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Need help to make progress again

Wed Nov 22, 2017 1:39 am

So I've been in the lvl 100 endgame for quite awhile now, and I've gotten to the point where I have been stuck for months on the same two things. I've asked for advice before, but usually teams get suggested that involve a lot of heroes I don't have. So I finally bit the bullet and made a full list of everyone I have, (and I mean EVERYONE,) so I can hopefully get some advice from some of the gurus on here to beat the parts I've been stuck on using the heroes I actually have already.

My two hang ups right now are the Sky Tower, floor 4, haven't been able to beat any of the stages. The other is Chapter 17, stage 4b, (last unstarred stage before 5, I believe it's the first one that introduces the mini Xanos enemies, starts with them and catapults.

These two things have had me stuck for so long now, I've tried teams from youtube videos, and combo I can find and just can't get them done. So anyone who has done them and is willing to look through my list and give me some teams, preferably made of people I already have maxed or close to, would rather not have to start boosting someone who's way down there; and any strategies for the fight themselves. I like doing this stuff on my own but I've been stuck on these same places for so long that it's time for some serious outside help. Thank you in advance.

As far as the list goes, anyone without a level listed is obviously 100, if i list how many items they have then they're O+2, otherwise their fusion level is listed.

Nilya 7* Full Enchant
Serafine 7* Awakened Missing 3 items
Tholin 7* Awakened All items, not fully enchanted, Green pet, blue rune
Bloodspear 7* Full enchant
Garrick 7* Awakened, Full enchant
Xanos 7* No items/enchants
Kaneq 7* 1 item
Zem 7* Full enchant, Green pet
Taurus 7* Full enchant
Kong 7* 2 items
Ling Ling 7* Full enchant
Gizmo 7* O+1
Jasmine 6* All items, most enchant
Octo 6* All items, pretty much no enchant, Green pet
Gale 6* O+1
Flora 6* O+1
Cara 6* O+1
Arachna 5* Two items
Ethera 5* Full enchant
Tanya 5* 3 items
Li twins 5* 3 items
Malrath 5* Awakened, Full enchant
Sylphi 5* Awakened, Full enchant, Blue Rune, Green pet
Elric 5* O+1
Ariel 5* O+1
Dokras 5* O+1
Cyana 5* O+1
Tashi 5* P+3
Alana 4* No items
Osiris 4* All items no enchant
Vernos 4* Awakened, Full enchant, Blue rune, Green pet
Sumiko 4* O+1
Arcturus 4* O+1
Tareth 4* O+1
Musashi 4* P+3
Namtar 4* P+3
Mirielle 4* P+1
Goram 3* Awakened, Full enchant, Blue rune, Blue pet, Full academy
Orkon 3* Awakened, 2 items
Petros 3* Awakened, All items some enchant, Purple rune, Blue pet, some academy
Leah 3* O+1
Ezio 3* O+1 awakened
Morfir 3* O
Embrael 3* P+4
Prince of Persia 3* P+3
Nightshade 3* P+2
Mog 3* P+1
Aqua Lvl 99 7* P+4
Riley Lvl 99 6* 3 items
Killjoy Lvl 97 3* P+4
Alastair Lvl 96 3* O
Mirah Lvl 86 3* P
Rayman Lvl 84 3* P+3
Mortus Lvl 73 6* P+3
Dalton Lvl 73 3* P+3
Lars Lvl 67 3* P
Daphne Lvl 65 5* P
Firehawk Lvl 65 3* P+2
Lumos Lvl 59 4* P+1
Drago Lvl 58 6* P+1
Gus Lvl 58 4* P+1
Selene Lvl 58 3* P+1
Sagar Lvl 56 4* P+1
Ember Lvl 54 4* P
Shirley Lvl 51 4* P
Chrona Lvl 51 4* P
Valan Lvl 51 3* P
Boreas Lvl 50 3* P
Leon Lvl 49 6* P
Solomon Lvl 49 5* P
Mariana Lvl 49 4* P
Ulfang Lvl 49 4* P
Slim Lvl 49 3* P
Dr. Zeno Lvl 49 3* P
Hanzo Lvl 48 3* P
Volt Lvl 48 3* P
Esabel Lvl 45 3* B+2
Vincent Lvl 41 4* B+2
Dina Lvl 41 3* B+2
Boomer Lvl 40 5* B+2
Jasper Lvl 40 3* B+2
Crusher Lvl 39 3* B+2
Goblin Squad Lvl 39 3* B+2
Avior Lvl 38 3* B+2
Baltor Lvl 37 3* B+2
Radulf Lvl 34 3* B+1
Urestag Lvl 27 3* B+1
Magdor Lvl 27 3* B+1
Wraxius Lvl 24 3* B+1
Alice Lvl 24 3* B+1
Lucius Lvl 23 3* B+1
Torsen Lvl 13 3* B
Enrique Lvl 13 3* B
Vespix Lvl 1
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Re: Need help to make progress again

Wed Nov 22, 2017 7:23 pm

Ok I can't help with sky tower since I forgot my teams for Floor 4, but with chapter 17 i think i can. What got me through were Octo, Malrath and Sylphi. Those were essential for me to beat chapter 17 since their hp can stay high for the most part. I was alternating between Taurus, Sagar, Chrona, Garrick, Nylia, Lumos,Hurok, LingLing (Most of those were O1 and didnt have many enchants) to aid me. The Mini Xanos stages were always done by Malrath, Octo, sylphi, Lumos/Sagar and Taurus. To beat those stages I just wanted Malraths and Taurus ult ready for the last fight for high damage and stun, to 3* them however is a different story. I needed to keep Mini Xanos from burrowing underground and at the same time hope that Lumos 2nd ability is always linked in with the weakest link (Taurus O1). No ults from Lumos are needed except in the last fight and if your tank is in front of a Mini Xanos, granting stun and hopefully minimum damage taken from their burrow ability.It took me so many retries to get 3* on those stages. After a month of struggling, I (a VIP0), have beaten chapter 17. Freeze teams might do good here aswell. I do see that you are VIP tho. You have better heroes. I reccomend a lot of Crowd Control to surpass the stupid Mini Xanoses. Looking at your heroes I'd try a combination of my team and adding some powerful p2w heroes (Petros, Orkon etc.) Just remember that patience is key with a Mini Xanos (also CC and luck, LOTS of luck) Hope I helped even a bit. Kemosabe or some others might help you out better. Good luck friend
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Re: Need help to make progress again

Wed Nov 22, 2017 11:20 pm

Thanks for the advice, I figure kemosabe and some of those guys will weigh in too. I’m playing around a bit with some of your suggestions. One thing I noticed though, maybe someone can confirm for me, Petros seems bugged or something on this level. As soon as the level starts he just starts losing health, and is down to about 1/8 before everyone is even in place on the battlefield. I wonder if since he starts underground somehow the xanos ult hat does AOE damage when he digs is hurting him even though the Xanos is above ground. If so seems like a bug
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Re: Need help to make progress again

Thu Nov 23, 2017 1:24 am

Holy crap I finally beat 4b. Goram, Taurus, Sylphi, Ling Ling, Jasmine.

Update: uaed that same team to finish the rest of the chapter, then go back and 3 Star all the stages. They pretty much all took one or maybe two tries with that team.

Now I’m just back to needing help on Sky Tower

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