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Developer Diary - August 1st

Tue Aug 01, 2017 6:36 am

Time for a King

What is a Kingdom without a King?
A loose structure full of Houses and Lordlings. And even though they fight on the same side, we want to make their connection stronger. We want the Kingdoms to be more organized, coordinate their efforts better and most of all, we want the Lords of each Kingdom to feel more connected to each other. Somebody needs to unite the people under one banner and make them realize that they are working for a common goal. And who could that be, if not a King?

We don't believe that you can be born a King, but that a King must serve his people and prove himself worthy to be their souvereign. A King should represent the interests of the powerful Houses and the most devoted Lords, but also keep in mind and protect the smallfolk; those that just came to Nore and are still struggling to build up their stronghold. A King cannot do everything by himself either, which is why he should have the right to assign responsibilities and key positions to other players he trusts.

So who is fit to be King? Are you? Or would you lend your voice to another member of your House? The newly introduced Leaderboards may give you some help in your decision, but in the end, everybody can become King if he or she earns the respect and trust of their people.

And if you are not satisfied with your King… Why don't you emigrate?

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