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Team advice please on latest server

Wed Aug 02, 2017 8:17 pm

Hello all, I'm speedy VIP 7 on latest server...

Iv been playing 2 days lvl 40 - power lvling as alot of advice on here has stated best use of gem.

Iv read lots of you guides and kinda got a better understanding of strategy altho I could do with a few tips if anyone likes to offer there expertise it be very much appreciated.

My heros... So far...

Main team for everything :-

Gizmo 3* (keeper)
Garrick 2* (keeper)
Ezio 3*
Taurus 3*
Flora 2*

Rest are:-

Driller 3* - lumos 3* - drago 1* - valan 2* - blood spear 2* - Konrad 3* - Prince of Persia 3* - Vincent 3* - esabel 2* - arua 3* - Martina 2* - ulfang 2* - Leon 2* - ember 2* - Tanya 2* - sumiko 2* - Gus 2* - magdor 2* - boreaus 2*

I'm top 50 in arena but would like to know which ones I should be working on now and the ones I will need to find that are keepers till max lvl - I know I'm a while off but early progress will make things better long term... Same goes for healers - is there only 2 main ones in game?

Also what ss I should be trying to get from shops with pts.

Any tips you think will benefit me - iv checked guides and found alot of usefull info but more opinions never hurts.

Last thing I've joined a 2nd place guild to help with progression - best way to get pts is using stam and what else accumulates it quick - I read raids which needs ch7 unlocked? I'm on ch6 but struggling to get past the stages - my team above is 7.4k overall dmg

Thanks guys for any help you share ;)
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Re: Team advice please on latest server

Thu Aug 03, 2017 9:32 am

I will let you know a few things that I have learned over the last couple of months playing the game. I'v been playing for close to three months and I'm now at level 82. I'm far from an expert but....

To start, I would be selective on what heroes I dump time and resources into....so your already asking the right question. As a good guideline, I would look at each hero's profile on this website: http://soulhuntersdb.com

The site above gives different grades to every hero for each area of the game. With that said, there are only a handful of heroes that will excel in every part of the game. Moving forward, I would suggest focusing on leveling a strong top 5 (for Arena) while building up another 10 heroes (for Epic Arena which is like arena but its 3 battles...so you will need 15 heros total). The 15 heroes should allow you to do fine in Raids, Hall of Legends, and Crucible of Fire, and mining.

Make sure you are logging in every day and doing all of the daily quest to continue leveling. Additionally, if possible, mine as much as possible each day. For me, I mine for 10 hours in the early morning, 3 hours after that, and another 10 hours to end the day.

For the Crucible of Fire, if a battle is not going your way, you can exit the battle without any penalty. I wish I knew this when I was at your level...you just have to leave the battle before all of your heroes are dead. Furthermore, if you are going to spend more money....try to get to VIP 10. You can do the Crucible of Fire two times a day if you get to VIP 10....and you have the option to sweep the second time through. You won't get dragon scales for your second play through but the gold and items are worth trying to get to VIP 10 in my opinion. On a side note, wait until there is a double purchase event to purchase more diamonds. Don't buy the diamonds during a gold chest event or a item event...you can always get gold and items...but usually the double purchase events get you soul stones of great heroes.

On that note, I would be very selective with how I spend my diamonds...I wouldn't spend diamonds on items or soul stones. I spent a lot of my diamonds on chest but I kind of wish I didn't. Now, I only use my diamonds for buying stamina; I would buy more stamina everyday until it cost 200 diamonds to reset. I think you can do 2 purchases @ 50, and 4 @ 100...but I am not positive. Save the rest of your diamonds for special events.

For the guild, if you are in the second best guild you should be fine. It is beneficial to be in a top ranked and active guild so if for some reason your guild becomes inactive I wouldn't hesitate to join a different more active guild.

Now for your specific questions:

For your heroes to use your word...here are the keepers IMO...but again..I'm no expert.

Gizmo 3* (keeper) * Garrick 2* (keeper) I have both of these heroes but don't currently use them...with that said I know they are pretty good and probably better at higher levels then my current level

Ezio 3*
Taurus 3*
lumos 3*
blood spear 2*
Prince of Persia 3*

Flora and Jasmine are the two main healers....Radulf does some healing. I used to be worried about healers but...while I love my 5* Jasmine her main use comes in the Crucible of Fire...I don't ever use her in raids, arena, or HOL....you can always hire a Jasmine for the Crucible of Fire.

For the shops, I feel like the most useful soul stones are found in the Crucible Supply Wagon..there you will find Zem, Taurus, Kong, LingLing.

For the legendary shop (i.e. hall of legends)...I only use them to buy Malrath stones...you will find Gizmo there too if you decide to keep leveling him.

A general tip for shops: Buy every item that you can buy for gold...even if you do not need the item you can use it later for enchanting items.

To help your guild, just do the raids each day (when you get to that level) and make sure to turn in your co-op points when you help others in the mystic ruins. Additionally, do not do your own mystic ruins...if your guild is active, you should have no problem getting three people to complete your mystic ruins for you...if others do your mystic ruins it will turn into more Guild Points for your guild.

Finally, my last tip is to not be in a rush. You got to level 40 in two days but I've been a disciplined player for almost 3 months and I am only at level 82. Right now, with a half of a day's worth of mining and some gold...I can level up 15 of my spare heroes to level 40 if I wanted. The real grind starts around level 80 but your progress will still start to slow now around 60-65. Be selective with how you use your resources...again check that website before you decide to level up a hero...you can always power level a hero later on with your saved up resources. In short, save save save.....gather items through shops and the crucible and save enchanting dust. I know it can be tempting to raise your hero's rating by enchanting their items but I would try to wait until ATLEAST purple 3 or 4 if you want to start enchanting items to full enchantment. Otherwise, you are going to use your dust, items, and gold to enchant items that you will only use for 2 or 3 days max before it will be time to fuse your hero again.

Good luck!
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Re: Team advice please on latest server

Thu Aug 03, 2017 6:55 pm

Thanks for the advice Tonzogunz...
I found that website earlyier it does seem best one by far - also trying a few guide apps out but I prefare the above for quick checks.

I have just got zen, Cara, Kong 2*, boomer 1* but also Sagar 3* which I think he is a decent find.

Il change my team about and work on the guys you mentioned zem is a great tank. Il also do as you said about hiring a healer when needed.

VIP lvl I do entend increasing asap just waiting on a decent event so I can get a few decent heros or ss that is handy.

I'm lvl 43 now and will keep going till 55 then slow down a bit - still not got past ch 6 yet but in time I will.

Enchanting - I have done that before as it is a nice boost but I'll bite my time now as like you said it's not worth it till later on to maximize resources.

Got mine now so will try what you said plus I'm on a fair bit so be able to maximize useage...

Thanks again for the insight it has given me a lot to think about ;)
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Re: Team advice please on latest server

Sun Aug 06, 2017 11:54 am

There is a soul Hunters Tier list spreadsheet on Google drive, I will Post the link later on, this one gives you a good reference about how good what hero is
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Re: Team advice please on latest server

Sat Aug 19, 2017 7:27 am

I'm rollin with 3* Gale, 3* Jasmine, 3* ezio, 3* Taurus, 3* Elric lvl 41. Planning on keeping Gale and Jasmine all the way thru. I've heard Elric is good keep around for awhile. Curious bout Taurus...is he gonna be worth it?? Ezio also...im not exactly feeling like he gonna be great.
I have 1* Drago (which I'm just starting lvl up) read that he's awesome tank
Then my 2* Boreas, Tanya, magdor, Leon, Mortus, marina, flora, ember.
Then 3* lumos, Vincent, kaneq
So, does anybody got couple opinions on my team set up???
Planning keeping Gale and Jasmine, adding Drago when I get him up to par. Not sure who last 2 members should be? Bending kinda thinking maybe lumos and kaneq. And what about Leon?? Seems like he could be good character. Don't want to spend ton of time lvl'n a dud character.
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Re: Team advice please on latest server

Fri Apr 26, 2019 6:15 am

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Re: Team advice please on latest server

Fri May 17, 2019 8:32 am

Been playing a couple years and honestly i wouldn't level hardly any of those characters. Garrick- yes for Hall of legends/Raid Damage...Ezio -Yes for firehawk Prophecy pool. I would not recommend leveling any of your other three mains any further though honestly (Taurus is squishy and not very good in most situations, Gizmo is extremely old and not very good either. maybe flora for Crucible of fire though but there are better support heroes for sure. for your others you're considering - maybe Sumiko for Arena...maybe Driller but prob not (at this point he's old and easily beaten/ ineffective in most situations) Maybe Vincent but also prob not for same reason. I'd recommend fishing out a little dough for a few of the 10 dollar heroes (Ursula, Brutox, Quacky are among the best right meow) maybe Drelduth and Dalthu. If there is one thing i've learned with this game is Old heroes = not very good (with exceptions occasionally) New heroes = Good (Also with occasional exceptions) Trust me the last thing you want to do is level bad heroes. it's a supreme waste of time/money in the end. Hope this helps
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Re: Team advice please on latest server

Tue Aug 20, 2019 8:35 pm

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