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A Detailed COF Manual for all players (updated 18/1/2016)

Sun Jan 17, 2016 6:23 am

Firstly, a little advertisement, I'm from Server 58, in Top 2 Guild Death Trap(10007), welcome everyone from Server 58 to join us, if you got any question about this post welcome you to chat me or reply me.

Now, I'm level 57, though not a high level in this game, as it ends in lvl 90, but I've played the Chinese version of this mobile game(named 刀塔传奇 if you know that) for nearly a year and a half, and been lvl90 for half year, so I basically knows all the traps and tricks in this game, now I'm gonna share some important tips for helping you to pass COF, I mean 15/15 everyday.

Before introducing the Manual for CoF, firstly I have some guides for those who just entered into the game and are still confusing about which hero to choose.
There are some parts in this game you can see, caves, caverns, dojo, CoF, raids, arena and campaigns.

I'm not going to tell you which hero you should choose, or which not, but I'm going to stress the order of the importance: COF>>Arena>dojo>raids>campaigns>anything else.

Cof is the most important part of this game, and also the reflection of the core concept of this whole game, if you can't pass 15/15 everyday, it means you still don't understand this interesting mobile game.
From the reward we can see that, you can get whatever you want from COF, heroes, stones, coins, purple loots, all can appear in chests from COF, that is why I said the most important part.

Now I'm gonna share some tips to help you manage this part easily, I call it a manual for COF.
BTW, I managed to pass 15/15 till now from the first day I can do COF, and will pass it till level 90, done this before in the other version.


Chapter I: Basic knowledge about the CoF that you must know

Tip 1: Pause and Leave and redo it!------Don't ruin your journey from the first step

Life is full of accidents, maybe a critical magical hit by wraxius or physical hit by Hanzo, then your flora died, your ariel disappeared, your heroes can't get through this journey any more today. That's not what we want.

Try to set up a goal: Not going to let any team member die, unless it's the final battle in COF.
If you have this goal, you will know when you should stop and do it again.

But that's not enough, some heroes can't stand any longer if you end up a battle with him/her only less than 1/5 HP, that means he/she maybe going to die if wraxius is waiting on the next stage. Watch out every damage figure during the battle, if some bigger size figures appeared from your team, then your hero just ate a crit hit, some you can bear, like tanks, but some maybe fatal especially for back-line heroes.

Summary: Try as many times as you can, not only for avoiding the crit hits, but also for getting used to the pattern of your enemy in this stage, Acknowledging when they ultimate you, then you can interrupt or kill them at the right time.

Tip 2: utilize the first 3 stages

Good beginning is half done of the 15 battles. Make sure all your main forces get to the right status with their energy full in the first 3 stages, so that you can have enough soldiers for you to arrange. if you only have 5 heroes ultimate ready, it would be a nightmare for you if you stick to the last 6 battles.

Change your team so that no hero with full energy will get into the next battle, until you feel the pressure of your opponent, and you cannot pass it without using the ultimates, then change your team to make sure you pass it but also need to inject energy to those backup teams. During the whole process of injecting energy, none of your heroes should have less than 1/2 HP when you end up the battle. If you cannot avoid it then just start it again with your 5 full energy heroes.

Summary: Don't put all your eggs in one basket, even you have the strongest team with highest rating in your server, backup is always useful, at least it can save your S/L time when you are trying again and again.

Tip 3: Always change your teams based on your opponents.

You have 15 opponents, who should have the close rating in arena like you at the end, and your enemy's team is exactly what they use for arena, which should already been tested hundreds or thousands of times, However, everyone has their own unique taste of heroes, someone would like to use physical teams, but someone just like magical teams, maybe its their rewards from the diamond chests determined their choice, or maybe some other guides helped them to pick up those. At last, you are going to face 15 teams with totally different compositions.

Therefore, please don't trust your own 5 heroes even if they are your best rating heroes, sometimes only a hero's change can totally give you the different ending.
Give you an example, if you meet more than 3 magicians in your opponents, then you should use tanks like vincent, the high magic armor can save him from mortus or serafine's destructive attacks, also can be useful to fight against ariel, ember or mariana's general skills. But if your next opponent is leading by ulfang and riley, then your vincent is nothing but a gambling machine that quickly dies and give your opponent 300 energy, to help them successfully ultimate and reap you. Torsen or Elric maybe a much better choice as your tank in this case.

Also, if you meet the team that focus on single attack, Leon should be taken to save your tanks, but if your opponents focus on multi attack, then Flora of course can help you get through this difficulty.

Summary: Know your enemy, know yourself, a hundred battle, a hundred wins. Remember to suit your remedy to the diseases.

Tip 4: Never let your enemy ultimate, maybe a disaster for you.

With your levels higher and higher, your enemy would be stronger too, it's not like in blue stage that you can easily bear the ultimates by ember or ariel or riley. Once a crit hit falls down to your team, it only means do it again.

Therefore you need to prepare some heroes with the interruption skills, which also can be called the controlling heroes, they may not create high damages to your enemy, but without him/her, you will die soon.
The so-called interruption skills can charm or stun or silence your opponents, so that their ultimate will not successfully be used by them, but the time should be controlled by yourself, if you interrupt them too early, their energy still not being used, so they will ultimate again as long as they recovered from the interruption, if too late, just do it again.

What you suffered from this battle can have sequential effects to your next few battles, so remember not let your enemy's ultimate slaughter your team, even you can afford to eat that ultimate, you maybe in a worse position for next battle compared to the situation that u successfully avoid their ultimates.

I know it's hard to interrupt all enemy's ultimate, but it differs from man to man, like urestag, his ultimate only starts to shine after twice or third ults, any hero like him you can just leave it alone, but heroes like ariel or wraxius or serafine once ultimate, you really don't want to see that happen.

Summary: Get familiar with your enemy's pattern as soon as you can, pick the right time to press, then you will twice the result with half the effort.

Tip 5: Try to induce your enemy to release their ultimate at the same time.

This tip just follows the former one, though interruption is very important to help your heroes stand longer, however, you can't expect to interrupt every enemy's ultimate if you let them explode whenever they want, you need them to release their ultimate simultaneously so that its easy for you to interrupt them by using just one hero's ultimate like ulfang or elric or sumiko.

But how to induce your enemy? Your opponents in COF may have different compositions like AOE hero or Single attack hero, Magical hero or Physical hero, then if you want them to follow your pattern, you need 1-2 AOE heroes' ultimates to give them ability to shine their ultimate together and then interrupt them together. But this task shouldn't be finished by more than 2 heroes' ultimates, since then the interruption will not function as you want, since maybe 2 or 3 of your enemy already been dead, and if you interrupt them by then, it is a waste of your interruption, but if you hold back your interruption, then the last 2 or 3 enemy's ultimate will definitely create a disaster for you.

There is a pattern of every opponent's ultimate order in cof, as long as you tried it several times, you will understand the combination's order of ultimates, and if some of your enemy is easy to ultimate, then you can try to increase other enemy's ultimate speed by dealing more damage to them, or slow down the former enemy's ultimate speed by slowing down their attack speed or kill them ASAP using slim or gale's ultimate, basically the easiest to ultimate one must be the weakest one in your enemy, so their ability should work.

Summary: Let your enemy shine together, fall into dark together, and then die together.

Tip 6: Learn how to stuck the screen during the ultimate.

This is a little trick for advanced players. When you try to release one hero's ultimate, the screen will soon became dark and all your allies or enemies will stuck for about 1-2 seconds, until the starting of this hero's ultimate finished, the screen will become brighter again.

This short 1-2 seconds can be incredibly important if you want to interrupt your enemy's ultimate or finish your allies ultimate. For example, for heroes like Ember or mariana, they need time for their ultimate to shine or to finish, if you do nothing, they maybe interrupt by enemy's ultimate or general skills like the wolf girl riley. But if you can stuck your screen into this darkness for 2 seconds more, you will find out that its easy for them to release ultimate.

To make screen stuck, just press your heroes discontinuously, and the mid time should be about 1 sec, that time is the exact time that your former hero is still ultimating while your next hero just starts his/her new ultimate while your enemies still stucking to be poured by your ultimates. For example, wraxius needs time, ember needs time, but ariel don't need that much time, then firstly press wraxius, while he is starting to change to other heroes, then after 1 sec press ember, while ember still summoning the fireballs to hit enemies, thirdly press ariel, and then come back to pick up the right enemy to copy for wraxius, among these 2-3 seconds, your screen should be continuously in darkness, and your 3 ultimates can perfectly finished make your enemies feels hurt but has nothing to do except for waiting to die. If you failed to keep this darkness, your enemy may quickly release their ultimates and interrupt or even kill your heroes while they are continuing their ultimates.

Another example of using this skill: when you saw your opponent's ariel is beginning to turn around and explode your team, u can try to stop her as soon as you can, but maybe you will fail because its so fast that ariel already finished her ultimate. That means its too late for your interruption when you see her starting ultimate. Then making stuck screen can help you, firstly press Elric or Ulfang, then while they are preparing for the interruption, wait a second and choose another hero's ultimate to press, then the stunning time will be stretched and surely ariel's ultimate being interrupted.

Summary: Don't give your enemy time to counter your attack, just make this series a continuous program and save your heroes' HP without being hurt by enemies at all.

Tip 7: Avoid overflow of your damages.

When in a tough battle, some players just throw all his team's ultimate so that their opponent will be dead before any enemy release his/her ultimate, but this can generate huge overflow of your damages.

Though I usually will calculate the damage of each ally's ultimate deal with, and try to figure out the most efficient way to kill 5 enemies, that is using the least people's ultimate to pass the battle, I'm not saying that it is a complicated mathematical battle that needs you to prepare a calculator, just want to tell you that don't waste your ultimates when your enemy is beginning to die, just recover your energy and kill them by general skills or just normal attacks, unless they are going to release ultimate then you can choose to interrupt or kill them.

Also, remember your hero's skill order, then you can understand when he/she will do which skill, and that determines whether u need to use its ultimate or just keep waiting, since general skills can be deadly too.

Summary: Use your best steel to make the knife's edge, and use your best skill at the key point to give your enemy a death kiss.

Tip 8: Die a hero means 300 energy reward for you

The hardest thing in Cof would be how to maintain your heroes' energy so that you can be able to determine whether to kill your enemies or interrupt them, without enough energy, you can do nothing to help with the game's process. Therefore, I suggest that you should keep at least 2 of your heroes' ultimate available for you to use.

Since it is inevitable to collect as much energy as you can, the most efficient way of doing this would be through the reward of killing enemies, which will give the killer 300 energy, therefore you need to think about it based on your heroes' situation before the end of the game, who should finish the last hit and collect maybe 300 or more energy for their next battle's ultimate.

My opinion is that choose the back row to receive the bonus energy, since in next battle, the heroes in front row would always be easiest to ultimate again, and the safest hero mostly lies in back row, therefore,if you can the best way is to let Flora take this reward, but it seems not feasible since her damage is so low that she can't have that chance before the battle ends.

Don't let the energy overflow by letting some heroes ultimate and kill more than 4 people at once, then its like wasting energy for the allies who really need more energy to get priority for next battle.

Summary: Death is a gift to you, just grab it and take it as a precaution for next battles.

Tip 9: Always try to kill the mid row and back row first, leave front row alone.

(To be continued)

Chapter II: Detailed Explanation of heroes that may shine in CoF

1. Ariel

2. Riley

3. Ulfang

4. Urestag

5. Flora

6. Leon

7. Hanzo

8. Vincent

9. Wraxius

10. Elric
(to be continued)

Chapter III: How to fight against some annoying heroes in CoF without dying

(to be continued)

Chapter IV: Some classical combinations that may be useful in CoF

(to be continued)

1. Thank you for watching this long and unofficial manual, if you have any question please contact me or add my FB: Reid Liu (white cat as avatars)
2. There should be some faults or errors in this manual, no matter literally or technically, please contact me I'll fix that as soon as possible.
3. If you think its helpful, just reply it so I can see that.
4. Wish you all good luck in COF.

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