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Superman Guide

Mon Apr 30, 2018 5:34 am


Superman Card

Superman Awakened Card



Superman stats with all enchantments, precious runes, mika pet.


As a Front Line DPS, Superman is able to complement a different array of heroes with his ability to use his "Strength Mode" or "Agility Mode". Superman possesses devastating AOE attack and control abilities that make him an important part of your arena team. His awakening increases his defense capabilities to help him survive deep in the battle.

Superman possesses the DC hero medallion, which enables him to switch between strength and agility modes depending on how many DC heroes are in the battlefield. The strength of his modes depends on the number of DC heroes in the team.
Superman posses the highest physical attack of all heroes which can reach higher than 9000, when maxxed.

Hero Analysis:
1. Attribute analysis

Superman has one of the highest physical damage in the game, which can be further boosted using runes, pets and forge. His AOE physical damage will greatly damage the enemies at the start of the battle and his AOE control abilities allow him to control the flow of the battle. During his ultimate, he is invulnerable and his awakening further adds to his survival abilities.

2. Pet Analysis

To enhance superman’s capabilities, Purple Mika is the best pet for him as it’s physical damage is the highest of the pets. It possesses the ability to recover health quickly, provide armor bonus, increase physical attack damage and significantly increases superman’s attack speed.

Emerson also can be used as he provides the highest health among pets, which superman could use in heavy magic meta, also providing increase crit rate and physical attack at the early stage of battle which helps superman kill the magic heroes easily.

Among blue pets, Bongo is the best followed by flapper.

Peggy is also another great choice for superman, currently the strongest pet in the game.

3. Runestone Analysis

Sunstone: Physical crit dmg is the best for superman as he has high physical damage and high physical crit rating.

Moonstone: Physical attack for increased attack, physical resistance for defensive build, physical pierce for fighting against high armor opponents, Health to increase his survivability.

Starstone: Physical crit rating to increase his crit rating even higher, physical attack to increase his damage, health to increase his survivability.
Pointers while selecting Runestone for superman:
For 7-star superman with mika pet, his health, armor and survivability are already high, hence he can go for full offensive runestones like physical attack, pierce, crit rating etc.
For 5 star and 3-star superman, his health is slightly lower and hence a defensive build can aid him greatly in battles.

Skill intro:
1. Fist of Justice

Superman flies towards the enemy with the lowest Health and picks them up, continuously inflicting blows upon them. Superman finishes by slamming his enemy on the ground dealing damage and stunning them. (Deals base of 7140 dmg)



2. Heat Vision

Superman unleashes his heat vision onto his enemies, damaging all of his enemies' Physical Armor, subsequently reducing their agility and accuracy. (Deals base of 6120 dmg)


(Strength mode)


(agility mode)

3. Justice Unleashed

When in "Strength Mode", Superman picks up a huge skyscraper, slamming it on the ground, stunning all of the enemy team. In "Agility Mode", Superman flies behind his enemy, unleashing a multi-stage attack punching his enemy to the edge of the battlefield. (strength & agility mode deal base of 6120 dmg)


(Strength Mode)


(agility mode)

4. Justice League

"Agility Mode" will be activated when the number of middle line heroes are equal to or exceed front line. (Heat vision in strength mode reduces physical armor of enemies by 153. Heat vision mode in agility mode reduces physical hit by 30.6) the ability of both modes increases with the number of DC heroes used in the team.


(agility mode)


(strength mode)

5. Fury Strike
Superman is able to withstand a considerable amount of Physical Damage and when surrounded by enemies, Superman is able to use a unique basic attack to push his enemies away. (Cannot be used successively). Can withstand maximum of 3060 physical dmg.


Skill sequence:
Physical attack, Heat vision, physical attack, Justice unleashed.
Fist of justice is used when his energy is full and fury strike is used depending on enemy team compositions either at start of the battle or during the battle.
Superman gains energy quite fast as his attacks are AOE in nature and hence can use his ultimate skill quite early in the battle.

Skill Analysis:
1. Fist of Justice

It picks the lowest health enemy and both superman and the picked enemy are out of the battlefield for 3 seconds. This allows allies of superman to target other enemies, and superman is invulnerable during this skill. When superman slams the low health enemy at the end of the ultimate, it deals AOE damage and stuns all enemies and almost all times, superman kills the low health enemy with this ultimate.

2. Heat Vision
Heat vision is used at the start of battle which deals AOE damage to entire enemy party, also depending on strength or agility mode this skill reduces physical armor or physical hit of all enemies. This skill deals huge damage and at the same time makes the enemies weaker.

3. Justice unleashed

This skill is used after heat vision and it deals AOE damage to enemy party and stuns them. This skill is really great for superman and his allies as the entire enemy party is stunned and their skills interrupted, victory becomes easier. The skill also deals huge AOE damage thereby killing low health enemies or reducing their health greatly.

4. Justice League

This skill allows different ways to use superman depending on the type of enemies he is facing by adjusting the number of frontline or midline heroes. Strength mode makes enemies susceptible for physical damage whereas agility mode makes allies dodge attacks easily. So, if there are high dodge heroes in the party, agility mode is better. If facing a magical enemy combo, strength mode is better.

5. Fury strike

Fury strike helps in pushing enemies away from superman which interrupts their skills, also this skill allows superman to withstand up to 3060 physical damage. This skill when triggered can alter the flow of the battle giving superman and his allies the advantage.


Arena: Superman is ideal for arena battle with his high AOE damage and crowd control abilities.
Gladiator arena: Superman can enable many combos perform better with him in the team.
Raids: Superman deals good damage in raids but since his ultimate is single enemy type, he can be replaced with other heroes.
HoL: Superman due to the nature of his ultimate skill, is not used for top score teams in Hall of Legends.
Prophecy pool: Superman is not particularly suited for Prophecy pool battles.
Sky Fortress: Superman is very useful for Sky Fortress battles and can help clear the levels easily.
Mine Defense/Offense: Superman is very useful in mines.
CoF: Superman is very useful and can stay alive till the end of CoF 15 battles with the right combo.
Guild Wars: Superman is very useful in Guild wars as his AOE attacks are very useful in defeating teams and saving his allies.




The above academy is for superman facing physical meta teams which are mostly found in arenas. To face a magic team, the physical defense stats can be replaced with magical ones.

Superman stands behind Aldred, Batman, Elric, Drago, Torsen.

Team Compositions for Superman:
Superman is most effective with AOE damage teams. Due to his slightly low magic armor and defense, he is susceptible to burst magic damage or early battle control ability. To counter this, valan is ideal ally for superman. With valan covering superman’s weaknesses, superman becomes deadly for the enemy team.
Superman has 2 skills that do AOE stun and when paired with Adeline, he can effectively counter the magic heroes who could potentially kill him.
Superman is also best paired with batman, who can go to the enemy backline and kill the magic heroes, who can create problems for superman.
Superman also works very well with flash as their AOE attacks complement each other.
Ideal compositions for superman will have
Superman, Batman, Valan, Adeline

Other heroes who can be used with the above combo with great effect are
Ursula, Flash, Mirah, Mirielle, Tut, Alicia, Gremor, Sylphi, Angela, Mechana, Petros, Eldor etc.
Superman when paired with valan and adeline can also be used with Tanya, malrath, Kong, Taurus, Hurok, Rodan, Salus, Tsuki, Mazir etc.
For arena offense, valan can be replaced with other heroes as mentioned above.
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Re: Superman Guide

Mon Apr 30, 2018 2:14 pm

It's a bit late since the Superman released.. but whatever. Anyway are you by any chance willing to do these kind of guide for every up-coming new heroes? Because it's extremely helpful if you could but I am not here to pressure you, if you don't want to then it's fine.
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