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Re: Update??

Wed Dec 16, 2015 4:55 pm

Hi all again, i will write about a topic that all we need it in the next update, Is about guildwars in this case, we need that guildmaster and elders have the power To move or manage teams from guildmates in guildwar,, all of us for sure have the problem that many of the guildmates dont take orders, so for the benefit of the guild we (guildmasters and elders) need the capacity To do it, and we need more option to communicate in the guild
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Re: Update??

Thu Dec 17, 2015 10:56 am

Bail3153 wrote:
Urtock wrote:
I disagree. We need more heroes, because the ones existing are to similar. Look at heroes charge for example.

3 heroes per month and they are doing great. The problem is that kick9 releaees heroes but takes forever to put them in stores.

We need more diversity!!

I probably should have worded different; I fully agree with you that more heroes with greater diversity would be a good thing. So would new content- both at a reasonable pace though, and not to the point where the game is over saturated.
HC is actually a great example on that. There are a ton of heroes, old, new and still coming. But, many were pushed out too fast and required fixing, which causes huge uproars and a very upset player base. Others, both very new and original, fall into a near if not completely unusable class. If I were to revisit that game I could likely list at least 15 that could be removed and very few people would care. Improving many of the older characters would have been better than producing so many new.
Same could be said for the most recent updated content, didn't really enhance the game much.
There may be 10 or 12 heroes that will be found in the top ranks of near every team up to the top 50. A few less with better balance would trump volume.

Ok, as my previous post, in HC there're a lot of heroes, more than needed, but for now Soul Hunters (that is the same game of DotArena, so should be a lot easier to copy the code of other heroes) has 34 heroes, of which about 8/11 not very useful for metagame:
1) Drago
2) Sumiko
3) Arachna
4) Boomer
5) Hanzo
6) Lucius
7) Esabel (except for dojo, but you can replace with Leah)
8) Enrique (sometimes has a bit sense)
9) Namtar (sometimes has a bit sense)
10) Mortus (sometimes has a bit sense)
11) Slim (sometimes has a bit sense)

I think in some way we can prefer also these heroes, but originally the meaning of this post was to have new contents...adding some heroes, adding level cap and adding new level for equipment is only a way to lengthen the same "soup"...

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