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1.14.4 Update - Patch Notes

Tue Aug 22, 2017 11:06 am

Greetings, Commanders!

Art of Conquest will soon be updated to Patch 1.14.4! The new version brings a detailed rework of the Academy with all new upgrades. And as an added perk, you no longer lose any progress when you change your race—all of your Academy upgrades will now be converted to the corresponding upgrades of your new race! The Warehouse has also been improved to protect more resources. Lastly, Dukes and Princes can finally command their racial super units on the battlefield (human Archangel, dwarf Steam Bastion, lich Giant Sphinx, and more)!

Servers will be suspended for maintenance on August 25 at 6:00 am UTC for an estimated 2 hours while the game is updated. When maintenance is complete, simply open the game to download the update and continue playing. We apologize for the wait!

Below are the detailed patch notes:


In previous versions after changing races, Commanders needed to spend a lot of time and resources researching their Academy upgrades all over again, which represented a significant barrier to trying out a new race. We did a detailed a rework of the Academy to solve this problem, and at the same time we added tons of great new unit upgrades.

• Upgrades in the Academy are no longer organized into branches like Military Science and Strategy. Rather, there will now be 6 upgrade branches, each corresponding to one of the major unit types, including siege weapons.

• For example, the human Academy has research upgrades organized into branches for Spearmen, Archers, Footmen, Lancers, Priestesses, and Catapults, which includes their Silver- and Gold-tier counterparts.

• Commanders can now build up to a Level 12 Academy, each level unlocking new upgrades. In order to access more advanced upgrades, you must first complete researching a certain number of more basic upgrades from that branch.

• The new upgrades will bring all-around improvements to your troops such as reducing the time required to heal wounded troops in the hospital and reducing the resources required to train troops.

• After changing races, the Academy upgrades you previously researched will convert to the corresponding upgrades of your new race.

• For example, upgrades to human Archers would be converted into upgrades to Riflemen.

Upgrades that were researched previous to the Academy update will be preserved, but the location of each upgrade in its respective research branch may be changed. Because the resource costs of some upgrades have been changed, the difference will be returned to you in the form of resource cards that you will receive in the mail.

Concerning Commanders who had previously researched Academy upgrades for multiple races, your upgrade progression for all races after the update will reflect the progression of the race whose upgrade progression was the most advanced before the update.

Resources spent before the update on upgrades for the remaining two races will be returned to you in the form of resource cards added to your “Items” tab. Time spent on upgrades will be returned to you in the form of bonus Tech Rush added to your Academy that you can use to rush your current upgrades.


In previous versions, the resource protection offered by the Warehouse was not very impactful, so we have addressed that issue in this update.

• The amount of resources protected by the Warehouse has been increased, and upgrades to the Warehouse now greatly increase the amount of resources that can be protected.

• Now whenever you attain resources, half will automatically be protected in the Warehouse where they cannot be plundered. Whenever you make an expenditure, unprotected resources will be spent before protected resources.

• Resources gained through siege and plundering resource shipment wagons will not be protected in your Warehouse.


Dukes and Princes can now train super units capable of turning the tide of battle. Each race’s super units have different defining characteristics.

• Human: Archangel & Seraph

• Devout human kingdoms can be visited by angels.

• Dwarf: Steam Bastion & Moving Fortress

• Impregnable war machines with limitless firepower.

• Lich: Giant Sphinx & Obsidian Sphinx

• Ancient lich guardians from the netherworld.

A player can command at most 1 super unit, and you must expend 1 Energy each time you deploy your super unit. Super units recover 1 point of Energy every 8 hours, with a limit of 3 maximum Energy. Energy Potions cannot restore Energy to super units.


1) Dwarf

• Miners

• The chance of landing a Concussive Hit or Crushing Concussive Hit has been increased to 25% (was 15%).

• Increased the bonus damage dealt by Crushing Concussive Hit.

• Riflemen, Sharpshooters, and Deadeyes

• Overall increase to basic attributes: greatly increased attack rating, increased the hit points of Sharpshooters and Deadeyes, and reduced the rate that ammo is expended.

• All three unit tiers now have the “Headshot” trait, but the damage multiplier has been somewhat reduced compared to before.

• The closer the target enemy, the higher the chance a headshot will be landed. Furthermore, the “Death Zone” trait has been removed.

• Tanks, Destroyers, and Excelsiors

• Attack rating increased.

• Siege Cannons

• Dwarven siege weapons have been equipped with ammo. Attack speed will be higher when there is still plenty of ammo.

Developer’s Note: In previous versions, many players held a common concern that Dwarf units were perhaps too weak, so we are strengthening them appropriately in Patch 1.14.3. We are also improving the efficiency of dwarven siege weapons to highlight the natural advantages dwarves have when attacking cities and seizing territory.

2) Lich

• Dunelords

• Removed the “Greed” trait.

• Added the new Regenerative Tissue (Active) trait: Slowly recover health over 10 seconds.

• Undead units excel at plundering resources when attacking city walls.

Developer’s Note: We believe that plundering resources is very representative of the character of undead units, so it made sense to us to make all undead units excel at this. As for Dunelords, their role is not necessarily intended to excel at plundering resources, but rather as a primary offensive unit with high attack and health. To reflect this, we removed the “Greed” trait and added “Regenerative Tissue” in its place.


To further improve the rules governing duels, we have adjusted the Power requirement for initiating duels. At the same time, the side that initiates a duel must deploy enough units to reach a certain threshold of Power before the battle starts. If the threshold is not met when the countdown timer is over, it is considered that the player who initiated the duel is defeated.


• When you disband troops, a portion of the resources used to train them will be returned to you. No resources will be returned for disbanded skeleton troops that were summoned rather than trained.

• The House Activity tab will now record battles that occur during the capturing of a city.

•The rewards for passing stages in the Tactics School have been greatly increased, and you can view the rewards of every stage before you complete them. Commanders who previously passed stages that now have larger rewards will have the difference returned to you in the form of resource cards.

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