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Sneak Peek - 1.15 Update

Thu Sep 07, 2017 11:09 am

Greetings, Commanders!

Art of Conquest will soon be updated to Patch 1.15.1! The new version introduces a brand new race: rakan! You can unlock the rakan race by promoting your rank to Marquis. Furthermore, you can now transmute and craft new equipment using the Alchemy Core at your stronghold.

Below are the detailed patch notes:


A traditionally peaceful eastern people, the rakan fight with valor in defense of their homeland.

• Like the other races, the rakan army is composed of 6 basic unit types (Samurai, Crossbowmen, Ninjas, Monks, Dragon Turtles, and Trebuchets for siege) as well as super units (Dragonboats and Dragonships). Commanders can unlock the rakan race by promoting in rank to Marquis.

Head over to the official Facebook for a preview of the rakan race!


The update introduces a new building, the Alchemy Core, where you can transmute and craft new equipment.

Alchemy Core: Reach a level 5 stronghold to gain access to building the Alchemy Core.

• Commanders can use the Alchemy Core to transmute unwanted equipment into a random new piece of equipment. You’ll also receive some Alchemy Stones.

• Furthermore, the Alchemy Core can be used to craft specific pieces of equipment by first attaining the required Design scroll. Crafting consumes Alchemy Stones and hero Energy.

Royal Archives: A new structure has been erected near the Capital of each kingdom. Visit the Royal Archives to trade Honor for Design scrolls.


To make room for more noble Houses to flourish and to allow more players to become Governors, we are taking steps to balance the landscape of Nore by adding 20 new cities to the western half of Nore. Changes to the map will affect the locations of some dungeons and resource points. We also introduced the following overall balance changes:

• Adjusted the levels at which mist regions can be unlocked.

• Adjusted boss locations.

• Adjusted the cooldown timers of dungeons and resource points.

• Bardport, Thaw, Menderes, and Herabe have been upgraded from “Small City” to “City”.

Commanders who have already unlocked the relevant mist regions will not be affected. Furthermore, you will not lose the chance to fight bosses you have yet to defeat. The only change to the affected bosses is the location of their lairs.


• To improve the duel experience for all players, Commanders passing through an enemy kingdom who wish to duel a player belonging to that kingdom must first relinquish a set amount of Honor in order to issue a duel challenge.

• Reduced the Power requirement of the side that initiates the duel.



• Revised the ability description of “Expanded Capacity” to make it more clear and precise. The ability itself has not been changed in any way.

Developer’s Note: The ability description in the live version of the game uses the word “mech”, leading to an easy misconception that this ability benefits mech-type units, when in reality it only benefits the mechsuit that Jacques himself pilots. We have updated the ability description to resolve this misconception.


• The King can now edit the Royal Proclamation from the Kingdom tab.

• There is no longer a hero level requirement when equipping items.

• The Lord and Ministers of a noble House can now set a Power requirement for Commanders who wish to join the House.

• The Unit Details interface now indicates upgrade bonuses attained from the Academy.

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