:

Kingdoms may now form Alliances

We noticed that many Kingdoms have already been forming informal alliances. Now we are introducing Kingdom Alliances as an official feature. We hope Alliances will be more substantial now that they aren’t solely based on a verbal agreement between players. After an alliance request has been sent and approved by another kingdom, the following changes will apply to both kingdoms:
• Movement speed won’t be reduced while in an allied Kingdom
• The troop injury rate will be 100% while in an allied Kingdom
• Duels may not be initiated with players from allied kingdoms and allied territories may not be attacked. However, allied resource wagons may still be robbed.

Adjustments to recovery time for injured heroes and troops

To make the recovery time for injured troops and heroes more balanced, we made the following changes:
• Greatly reduced the healing time of injured Gold-level troops
Example: When hospital is at level 8, a troop of injured level 8 Feathershots will have their healing time reduced from 15 hrs 44 min 48 sec to 9 hrs 25 min 12 sec
• Reduced healing time for all troops at level 3 and above
Example: When hospital is at level 8, Level 8 Silver Longbowmen will have their healing time reduced from 3 hrs 8 min 48 sec to 2 hrs 49 min 12 sec.
• Greatly increased the recovery time for injured heroes at level 10 or above
Example: Level 20 Avalon will have recovery time increased from 80 min to 160 min

Because of the extended recovery time, commanders will be compensated with 30 bottles of recovery potion.

Adjustments to Honor earned from battles

We made changes to the rules regarding Honor earned in battle: Units killed in battle will generate additional honor, while injured units will only generate a small amount of honor

Fixed bug preventing certain “Flawless” items from providing a stat boost

The following Flawless items will provide stat boosts
• Flawless Enchanted Pearl: Magic +1
• Flawless Extended Magazine: Might +1
• Flawless Skull Mask: Stamina +1
• Flawless Infantry Standard: Command +1
• Flawless Infinite Clip: Stamina +3
• Flawless Binding Pledge: Stamina +3
• Flawless Frigid Pendant: Magic +3
• Flawless Infernal Medallion: Magic +3
• Flawless Magical Cube: Stamina +4
• Flawless Hawkeye Scope: Might +4

-GM Vega

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