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Developer Diary - August 16th

Wed Aug 16, 2017 3:26 pm

Back To School

Even though we all start as humans, pretty soon you start seeing so many cool units from other races that you begin to wonder… maybe I should try to use Lich? Maybe Dwarves? I mean, I want those spiders and tanks! When you don’t change your race during the early game it’s hard to catch up because of the resources you already invested into researching upgrades, and it might not be worth it to change.

Having 3 races in Art of Conquest should give players different tactical options and introduce more strategic depth. In the end you put in all those hours and resources to improve your units, make them stronger, to be able to train Gold Units, but when you change to a different race, everything is gone... It’s not worth it, right? Not anymore!

Soon changing races will bring the equivalent research to your new units, and that will happen automatically! No need to worry about not being able to train your new race’s cool units anymore and there is no need to put in all that research time all over again either!

Not only that but the academy is also getting revamped with more unit buffs and a system where you will be able to see more clearly how your units get stronger and where your hard earned resources are going.

Get ready to see much more diversity in Art of Conquest!

Gotta go now, somebody destroyed my wall and they are going to pay for it! See you guys next time!

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