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[Guide]Michele Schiavetta Guide to a good gameplay

Sun Sep 13, 2015 5:19 pm

[ACCOUNT ID: 10179; Server: 021 Avilmare]
(03/01/2016 updated)
In this guide i will go through the whole game system, and how to use it to your advantage. I will cover strategies to a better optimization of performance, like the use of stamina, heroes that must be upgraded, fusion, formations and such. I will presume you bohught at least the monthly card, but it is a complete guide for both beginners and veterans. If you have suggestions and needs, just say it in the comments. To see a list of adivces for every single hero, go to my newer post here: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=7442&p=22637&sid=ec44e7901ed44895466a066dd68e3077#p22637.
Lets begin:
-CH.1 - the concept, and spending
-VIP levels
-Purchase Events

-CH.2 - Everything on heroes
-Link to Upgrading Costs
-Party Composition
-Campaign Formations
-Arena Formations
-Crucible of Fire Formations
-Link to my older post on Specific Hero Formation and Synergy
-Heroes That MUST be Upgraded

-CH.3 - What to do
-Complete your daily quests
-The Trader
-Look for better Equipment
-Get your Soulstones!
-Crucible of fire
-What do i buy with my Dragon Scales?
-What do i buy with my Arena coins?

-CH.4 - Specific notes
-Enchanting your Equipment
-The Dojo and Bountyful
-foot note


Tip nr.1: Start your game in the newest server possible! Arena and Crucible of fire will result impossible to beat otherwise.
Tip nr.2: Right at lvl2 you will be able to insert promo codes. Do that, tapping on your avatar and then settings. Enter the code "starterset15" to get Leon and a bunch of items, and "appturbo" for 10k gold and 50 gems. Other codes are now obsolete. (remember that these promo codes are always available, so even if you havent just started the game, you can receive the rewards). Also, focus on those "reach lvl30 in 3 days" quests, they are totally beateable, believe me. *EDIT: apparently "Starterset15" and "starterset16" dont work anymore**

CH.1 - The concept, and spending:(if you dont want to read all of this, there is a summary at the end of this chapter)
This game is not free. Get over yourselves. First thing to do is to buy even a small token, just in appreciation of the good work this company is doing. The monthly card is the best option, as it gives you 400 diamonds straight away, bringing you to VIP3 level, and another 120 everyday, so you will not be tempted to use all 1200 diamonds in one day, and have some available everyday for best performance. Also, its 3 bucks, cm on! I will assume in this guide you bought at least the monthly card. :twisted:
Going over VIP5 level is not essential, as the bonuses are really few, compared to the cost. VIP rewards that are worth noting (the only ones) are the following:

(note that bonus diamonds (the +1600 on first purchase of 19,99$, for example), the 120 daily diamonds, and reward diamonds(like arena rewards) WILL NOT increase your VIP level)

VIP1(10 diamonds - any purchase): Vincent hero card. Essential for Crucible of fire. We will talk about that later
VIP5(1000 diamonds - 12$): Storing a total of 20 ability points. Great in early game, so before party lvl 40.
VIP7(3000 diamonds - 37$): 50 vincent soulstones. Also, at this point, you will have gained a total of 28 magic dusts and 28 elektro cores. Goodie.
VIP10 (10000 diamonds - 125$): Reset crucible 2 times per day. Lots and lots of money and items from that. Big step from previous useful VIP lvl, so its your choice.
VIP11 (15000 diamonds - 164$): Conjuring stone. You will get access to limited heroes, and a bunch of other minor stuff. Just dont waste too much diamond on these.

RECOMMENDED: cheap purchase strategy: 3$ on monthly card + 20$ for 1600 + 1600 diamonds. This will bring you to 3600 diamonds, VIP6 (that is all you need), and 120 diamonds a day. You wil have enough for 10 diamond chests straight away, and some elektro cores and magic dusts to begin with, and also you will be able to store 20 ability points. A heck of a good start and lots of fun.
More heavy-paying strategy (what i did): 3$ on monthly card + 10$ on 800 diamonds + 20$ on 1600+1600 diamonds + 5$ on 400+400 diamonds = 38$ for 5200 diamonds and 120 per day. Yum. Basically purchase every offer once. You can do these purchases separately, wich is very important to keep in mind: see the note below to understand why. You will pay when you need diamonds,you dont want to invest all at the start.

NOTE: purchase events
Dont buy ANYTHING unless there is a PURCHASE BONUS EVENT. There will be events like "Spend 6,99$ to gain 6 Elektro cores and 30 Arachna soulstones"... ok, time to spend the 10$ worth of diamonds that i wanted! (ok,even if you are not using arachna, its better than nothing... remember you just bought something, you didnt spend diamonds yet). And yes, the 99$ deal is always watching you: 16000 diamonds :o ... Dont buy this until you feel confident you will reach AT LEAST VIP10. If you wish to buy it, there are 99$ purchase bonus events on festivities, that release secret and limited heroes. You are strongly recommended to wait at least an event that rewards your 99$ purchase, if you want the best experience on this game. Otherwise, you will waste the opportunity and regret buying too soon. Dont waste the opportunity, if you are willing to spend that much money. Keep this in mind and buy DURING your adventure, when the time is best.

-VIP5 is a good point to stop (12$). No need to get further, unless you want conjuring stone, for wich you will need 165$. A little bit of a difference in price, there.
There is a time for each purchase, and you will keep that in mind:
-Spend 9,99$ when there is an event that requires you to buy more than 6,99$
-Spend 99,99$ ONLY when there is an event that rewards you for spending 99,99$! Remember, its a big purchase! If you spend so much money it means you intend to play for more than three months, and the wait of an event will pay you back, believe me. In the meantime you will have the time to decide if you really like this game.
-There are offers for the first purchase of 4,99$, 19,99$, 99,99$. Use these to your advantage
-Have fun with the game and purchase DURING your experience, not all in a bunch, unless there is an event that asks you to do so!

CH.2 - Everything on Heroes:

I link here a great guide on everything there is to know on upgrading costs: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=3743.
Also, i did another guide on single heroes advices, you should check that out: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=7442&p=22637&sid=ec44e7901ed44895466a066dd68e3077#p22637.

Tip nr.2: NEVER buy a diamond chest alone. Its worthless. Keep the diamond until you have 2590, and buy 10 together with the offer, thus saving 200 diamonds and ENSURING yourself a new hero. Not bad, i would do that!

Right at the start of the game (of course not counting the "basic heroes chests": Gale, Mortus, Ember, Flora), you will have the opportunity to buy a diamond chest with a GUARANTEED 3 star hero. Do that as soon as possible! That will give you a great headstart. If you have 2590 diamonds, BUY 10 DIAMOND CHESTS without a breath. You WILL get a new hero, and remember: even one-star heroes, when promoted to >2 stars, are really great. Remember that in this game there is almost no "bad hero". Every hero is viable in his own way. So how do i decide my party? Lets see:

Tip nr.3: The starting basic heroes are among the strongest you can get, if you manage to upgrade them to 4 stars! Elric is arguably one among the best tanks, mortus has the best mag atack AND best hynotize in the game and can postpone enemy ultimates, Flora is the best and only healer, Gale is a great DPS that can Silence, and she's still used in every arena party at level 90, and Ember is a good AoE hero overall and only mage with four offensive abilities. So dont throw away the idea to upgrade them!

NOTE: remember that at the beginning you wont have available all 4 abilities, so the choice of hero really depends on your taste. Heroes become different when blue fused, and the synergy between different heroes is unlocked only with the fourth ability, so when purple fused. If you are at green fusion, just choose your favourite ;) During the game, different fusion levels will make a previously bad hero a COMPLETE BADASS and strong char (for example Slim is bad until lvl 80, then, when orange fused, has enough lifesteal to heal his whole life back every 4-5 seconds, and his damage will be huge. Another example is Drago, a bad tank until purple fused, when he obtains an ability that reduces a % of physical damage income (making him one of the best tank out there), so watch out for advice from your guildmates and keep an eye on all heroes ;) OR read my other guide ;)

FUSION: fusion is a great part of Hero growth. This adds all the stats of all the BASIC equipments (so no, enchanted equipment wont upgrade your stats permanently) to the stats of the hero, freeing new slots for new equipment. Every piece increases Hero Rating: dont look at that. Its just an indication of the overall strenght of the Hero. A hero may have low rating but still pack a punch in a party (for example Ulfang, Lucius, Flora, Sumiko ...). To see the equipment needed for the next fusion, just tap the little armor-icon on the upper-left corner, above the stars. I discovered this trick really late in the game ahahah!

REMEMBER: upgrading too many heroes at once is a waste of items (and gold)!! Upgrade 8-10 heroes, depending on your resources. Otherwise, you will feel the need to restart the game and erase your account when you are lvl80 and have no items to upgrade the heroes you use!

Tip nr.4:
If you have some gold left, always use it to buy a 10 gold chest pull. This can give you some really pesky pieces of gear you needed to craft (happens more than you can imagine), and also can give you really strong heroes such as Baltor or Riley!! Buy this AT LEAST once per day!!

There are 3 main characters that shouldnt miss in a formation. These are: Tank, magic damage dealer, physical damage dealer. The other teammates should be helping those DPS characters survive and deal the most damage. Of course your formation will not be fixed, so you will replace your phys damage dealer when enemy phys defence will be high for another mag damage dealer, and so on. These three categories are:
Elric - best HP tank,has stuns, no visible weak spot. Great to soak damage and slow opponents.
Vincent - magical tank, resists magic damage A LOT, key to survivability against non-magical sources is his life leech through his ultimate and bats. So works well in team with single target heroes that kill quickly, wich helps him create bats. Every enemy will hit the bat, healing vincent and preventing damage. Great when that happens, but too ideal for me ;) BAD BAD choice in arena.
Torsen - Ultra high physical defence and high survivability because of his ultimate. Weak (oh, sorry: WEAK) to magic and low Hp and damage compared to other tanks.
Drago - Best resistance tank: has high mag armor and his 4th ability prevents a percentage of phys damage! Has no weak spot, except his lower-than-normal HP. Can lower enemy armor, so its a good choice in phys teams. From what i've observed, he is the most durable tank (after purple fusion).
Esabel - She is basically a DPS with stuns and A LOT of life, like Elric's. Not as much mag defence though: dies too quicly for my taste.
Hanzo - can Tank at high levels, as his dodge rating is the highest in the game, so he is difficult to hit by phys damage. He struggles against magic, but, as previously said, at high levels his lifesteal does the trick of keeping him alive. Pair him with ulfang or enrique to see shinies.

Physical damage dealers:
Musashi - the king of damage. Slow but effective. Starts to fall apart at lvl75-80, falling in disuse in arena. But sees shinies in raids and crucible. KING OF DAMAGE!
Leah - One of the most overpowered characters, not because of her stats or abilities, but because if she is paired with the right Heroes (ulfang, for example, wich buffs her, gives her lifesteal, AND lowers the ENITRE enemy party phys armor...) she becomes ULTRA OP! Her ult is kinda bad though. Late game star.
Gale - High damage and silence: she is just great. Her arrows target the back and mid lines, and can kill straight away low hp chars such as Slim, Alastair, Wraxius etc.
Urestag - great damage dealer, because he is a (slightly less-powerful) Musashi located in the BACK LINE!! His job its to deliver PAIN! Great at beginning, at high levels needs a party built to work with him, but definitively sees play. Downside is that he hits the nearest enemy, and only him.
Slim - ultra high crit rate and attack speed. Absolute late game star (his lifesteal at orange fusion is HUGE. One hit completely heals him). Sucks from lvl 40 to 70.
Alana - Since the buff fron the devs, now she is really strong. Once she hits ultimate, the fight is basically over, as she gains energy from every hit if she has her shield on. Her ultimate IGNORES armor!! She does a fixed amount of damage!
Riley - she just makes this game so easy... in crucible she can heal up instantly with her ult, in female dojo can tank, in campaign can transform 3 times.... and she can definitively pack a BIG punch in arena, especially on enemy backline. She can revive when dead, and increase physical crit rating of the whole party. One of the best heroes.
Tholin - Description sayes tank, but he's not a tank. He does tons of damage and can haste whole party, but needs to be paired with a real tank. Really really good DPS.
Bloodspear - Not that great, average damage, single target... too squishy, dies off in a blink. Overall bad.

Magical damage dealers:
Ember - she has four offensive abilities, goodie. Her mag atk is the lowest between her mage sisters, but she can pack a punch. Shines at mid-high levels (50-75), but later sucks.
Osiris - Very high damage, silence, and enhances the whole party's magic attack when purple fused. Great at raids. Also, i like how she looks.
Selene - She can deal a lot of damage, her ultimate focuses on a single enemy, making it easier to kill right away. Great choice.
Arachna - Damage over time. I personally dislike her, but can be used somehow. Maybe.
Ariel - best AoE in the game, even better than Mariana's because of timing. Sadly, AoE enables enemies to get more energy, so she must be chosen carefully. Also, survives like hell! Every starter player's choice ;) but at orange fusion she is really really disappointing, so no game after lvl 82.
Mariana - great AoE spells, especially ultimate and pillar of light: she one-shots stuff! Works only because she is in the back line. She can heal, but so slightly, that i couldnt see my Elric's hp going up. Meh, shame, she could have been one of the best heroes if her heal worked better. Great Great hero though. Bad in arena (too slow).
Seraphine - Best choice in every magic group, but can be obtained only in epic arena or conjuring stone. Her fast-charging ultimate can wipe out stacked chracters in seconds. Best mag damage dealer in my opinion. People say she sucks at crucible, i use her every fight and get 15/15 stages 2 times a day.
Wraxius - Best mag atk in the game on par with Alastair but uses various abilities from enemy team .... just... great hero. For crucible is game-breaking if you know how to use it (he can copy Flora ... double heal!!!).
Gizmo - He the king of fast single target multi hits. He just .... wrecks... especially at purple (+632 mag attack only for non enchanted orange equip... :o and that mag pierce rating... lol )

Other heroes in Soul Hunters are focused on specific tasks. I categorized them as "helpers". Helpers dont focus on damaging enemy team, but have a primary role different from doing damage. For example you would expect mortus to be a mag damage dealer... i didnt list him there, cause his job is not doing damage. He is great at Hypnotyzing, stealing enemy energy, and focusing his ult damage on one single enemy. So he is not a mag damage dealer, as his damage in "deatails" at the end of battle will be low. See list below.

The basic configuration of a party is this:
Phys damage dealer
Magical damge dealer
-your choice
-your choice

In the slot "your choice" you can put what you want, say, a Damage dealer and a helper, or two tanks, or two helpers, whatever.
Just REMEMBER that front line stacked heroes (like 3 front line heroes) are begging the enemy to AoE them in the face, and die alltogether. Always keep this in mind that basic melee attacks hit the whole front line. (example: Musashi's ultimate hits only enemies in range of his sword, but does world splitting damage. It often happens that his ultimate kills with the first blow the tank, and the other two hits just hit the air, while the mages in the mid line stay alive. With 3 heroes in enemy front line, say, not at full health, he can one shot all three of them).
REMEMBER: always look at "details" after every battle. It will let you see wich damage dealer did the most of the job, and wich didnt partecipate much. Remember that single target heroes will have lower damage, aoe heroes higher. If your damage dealer never gets a hit right (his damage is always below Elric's), or you dont survive enough, maybe your formation needs a "helper". I will list the "helpers" right below:

Leon - creates a shield on every teammate against phys damage ... Great! Also increases party's physical attack and armor, and can heal. On paper he's great. He is seldom used because in front line suffers too much damage. Shines in late late game (80+), as he acquires some items that allow him to tank really well. His tanking before is really bad.
Boomer - massive damage with ultra, can freeze, and increases crit for allies when purple fused. Used with Leah to increase her crit rating. He can hit the backline also!
Alastair - great backline hero: his mag attack is one of the highest in the game, but i listed him in the helpers section. Why? Because he just "helps" other heroes killing single targets, and disables heroes with his duck power. His attacks focus on one single enemy, so he will have lower total damage in the battle details, remember. But he is one of the strongest heroes to help a party win a battle.
Ulfang - he gives the best buffs to the whole party: he gives lifesteal to everybody, wich increases survivability to DPS characters, he gives Haste and damage increase at the start of battle (5 seconds), and can lower the whole enemy's party physical armor. He can also stun! Wow. Not great at surviving battles though.
Lucius - great at creating shields, even ultimate creates a body for the enemy to hit. Great because increases energy for allies: more Ultimates means more DESTRUCTION!! One of personal favourites.
Mortus - Single target magic damage, but is optimal only when hitting an enemy below 30% life ... Has best Hypnotize spell in the game (lasts several seconds and cant be interrupted by hits), and is great at leeching enemy energy, stopping eventual ultimates. Difficult to use because uses both phys and magic attacks.
Sumiko - Not played much because she needs a party structured on her. She increases phys or mag attack for allies (not casually: she will buff the strongest mage with mag damage, and the strongest physical hero with phys damage). Dont like her, but she's not bad, as she can turn even auto attacks in serious wounds to the enemy party, especially with a high crit hero like Urestag/Slim or Mariana/Alastair.
Enrique - The supporter for excellence: he ONLY supports. He hypnotizes, hastes allies and such. Great. People say he is worthless because he does no damage at all... maybe after lvl 80 he is as i never tried him at those levels, but i liked in in my experience. I used him from lvl 20 to lvl 40.
Dr. Zeno - another hero that needs a party structured on him, or he is worthless. He is the slowest character, and relies on his ultimate to work, wich is not optimal, especially for arena. Still, can pack a real punch when paired with the right heroes. Shines in long battles (raid, campaign, crucible).
Flora - you know who she is ;) she is the only dedicated healer in the game. Period. Great charms, by the way.
Namtar - Can lift a lot opponents inthe air, interrupting their abilities, but the cool thing is his ghosting. He's never there to be hit! Susceptible to phys damage, his mag defence is one of the highest.. Seems good on paper, but he doesnt perform very well. With some dodge increase (from Enrique for example) he could be of some use. People in general dislike him. I think he could be used competitively in the right team.
Crusher - he's not a good tank. He excels at depleting energy from enemy. As this cant be seen directly (you dont see enemy ult bars), people usually dislike him. But i think he is great, paired to another tank. His ult can draw 280+ energy from the enemy with most energy, as well as dealing damage!! His shield is the strongest in the game (compared to Lucius' has more damage resistance, compared to Leon's has resistance to mag damage too).
Dokras - was one of my favourite heroes, can summon tank minions and entangle enemies, and his ult does decent damage. Performs really badly though, ESPECIALLY against vincent (free OP bats). Basically not arena-crubile material.
Arcturus - another christmas-limited hero, looks really strong: can freeze by hitting two times an enemy. The king of disabling?

But before starting to create your "perfect party", REMEMBER....

Every party should have a composition based on the situation: choose your party based on the situation!

1-Campaign formations-
YOU WILL SEE in the description the type of enemies you will encounter. Change your formation based on that. If you dont know what an enemy is specialized at, just tap on him: you will see a clear description such as "Does lots of physical damage" or "immune to magic".
Against magical stages: Remember that mages have high magic defence, and low armor. So use more physical heroes that can kill those pesky mages quickly. As tank use Vincent, and dont use AoE, or you will only help the enemy by giving their back and mid line free energy basically.
-phys damage dealer
-phys damage dealer
-as many as you have
-no AoE!
Against physical stages: Use your standard configuration. Remember that if you see a Musashi or a Torsen in the enemy team, they must be dealt with quickly, so use single target heroes. Since they are both suscettible to magical damage, use some heavy magical damage!
-Phys damage dealer
-Magic damage dealer
-your choice
-your choice

Lots of stages will be hybrids of the two. Change your heroes based on that. If you see that they have a healer, focus on single target spells so enemy heroes cant be healed. If you see they have a buffer that gives haste to the party, take quick heroes and exchange your healer for more damage. If you see magic immune enemies,remove your mages etc. Just be efficient at every stage and you will make it. Otherwise you will lose a lot. And i mean A LOT, especially after chapter 5.

2-Arena formations-
In arena, auto-attack must stay on. You cant toggle it, so its a bit of a challenge. Your friend is survivability, and to achieve that, you must prevent enemy team to unleash powerful attacks on your team. How do you do this? With stuns, of course! Single target heroes and side effects (Stuns, hypnotize, transformation, poison) shine in arena. Here, the configuration is a little more fixed:
-Phys/Mag DPS
-Phys/Mag DPS
-Your choice
For the "your choice" spot, many people choose a second tank. Some risk another DPS character, i personally use a second helper (My helpers are Alastair and Lucius).If one of the DPS you choose is an Aoe one, many times the party will benefit a lot.

3-Crucible of fire formations-
The key is healing you heroes so you can keep going. The BEST of the BESTEST strategy is to leave the battle if you understand that your party is not ok (doomed) against that particular enemy, or that timing didnt go quite well. So if one of your heroes die unintendedly, or Musashi's ultimate misses completely, just press the pause botton in right corner, and leave battle before all of your heroes die. *puf*: you're safe! There is no draw-back in doing this. You will not lose anything and you can try again. Great strategy is to test every stage. The optimal goal would be to reach everyday the third violet chest, or ninth stage (so 500 dragon scales, wich means 5 soulstones everyday). In a newer server this can be done quite easily. REMEMBER not to spend dragon scales on items, only soulstones, as they are too valuable. All the items in the dragon scales shop can be obtained in other ways. Dont spend this limited resource for stuff that you can find elsewhere.
Some particular heroes perform really well in Crucible:
- Vincent, Urestag and Flora, because dont stay injured for long or Heal other teammates. In particular Urestag is ALWAYS alive, as he is in the backline, healing himself.-
- Quick killers! So Musashi, Slim, Seraphine, Urestag are just great because they allow you to kill off quickly enemy threats. if you have one of them, they make your life just easier.
-physical heroes (because of lifesteal), Alana (because you will have reached a mastery in using her and will always get a kill), Mariana (can oneshot the backline), Elric or Drago (high health recovery).

Flora performs always well in crucible, as well as Wraxius, wich can copy an enemy flora heal ability.

Fragile characters are going to suffer, because at the end of the battle they will be injured. If you cant heal those, you are doomed.

--->Here there is a useful post i wrote on specific hero formations, with some ideas for synergy: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=3666. If you want some ideas for specific formations, look here ;)
--->and also a more late-game version, with precius formations, that, alas, contain limited heroes such as Crusher or Baltor : viewtopic.php?f=18&t=6915

regardless of the situation, there are SOME heroes that must be upgraded.
=> heroes that MUST be upgraded : (in order of priority)
- Flora : Heals your charachters in crucible of fire. If you dont upgrade her, dont worry, you will soon. Very soon.
- Vincent : Just performs too well on crucible. Its a must until lvl50 atleast.
- Elric : Can be sqeezed in virtually any party, so why not?
- Ariel : Great hero. Great great hero.
- Selene/Osiris : They perform very well (and are similar too). Upgrade one! They are stronger than your Ember!

- Urestag: if you have him, he is a heck of a resource from lvl1 to lvl65. Performs GREAT just anywhere, campaign, arena, crucible, dojo, raids..... later in game you will maybe replace him, as most people do or maybe not. He could be used even at lvl80+, but in a specific party.

CH.3 - What to do
1st-complete your daily quests
Yes, very important. First thing to do every day. Party level is very important, you will need the experience to fuse your heroes to higher fusions, as equipment has a minimum level requirement. So complete your dojo and bountyful everyday and atleast 10 normal stages and 3 heroic, as well as raids, enchantment, use one midas touch for 10 diamonds ... everything you can!

2nd-The Trader
Buy EVERY piece of equipment you can here. You will need that eventually to enchant. But remember: never buy hero soulstones. Right now, the devs improved the drop rate in heroic stages, making soulstones less valuable, but somehow value didnt change at the trader. So DONT BUY SOULSTONES WHATSOEVER FROM TRADER/PEBBLER/BLACK MARKET! Instead, reset heroic stages. Also, refreshing the trader is just ... useless. Dont waste diamonds.

3rd-look for better equipment
Campaign is only there to get new items. Go ahead in the story, upgrading your heroes until you reach a point where you cant get 3 stars in a stage. At that point, sweep other stages (choosing from the equipment selection of your heroes) until you get more equipment.
NOTE: Sweeping doesnt give your heroes ANY experience, only party experience. It gives you instead EXP potions. HA-AH!
Getting 3 stars on EVERY stage is quite essential, as it rewards you with 40k gold for normal stages and 40 diamonds on heroic stages. This will work only if you have EVERY CONSECUTIVE STAGE completed with 3 stars. If you miss the first one for example, you will get no rewards for the following. So its a good idea to jump back from time to time and beat the stages that you didnt pass with 3 stars.

4th-Get your Soulstones!
Dont waste your SS hunt for the heroes you use! You will never reach 7 stars if you dont collect soulstones. Choose 3-4 heroes to upgrade everyday, press the "+" near the "promotion" button, and sweep the open heroic stages you have. If you dont have them available, just go ahead and clear some stages: this way you'll unlock the ones that are useful to you.
NOTE: at this time, you will have finished stamina for sure. Its good use to replenish stamina 3 times a day, for a total of 150 diamonds (50+50+50) (for VIP players, but again, i assumed you are atleast VIP3). This way you will have enough for everything you need. (for pro: refresh stamina 10 times per day, enough to get just above 800 for the guild point contirbuition)
Tip nr.4: Its good use also to choose your favourite hero, and reset one stage for him every day (= you trade 20 diamonds for 3 of his soulstones). This brings you to a total of 170 diamonds spent everyday. I wouldnt want to reset more, unless you have the diamonds for it. Once every day is enough if you dont have enough diamonds, but more is better ;)

NOTE: mining. Until party lvl 65 you will need a lot of gold, so farm that, but after that you will need EXP potions, and you will notice. I do 4 EXP mines everyday since party lvl 71 and with that i was able to upgrade more than 15 heroes to lvl 87. Without those extra potions, you will find yourself behind your party lvl.

5th-Crucible of fire
Yes, our friend the crucible. Here you can gain your most valuable treasures, as well as heroes. Remember to optimize your heroes BEFORE starting this each day, upgrading abilities and such.
I will share the best early formation i could come across. When i first got that, i completed for the first time all 15 stages of the crucible:


This just disintegrates enemy teams, while healing! If Ulfang dies (wich is very easy), replace him with Urestag, wich can self-heal and deal tons of damage. Its just ... AHAH! If you dont have Seraphine, do as i did: recruit her on mercenary camp. The mercenary will stay with you until the end of the run or until he dies.
DONT FORGET! You can only hire ONE mercenary per run.
Remember: The first 5 stages will be the easiest. Difficulty will increase by going further. Your destiny depends on your luck. Sometimes you will be matched with weak teams, so its an easy win. Sometimes a stage becomes unbeateable and depressing: it just depends. Use your best weapon: Timing your ultimates. Stun enemies just before they're about to unleash a powerful spell or ultimate (thus nullifying the ultimate), heal just at the right time, unleash single target ultimates when Vincent uses Dreadful Imprisonment to create bats. If you couldnt, restart the battle!

More advanced formation (lvl70+ [my current]):

I complete 15/15 stages 2 times a day since lvl 70 with this formation, and sometimes all of my heroes survive the whole run, without mercenary. You just need to know the tactic behind that, and that means know how to use EVERY hero in the formation perfectly, for example the use of wraxius: I put him in formation instead of alastair ONLY when an enemy flora is on the other side. That way i use his ultimates ONLY for healing. But this is my formation, you need to find the one that works for YOU!

Different strategies:
that formation above is based on the principle of "killing the tank the fastest way possible", allowing to reach the backline and disabling the most heroes via Alastair/Seraphine/Flora, farming energy on the disabled hero. Of course, since those are the damage dealers, you must be very careful and time your ultimates to avoid damage (stun before an ultimate stops it). Some people dont like this, and use an AoE formation to kill the backline the fastest possible, and farm energy on the tanks and kill them slowly. This is more optimal, but i never tried it and still get 15/15 every run. I list nonetheless the best list for that job:
Aoe Crucible team:
This doesnt even need heals at high levels. Play the best strategy that suits your gameplay, and experiment. ;)

NOTE: You will certainly be asking yourself: What do i buy with dragon scales? Well, get Ariel. Period. If you have enough, you could invest in ulfang and mariana too, but i found Ariel to be so strong that i regret spending on ulfang and mariana, because i would have had her at 3 stars sooner. The others are too situational (but great anyway). Ariel can be used just anywhere, so as a first investment she is more profitable.

Finally, when nothing else is available, Arena! Remember this very very ultra useful tip: you can see enemy party composition in arena by tapping on you enemy avatar! If all your opponents are too strong, refreshing is free (for players over VIP3), and its situated in the bottom left corner. By tapping on enemy teams, you can see details such as members of that party, the victories the player has achieved, and the ranking. Its a significative advantage! For example: you are using a formation full of fragile sorceresses, and you see you are going up against a team with Ariel and Alana, wich can rip your mid and back lines to guts. You will switch with some more sturdy members, or maybe use flora to keep them alive (because AoE from ariel will give Flora energy for her ultimate). Golden tip.
Tip nr.5: in newer servers you will reach top 10 quite easily. This will reward you more than 2000 diamonds. Also you ranking will give you quite useful daily rewards (Diamonds, exp cheese, gold and arena currency). Dont ignore the arena, ever!

Why did we save Arena for last? Because i personally play once a day, and login occasionally during the day. You should focus on arena for last because your rank can decrease at any time. By challenging in the arena at late hours, or, like me, the latest you can, you gain a mathematical edge on rewards, because they are given every evening at 9:00 PDT. By upgrading your rank near that hour (here in italy is 3:00 a.m. lol!) you will have less demotion possibility, = better rewards. This is crucial during event such as: Double Arena Rewards!!

NOTE: What do i buy with arena coins? Use arena coins to buy useful items you need, such as elektro cores, Equipment you need etc. Dont use it to buy soulstones, as the arena ones can be ignored (if you are doing so, i'm not telling you to stop: you already began investing, stopping will result in a loss). Its best to invest only one currency in soulstones, and that is dragon scales, as heroes that can be bought with that are more useful. In fact you dont want to waste dragon scales on items: you have arena coins for that!

CH.4 - Specific notes:

Enchanting your equipment
Enchanting upgrades your stats greatly, but not permanently: it will last only until your next fusion. That's why you should enchant every piece of equiment ONLY AFTER BLUE +2 FUSION. Before of that, enchant only the most useful piece of gear you have (1-2 per hero). For example, elric at blue +1 can equip an Emerald cuirass (+675hp) and thorned paudrons (+45 phys def). You should upgrade to three star those two pieces, but, as you can imagine, why spend enchanting material other pieces of equipment? You will fuse often when low level, so dont enchant too much, as enchanting after fusion is just cancelled, it wont upgrade your stats permanently. Enchanting becomes important when you can equip Blue Equipment. At blue fusion (basic) you can equip only 3 blue equipments. Focus on those!! Dont waste pieces of equipment to upgrade yellow stuff. At Blue +1 you can focus more on heavy enchanting, and at purple fusion you MUST focus on heavy enchanting your equipment. Blue +2 is in between, so its a mix of the two.
Tip nr.6: Start enchanting your tank's equipment first. He's in the frontline, he needs to be stronger.

The Dojo and Bountyful
Goes without saying that the bountyful caverns and dojo are A MUST everyday. They give you really notable loot. The dojo drops the most used pieces of equipment among heroes.
Tip nr.7: On sunday, all instances of dojo AND bountiful caverns open at the same time, and you will get 5 attempts (2 for bountiful caverns) FOR EACH INSTANCE. So dont waste your opportunity to make 4 bountyful runs and all the ones you need in dojo!

as a foot note, Remember: when you are lvl 80, you ARE gonna regret things. Dont ruin your account by, say, spending dragon scales on magic dusts and stuff, or not doing crucible runs for some days because you dont want, ignoring arena, throwing away resources to upgrade too many heroes at once etc...

Thanks for reading, hope this was helpful. If you struggle to understand my english, my bad, i am Italian ;) bye bye.
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Re: [Guide]Michele Schiavetta Guide to a good gameplay

Sun Sep 13, 2015 10:42 pm

Wumbas wrote:
Great guide. By far the best out there so far. It's very long, but not overly long. There is alot of good info here :-)

One note : you say that you get Selene for completing chapter 5. I don't thing this is correct. I have completed chapter 5 both normal and heroic, 3 stars in everything, and I have 8 soulstones of 80 of her. Perhaps this has changed?

yes thank you, there was a misspelling. Its received upon completion of chapter 6. Thanks for the correction
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Re: [Guide]Michele Schiavetta Guide to a good gameplay

Mon Sep 14, 2015 9:50 am

Vini Paschoal wrote:
Nice guide, although it seems a neat compilation of others previous guides - with some ipsis litteris sentences.

Ehm, no. Please, dont ruin my hard work by spitting out unnecessary bad comments. I spent four days writing this with my hands. Please do not insult my work, only constructive criticism.
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Re: [Guide]Michele Schiavetta Guide to a good gameplay

Mon Sep 14, 2015 9:52 am

wary wrote:
The same thing applies. Unless something has changed since I went through the campaign, you do not get Selene for completing ANY chapter.

Really? :O but i got her by completing chapter 6! I just found her in my party after a dialogue with her at stage one of the chapter! Is it possible it was just me? :O
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