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Developer Diary - September 19th

Tue Sep 19, 2017 11:12 am

DevDiary #9 – 2017.09.19

Mirror Mirror on the Wall…

… who’s the mightiest of them all? Since we introduced leaderboards into Art of Conquest, this is luckily not a question to ask your magic mirror anymore. What is for sure is that those who are mighty in AoC are the ones that work hard for it. And there is a lot of stuff to do in Art of Conquest already, but of course we want to give you more and more and more…

We are currently thinking about and already working on what I will call the mirror dimension for now. This might not be the final title, but it will suffice to explain the idea to you.
What we plan is to provide a mirror players can step through and find themselves in the mirror dimension. They take all their Heroes and the exact number of troops they have at the time of venturing through the mirror.

In the mirror dimension, players will have to pass several battle stages one after the other. The energy their Heroes use in these battles will only be consumed in the mirror dimension. Similarly, troops that get injured or die only do so in the mirror dimension. In the normal game things will not have changed and all your troops will still be there. So you will not have to worry about losing real troops or wasting Hero energy.

You still want to play as smart as possible, though, because the more stages you pass, the bigger rewards you can earn. And once your troops are all gone or your Heroes' energy is used up, you won't be able to progress any further. The mirror dimension resets all 24 hours after which you can try again and see if you can get further than the last time. Stages will also have special win conditions (like for example "win this battle with only 2 Heroes deployed" and others) that, when met, grant extra rewards. There will be enough stages for even high level players to get their fair share of beatings and we are excited to see how it will play out.

We will still need to wait a little for this feature to come online though, as it has not even arrived on the PTR yet. But yeah, you should definitely keep your eyes open that mirror... Hint: It's not going to be on your Wall :)

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