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1.15.6 Update - Patch Notes

Wed Oct 25, 2017 2:41 am

Version 1.15.6 Update Notice

Greetings, Commanders!
Art of Conquest will soon be updated to version 1.15.6!
Servers will be suspended for maintenance on October 25 at 1:00 am UTC for an estimated 2 hours while the game is updated. This update will be performed with a patch. After the update is complete, please follow the directions and proceed to download the patch. We apologize for the added inconvenience.

Below are the detailed patch notes:

Equipment Recycling Event
● Event Time: after update until 15:59:59 on 11/01/2017 UTC
● Due to heroes’ balance adjustments introduced in previous update, and to make it easier for players to improve other heroes, equipment that Elena, Avalon and Virion had equipped at the time of the update ( 1:00 am on 10/19/2017 UTC ) can be exchanged for Gold, Alchemy Stones and Linari.

Troops Recycling Event
● Event Time: after update until 15:59:59 on 11/01/2017 UTC
● To help players to adapt more easily to races’ balance adjustments during the event, resources spent on disbanded troops will be returned to the player.

If a commander has researched technology that lowers the price of units, resources will be calculated according to the price after research. If you disband units of other races, price is calculated as if you switched to that race. These units do not participate in the event: Acolyte, Occultist, Warlock, Marauder, Ravager, Stalker, Berserker, Thane, Viking.

Races Balance Adjustments
● Spearman, Hoplite,Legionnaire: Increased attack and HP; Slower Morale decrease; receive 30% less damage from Large Units

● Mechsuit, Mechwalker, Battlemech: Slightly increased attack and HP

● Marauder, Ravager, Stalker: Greatly increased HP; Attack increased; Greatly decreased training price
● Acolyte, Occultist, Warlock: Greatly decreased training price
● Mummy, Conjurer, Necrolyte: Greatly decreased training price

● Guru, Lama: Receive 30% less damage from Large Units
● Samurai, Ronin, Blademaster: Increased HP; Slighlty increased Attack; Blademsater’s Iaijutsu skill launch chance increased to 25%
● “Deadly Iaijutsu” technology effect changed to: damage reduction after using Iaijutsu increased by 10%
● Crossbowman, Arbalester, Desperado: Increased HP; Greatly increased attack; Piercing Arrows and Deadly Piercing Arrows damage increased

● Receive 30% less damage from Large Units

Other Improvements
1. [Void Mirror] Fixed auto-proceed function lags
2. [Equipment] Adjusted equipment cooldown time, now it cannot exceed 1 hour
3. [Troops] Berserker, Thane, Viking.disband price adjusted

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