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Archive: Game Update - July 13th

Tue Jul 25, 2017 10:01 am

Below please find the patch notes from the July 13th update:


Many players have been requesting the ability to increase the influence of their noble Houses by expanding the size of their membership as well as territorial dominance. To make this happen, we’re introducing the following changes:

• Noble Houses can promote in Tier in order to capture more cities and recruit more members.

• Each city provides Income for the members of the House that controls it.

• To facilitate city management for large Houses, the Lord and all Ministers can appoint a Governor to manage each city.


In order to encourage Commanders to capture more cities, we’re adding highly desirable special districts to each city.

• Some city districts provide extra material benefits such as faster building times, faster research times, increased army sizes, and more.

• The citadel in the central district of each city, which has the greatest bonuses, is reserved for the Governor.

• When a Commander moves out of a district, the district is reduced to ruins and becomes habitable again after 12 hours.


Previously, tapping “Capture” would enable you to capture a city immediately. This sometimes led to a situation in which a group of Commanders had worked very hard to siege a city into submission, only to have an uninvolved passerby to take control of the city before they had a chance to capture it. In order to circumvent this issue, we’re introducing a whole new way to capture cities:

• It now takes about 10 minutes to capture a city. During this time, you must duel and defeat any potential challengers who want to take your place in the city.

• Multiple players from a noble House can assist in capturing a city together.


We have made several adjustments to institute a standardized set of rules for dueling:

• In order to initiate a duel, your Power rating must be at least 50% of your opponent’s Power rating.

• You cannot initiate a duel when all of your heroes are injured or when your heroes have no Energy.

• The losing player in a duel is afflicted by a “Surrender” debuff for one hour that prevents the following actions: initiating duels, robbing shipments, sieging, and capturing cities.


• The “Bundle” tab has been replaced by a new “Shop” tab that displays multiple bundles at the same time.

• The Shop is restocked every 8 hours with a whole new set of wares for sale.

• In the new Shop, you can get your first hero bundle at a reduced price of $9.99 - don’t miss out on the savings!



• Slightly increased the attack and hit points of Mechwalkers and Battlemechs.

• Slightly increased the attack and hit points of Destroyers and Excelsiors.

• Reduced the rate at which Destroyers and Excelsiors expend ammunition.

Developer’s Note: Because they cannot be healed at the hospital, mechs and tanks are riskier to use than troops that can be healed. To balance risk and reward, we made them stronger in battle.


• While preserving their overall damage levels, increased the ratio of damage from poison for Spiders, Venomweavers, and Broodmothers.

Developer’s Note: Spider-type units deal damage in the form of physical damage and poison damage. By increasing the damage ratio of poison damage and by bringing the roll of spiders in line with the Broodmother’s special abilities, we hope to define spiders as follow-up damage-dealers that make their impact when your army is already under attack.


• Healing by Priestesses, Abbesses, and Saints grants 3 seconds of poison immunity to healed units.

Developer’s Note: All five types of human units are humanoid, which makes the human race extra vulnerable to poison damage. Empowering priestess-type units with a limited ability to combat poison will increase their value as support units.

Hero Attribute Limit

To improve hero balance, we reduced the base attribute limit for all heroes by 50%.

• After the adjustment, the hero attributes of some players will have been reduced to the new limit. The removed attribute points shall be returned by mail in the form of attribute cards.

• This change applies only to base attributes, while attributes attained from abilities and equipment are not affected.

Finally, we’d like to wish everyone a fun time in the game with your friends!

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