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Archive: Developer Diary - July 3rd

Tue Jul 25, 2017 10:07 am

A Tale of two Cities… or more!

When I recently rallied a few friends to play with me on a newer server, we worked hard to get strong and it paid off. And you probably know the feeling when you and your House finally get your first city. What a relief after all the fighting! Everybody moved in, hung their pictures on the wall, told their archers not to ruin the wallpaper and was happy for a while. But then, after a while of rejoicing in our new status as a visible House with a proper seat, we had to think about what the next step should be. The logical conclusion was to level up, get stronger, and fight for a bigger city. And of course we did.

The next step was harder, but we finally managed to conquer a normal city with a bigger resource bonus. But even though a few of our lower level members had to temporarily move back to the capital as they had not unlocked the new area yet, our new city was pretty full very soon, because so many players joined our House.

During this process of moving places, an idea became stronger and stronger in our heads, until we could no longer ignore it: Why should a House not be able to have two cities? Or more? If we were actively engaging in territory wars for our kingdom, if players were applying to join our House because they saw that we were killing it, why should we not be able to have two cities, so that we would also be able to accommodate more good and active members?

And yes, that’s exactly what we are going to do! We have been working hard on this feature and the result is really pretty cool. We are excited and hope you will like it!

With the next update, Houses will be able to conquer several cities. Their members can choose to move into the new one, or remain in the old one if they have not unlocked the region the new city lies in. Or even if they just want to keep out of harm’s way and feel the old city is not going to be targeted that much by enemies.

As this kind of expansion within a single House may require more members, we are introducing a leveling system for Houses, allowing Houses to recruit more members as they grow. All the citizens of each House city will furthermore contribute to a kind of city income that can be collected once it reaches a certain amount.

Those are not the only changes to the city and House system, but I gotta go take my spider for a walk now, so we’ll be catching up later.

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