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Developer Diary - With Your Allies - Against The World

Fri Nov 10, 2017 2:04 pm

With your Allies – Against the World

When was the last time you talked to a Lord from a different Kingdom? Was it a friendly exchange? Did you make jokes about those blokes from that other third Kingdom? Or was it more something in the direction of “Here, talk to my sword! Or why don’t you have a little dance with this pack of golden Dunelords that are already rubbing their claws out of pure joy to meet you”?

Interactions between opposing players happen, and while most of them will probably go more like the latter example, chances are you have had a few encounters with so-called enemies that did not turn into a bloody mess. You may even have tried to pull some diplomatic aces out of your sleeves and proposed some kind of truce or non-aggression-pact.

We have seen this happen, and not only between individual players, but also between Houses or even Kingdoms. We love the fact that you players have implemented diplomacy before the game even officially supported it! And why not? It makes sense for two or three smaller Kingdoms to join forces to better hold their own against the overwhelming aggressor. To us, it is amazing to see that some players actually spend a lot of time engaging in diplomacy while others focus on war efforts. These diplomats are already there, and they are helping their Kingdoms by forging alliances that keep them safe.
We are planning to make alliances between Kingdoms easier and a bit more formal now. Instead of relying on mere oral agreements, Kings will be able to officially sign these treaties and they will have a more visible impact on the game, too. The non-aggression-pacts will be signed by the Kings of two or more Kingdoms and remain intact until one of these Kings either loses their throne or unilaterally cancels the agreement.

While the NAP is intact, though, players of the respective Kingdoms will see notable changes when travelling outside of their own Kingdom. While on the territory of an allied Kingdom, players will not suffer any speed reduction, and in fights, their troops will have an injury rate of 100%, just like on your home turf. On the other hand, you cannot attack their cities nor challenge their players for a duel. Except for Dungeons and Mines which are not shared between allied Kingdoms, the territory of your allies feel pretty much the same as your own lands do.

We think, except for the ease of travelling and the general sense of security that comes with a part of the players not being able to attack you or your city, the biggest advantage of this set up lies in the possibility of coordinated defenses. As your troops won’t die any more, you and all your Kingdom can now help defend your allies’ cities against attacks from stronger Kingdoms. What a single Kingdom cannot do alone, maybe two or three can achieve together. A city that the few remaining stronger players of one battered down Kingdom cannot hold might just be saved by a few loyal allies’ intervention. What do you think?

We are very excited to see how this will play out and we can’t wait to hear your feedback! Thanks!

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