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Crucible of Fire - Can you be too strong???

Thu Aug 31, 2017 6:27 pm

I'm so frustrated!!! I am a level 96 and so are my characters. They are all Level Orange +1 and at least 6 stars and my rating is 43,671 for my main team. However, I can't seem to beat the COF very often. I generally make it to level 11 with my main team, but after that it is a battle of re-setting the battle and exchanging characters. I feel that my team is well rounded ZEM (Tank w/AOE and 1 star enchantment in all weapons) - TAURUS (AOE) - LUMOS (Def) - JASMINE (Healer w/ all weapons fully enchanted and abilities increased in the Academy) - GALE w/skin (SINGLE target.) All these characters have the ability to do some healing of either themselves or others. I also have 2 Awakened heroes ALANA and AQUA. ELRIC is just completing his quest to be awakened. Some of my other Level 96 characters with six stars and above are: Ariel (Orange +1) - Drago (Orange) - Flora (Orange) - Mortus ( Orange) - Leon ( Orange) -Kaneq (Orange) - Gizmo (Orange +1) - Ethera (Orange +1) - Octo (Orange +1) Riley (Orange) - Garrick (Orange) - Cara (Orange) - Xanos (Orange +2 but only 5 stars) - Hawk (Orange +1) - Bloodspear (Orange =1 but only 3 stars) - Ezio (Orange but only 3 stars). I don't hire characters because my own are so strong. When I re-set the battle I try to replace characters that have died with those of the type (Tank for Tank, AOE for AOE, etc.)

How do they decide who you battle in the COF? Is it based on your team in the arenas? I have read many tips and hints on the COF but I'm just not being successful. I see posts of how easy it is with the right team, but even when I play with that team I am not successful. Is there a certain success percentage I should expect to win? It seems like every time they update the game it gets harder to win COF.

I'm really not wanting to complain, I just would appreciate some honest feedback on my characters and to know what my expectations for winning the COF should be.

Thank you for taking the time to read and answer this post.
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Re: Crucible of Fire - Can you be too strong???

Thu Aug 31, 2017 6:42 pm

Someone said it's all hero ranking
Use healers
Leave battle before your heroes die
Get their energy lvl up early
Wait you don't have nilya and Sylphi?!
Cara zem Jasmine are very good heroes for cof

You awakened those heroes?! Please visit this^ site it will help you a lot. You use a lot of old heroes .... New heroes are stronger.
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Re: Crucible of Fire - Can you be too strong???

Fri Sep 01, 2017 3:37 am

Some general hints for CoF. Have at least 2-3 teams worth of usable characters, so he first few round with the weakest ones until hey have full ults. Then get your main team in, if you're about to lose a person make sure to quit out of the match and either retry for better RNG or swap them out until the battle goes better. If you start to get stuck towards the end, switch out a few people or a full team if need be to pop all the ults you built up earlier. For the last level I usually have Bloodspear and a team of AoE people to nuke them to death.
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Re: Crucible of Fire - Can you be too strong???

Fri Sep 01, 2017 6:49 am

I usually follow what Topher advises, mainly using the first two levels to charge the ults of heroes that I might need later. This always includes Jasmine in the first round and maybe serafine or Cara or Tareth for when I need to kill a front line hero. Second wave I start with my main team (maybe three slots) and add two more in the third round. Then, situationally, I will sub one out if not risky to charge another hero ult that is not on my main team. If I lose a main hero, I will always reset until around level 13 when I judge I have others that can help for the last couple of levels.

Also, do not forget that you can hire one hero for CoF. That may be the key to getting past a higher level that you are having difficulty with.
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Re: Crucible of Fire - Can you be too strong???

Fri Sep 01, 2017 9:23 am

Sarya Jasmine Sylphi aw Taurus Malrath or Goram aw
Jasmine Osiris Sylphi aw Taurus Malrath or Goram Aw
Sometimes I put Radulph in or Tsuki or Garrick. Pretty easy to do with them. Also you could use Xanos since some said its easy with him too. ( Im waiting for his card, no hard summon on him yet.)
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Re: Crucible of Fire - Can you be too strong???

Sat Sep 02, 2017 7:24 pm

Ling Jasmine Sylphi Taurus Zem works every single day for me. Rarely I have to switch out Zem. Every few weeks I have to use a second team to weaken the enemy first.
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Re: Crucible of Fire - Can you be too strong???

Fri Sep 08, 2017 10:16 pm

I can run through the entire COF in about 10 minutes flat from beginning to end with only these 5 characters. Any combination of these heroes for a team will work.
Front line:
Tashi, malrath, goram, Vulko

Middle line:
Taurus, nilya, sylphi, kong, Cara, Jasmine, Dokras

Back line:
Flora, goblin squad, radulph

Teams that have been very successful for me in the past as follows:
Tashi, Taurus, Nilya, flora, radulph
Malrath, Taurus, Nilya, Sylphi, radulph
Tashi, kong, Taurus, Nilya, radulph
Malrath, Tashi, nilya, Taurus, Jasmine
The list and combinations are almost endless from that selection of heroes that I have found to work best

My current team (which works the best for me so far) that I can run through all 15 fights in less than 10 minutes flat right now is this:
Malrath, vulko, Taurus, sylphi, Nilya
No healer even needed. This team owns COF every single day for me for months now
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Re: Crucible of Fire - Can you be too strong???

Thu Sep 14, 2017 12:08 am

I use allways same team in cof. And is so strong almost unbeatable
Zem taurus nilya tsuki flora

If tsuki dies,I put sarya,seraphine
Zem dies=killjoy,valan
Flora dies=rudolph,jasmine
Taurus rarely dies if he do=octo
Nilya dies=osiris,embrael

The system is easy,first let taurus give damage bonus all allyes then use ultimate attacks and heal team every time you can

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