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Archive: Developer Diary - July 17th

Tue Jul 25, 2017 10:08 am

The Lost Leader

A House needs a good Leader if it wants to expand its power and become an influential force in its Kingdom and the whole of Nore. But what if the Leader of your House suddenly goes missing in action? Who is going to rally the members for the next big attack on your neighboring Kingdom, and who raises the banners when it is time to defend your territory against enemies? Maybe the Elders, but what if no Elders have been assigned?

We have of course noticed the issue (and received your feedback) that arises when House Leaders become inactive and leave their House members not only without leadership, but really without a perspective, too. Elders have basically the same privileges as a Leader, and if the Leader has assigned Elders before going inactive, the problem is not that big. But as Elders cannot assign Elders themselves, the House is left alone in case the Elders disappear too.

Players have asked for a possibility to ban/kick/replace Lost Leaders and of course we are going to do something about this. Although the system is not quite ready for launch yet, we want to let you know that we are very much aware of this issue and that we have been thinking of ways to solve it. We will implement a mechanism that makes it possible to reassign a Leader of a House if certain conditions are met. This is definitely on our agenda, even if it may not make it into the next update. We will let you know more details once we know them, too!

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