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Archive: Game Update - June 23rd

Tue Jul 25, 2017 9:55 am

Below please find the patch notes from the June 23rd update:


While building a structure, you will be able to add another structure to the building queue. When the first structure is complete, the next one will begin building automatically.

While researching an upgrade, you will be able to add another upgrade to the research queue. When the first upgrade is complete, the next one will begin researching automatically.

Patrons will have 3 additional structures and upgrades that they can add to their queues.


In the current version, troop power is weighted somewhat too heavily in the calculation of a Commander’s overall power. To remedy this, we’ll be adjusting the way power is calculated.

After the update, the power of all Commanders will be recalculated to reflect a higher weighting for upgrade and structure power. This will result in power ratings that better represent the true power of all Commanders. The actual attack strength and hit points of your troops will not be changed.

The power requirements for siege battles will be adjusted to reflected the updated power ratings.


Some resources within Bundles will be awarded in the form of Resource Cards that will be placed in your item inventory for later use.

To improve the balance between attack and defense in siege battles, the hit point recovery speed of the City Gates will be reduced, and the Honor that Commanders gain by dealing damage to the City Gates will be increased.

To improve the geographical balance between kingdoms, the reset timers of dungeons and resource points will be adjusted. The farther from the capital, the longer the reset timer will be.

The battle difficulty for dungeons of 5-stars and below will be reduced.

The penalty for losing a duel will be adjusted such that heroes who were not deployed will lose one point of Energy, while heroes who were deployed will no longer lose an additional point of Energy.

The difficulty of some boss battles will be adjusted.

To reduce the prevalence of 1-player Houses, founding a noble House will require 50 Linari.

Finally, we’d like to wish everyone a fun time in the game with your friends!

-AoC Dev Team

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