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Developer Diary - September 4th

Mon Sep 04, 2017 6:49 am

Home Sweet Home

I like being at home. I love traveling and exploring too, but home has that sensation of safeness to it that puts your mind at ease and let's your body relax, doesn't it?

We think your home kingdom in Art of Conquest should also feel that way, or at least a little bit. When we designed the different injury rates depending on if you are on home or enemy territory and the speed reductions when players venture past their borders, those choices were all made to give players an advantage when being in their own kingdom.

While for the mechanics of the game it needs to be possible for other players to attack you on your home turf, we want to increase that feeling of relative safety at home. Rather than bestowing further advantages on the targeted player, we are thinking to make the attack less attractive for the aggressor. Whenever an enemy wants to challenge you to a duel while you are on your home territory, they will need to pay a "fine" in the form of Honor before they can do so.
This will leave it possible for the enemy to attack you inside your kingdom when they strategically need it, but it will make it less likely for you to be attacked by a much stronger player "just for fun".

Bullying must and will remain possible; it is just getting more expensive for the bullies.

Now let me just check how much Honor I’ve left real quick… Where was your city again?

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