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Winners: Facebook Contest - Boss Challenge

Thu Jul 27, 2017 11:09 am

Hi everyone,

These are the winners of our last Facebook contest. The contest:

Contest wrote:
Art of Conquest has many bosses scattered around the map, and it can be really quite challenging to avoid losing troops while bringing the big guys down to claim the great rewards they guard.

We want to know: Which was the hardest boss that you defeated? What strategy did you use against this boss? Share with us commenting on this post for a chance of winning 500 LINARI, we will pick 5 players!

The Winners:

Phan Thái Bảo wrote:
The bosses are giant troop and magical creature so i bring spearmen, mechwalkers and units that deal poison damage line spider or skeleton footmen to join the fight. The front line will be the high health scopions, the templars, legionares and the support are sylph archers, dwarf gunners, archer calvary, healers. I use dwarf tanks in the front line because they can use as decoys which have lots of health to withstand the boss's attack better than the other giant units. I use rufio's blade dance to strike the boss with arrow rain and focus fire from avalon will add more damage, ice blast and blizzard from avril to slow the boss down, corpse control and skeleton sacrifice from gazul to attack the minions, healing and sungod favor will quickly heal troops, invulnable shield and swordmen resurrection will buy more time to provide more damage and finally i use bane's charge and provoke ability from bane will allow me to create more decoy to prevent the boss from dealing more damage to other troops. That is my strategy when fighting with the bosses.

Damien Aslon wrote:
The last dragon Malax was extremely difficult but i used the same startegy for it that i did for all of them. As human, load a catapult in the back corner and have both viron and Gazul nearby, with avalon nearby too but also forward enough that he can arrow volley the side troops to give your troops morale.

As the dragon charges to the catapult unleash gazul scourge so that the whole spell hits the dragon. After the dragon kills the catapults it then aggro's on gazul so he is not hitting your troops. After gazul he goes to virion who is also nearby. These guys are buying time for your archers to hit the dragon.

One of the most important things is when the second and third waves of reinforcements come through that you have avril with the archers ready to use blizzard to take them down ASAP. If not, your archers lose aggro on the dragon and start shooting the secondary mobs. Hope thats helpful to someone.

Piotr Obuchowicz wrote:
Hi the strongest was Salerion...My tactics for him was to put on left side bronze ranged troops with Nazul and pikemans in front with Virion.on right side i put centurions all other heroes and silver archers. When the fight began i used Avalons arrow barage to kill orcs in that time dragon was fighting Virion. Second spell was Nazuls summon skeleton golem far in left front so dragon targeted him and walked to him and that gave my archers bonus 5 seconds hitting him, he left poor little nearly dead Virion alone for that time too. After that he focused again on Virion but little guy healed up a little and could stand another 2 hits from Salerion. Next spell was Nazuls soulless scourge hitting dragon and his reinforcments. In that time my archers melted his hp bar but he killed some bronze ones and Virion after that Nazul. My last spell was Vegas favour of Sun god to minimalize that fight I lost only bronze units and 2 heroes.

Matthew Kyl Weed wrote:
Strategy for all races: I've tested on all races. Works for all dragon's. Or melee bosses. Two giant units, whether that's spiders, or siege or tanks in any corner. Directly next to/beside those giant units, two lich pikeman. One pikeman in front of the other. Directly in front of those giant units, rufio +virion. Gazul should be nearby as well. Everything else should simply be effective damage dealing archers and/or giant unit slayer's. In any order you like. Press start. Dragon goes for giant unit #1, as he does, the two lich pikeman have clumped together , now double sacrifice them to summon a skeleton titan. Dragon will now turn to skeleton titan to attack him. As this happens, your army has mopped up all units and will turn to face dragon/boss. Heal your skeleton titan for the % damage reduced shield buff Vega gives with boosted healing.

Depending on the level of your skeleton titan, the level of the lich pikeman, (or silver occoltists or gold warlocks double sacrifice if u wanna go crazy) your Titan will die between 2 hits-Never. Lol I know that's vague but true. This distraction will allow your entire army to damage the dragon non stop with minimal losses as it's not facing your army. If/when your Titan is destroyed the dragon will turn to giant unit 2, again saving your units from damage, once catapult is destroyed, the dragon likes rufio generally, so have him jump to the corner where your troops aren't. And have him keep wailing on him. Again, you may never have to go through all these steps if the Titan is strong enough. But if you do. Definitely before rufio dies, the dragon will be dead, and because your whole army has been killing this dragon unabated he should die so quick his reinforcements will be just reaching your army by the time he goes down....

Again though depends on your level when you face him. I think I beat most dragon's between troops level 3-5. Hardly ever lost troops. The black yellow and blue dragon being toughest, my Titan stayed alive through blue and yellow on my lich, died in my human and dwarven char. You can Respec back to scourge after your done farming all the dragon's. In fact if you wait until level 5 troops, you could farm them all same day... The secret really lies in forcing the dragon's attention away from your army. You may have to alternate the lich pikeman / catapults position to get it quite right depending on troops setup and alot of variables. But once you play around with it enough you'll get it and you'll be golden.

Blight Plays wrote:
Salerion is my hardest boss.. I use Catapult for luring the dragon, Sentry for slowing, spearman and myrmidon for tanking. You can watch here.

Congratulations to all the winners!

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