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Developer Diary - What it takes to be King

Thu Nov 02, 2017 12:36 pm

What it takes to be King

Today we will talk a little about the King system, as we are planning to introduce some changes to it.
We think for various reasons it is beneficial to the game if every Kingdom has a King, ideally at all times. We are therefore removing the requirement for King candidates to gather support of House Lords of at least 10 cities in order to be fit for election. Whoever gathers the most votes shall be king, no matter the number of votes. The voting process itself will not change.

We are also going to make the number of Advisors a King can call to his council dependant on the number of cities the Kingdom has. This means the King of a smaller Kingdom may have a smaller council than others. The maximum number of Advisors can be assigned only by Kings whose Kingdom has at least 25 cities. The Advisors themselves will receive a kind of compensation at the end of each week's cycle, given their position in council still exists. If your Kingdom starts losing cities and your Advisor title is at the lower end of the ladder, you run the risk of losing your salary right before payday. So you better do a good job for your Kingdom.

We really want to increase the importance of holding cities for your House and Kingdom as a whole. Not only the Advisors should be intent on protecting the Kingdom's cities, the Lords themselves need to do their service, too. To inspire House members to really hold on to their House's cities, we are changing the way city tax are collected. In the future, you won't have to spend Energy to fill up the tax meter. Instead, there will be a steady pay-out every 8 hours. This means that all cities are valuable to a House, even those where only two members sit while the rest of the House sits concentrated in another one. Both of these cities will be a steady source of revenue as long as the House keeps them under their control.

On a different note, I would like to quickly mention a somehow uncomfortable topic. We have noticed, and so have you, that there are increasing numbers of players that display what I will here call unruly behavior in our chat environment.

Art of Conquest is meant to be a game for the whole world. We want players from all around the globe to get together and experience all the things that you can do in Nore - with or against each other. This is a tough game and the interactions on all levels can well be competitive, as long as they remain friendly. We will not tolerate players insulting other players or any behavior that threatens the amazingly entertaining, international, competitive and still friendly atmosphere the majority of you players have created in Art of Conquest. There are several things we are going to do about this, and one of them is improving the chat system to better handle inappropriate behaviour and also give players the option to block certain users they do not wish to receive messages from.

We really want all of you to enjoy Art of Conquest and we assure you we will do whatever we can to keep chats and messages free from inappropriate behavior.

Thank you all for making this game what it is!

Art of Conquest Developer Team

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