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Re: Enchanting and Fuseing

Wed Mar 30, 2016 12:22 am

Dale Pressley wrote:
So I know enchanting gives your guys a nice boost, but how many of you max enchanting on your main guys? Also, once you get that 6th piece of armor, do you fuse automatically? I feel like there has to be an advantage to getting that last piece and not fusing as opposed to just fuseing right away. How many of you wait?

I tend to try and keep my top 2 or 3 guys with enchanted gear. And I normally only enchant the purple items. I am currently level 68 with mostly purple +2 guys.

Just in my case, I Enchanted to +3 in my main team until P+3, then in P+4 and Orange I fully enchanted everything. When I got the 6th Item I didn't fused automatically, I fused only when I had at least 2 pieces for the next Tier.

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