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New player looking for help :)

Posted: Tue Mar 07, 2017 9:16 am
by Purple
I started playing the game few days ago and I got to the part where I am stuck in the Campaign and can't win a single Arena. I am looking for advice how to build my party of heroes. Here is a list of the heroes I own:

- Malrath [3★, Blue +1];
- Ezio [3★, Blue];
- Leon [2★, Blue +1];
- Elric [2★, Blue];
- Vincent [2★, Blue];
- Zem [2★, Blue];
- Drago [1★, Green].

- Ember [2★, Blue +1];
- Nilya [3★, Blue +1];
- Cara [2★, Blue];
- Taurus [2★, Blue];
- Mortus [2★, Blue].

- Gale [2★, Blue];
- Flora [2★, Blue];
- Mariana [2★, Blue];
- Boomer [1★, Green].

I tried some combinations but obviously they don't work. Thanks in a advance for the answers :)

Re: New player looking for help :)

Posted: Tue Mar 07, 2017 9:37 am
by FakeLikeFaker
Read ... rom_shops/

That should give you insight on how to spend your currencies. Just a heads up, you'll need around 20 heros for varies part of the game when you reach level 100, current max level.

I would recommend the following heros,

Malrath - Good in CoF, and some teams in Arena/Epic Arena
Ezio - His SS will never be free, just a heads up. Don't invest too much on him if you can't afford 7*
Zem - top tier hero
Nilya - new hero but looks promising
Cara - good Arena hero
Taurus - top tier hero
Flora - ultimately replaced by Jasmine. I'd say a 5* Jasmine is probably all you need. Use Flora in the meantime, since a healer comes really handy in the CoF (where you'll get lots of coin, and farm some of the best heros available). I know Li Twins SS (Soul Stones) was just released, but I think Jasmine would help newer players more. Hero-wise, the Li Twins is probably better than Jasmine but, from a healer standpoint, Jasmine is probably better.

Don't worry too much about Campaign and Arena in the first 2 weeks, you'll get the W eventually.

Re: New player looking for help :)

Posted: Tue Mar 07, 2017 9:44 am
by Ivanrgs
I actually suggest to invest in Ezio till about level 65-70, but not more. Even 3* he can get very high in arena and if used correctly very good in early campaign.
He can save self by timely ult - this is valuable there.

Till those levels there are still a lot of new people and many not decided to pay or not to pay. So Ezio great against trashy heroes newbies like to use.

Re: New player looking for help :)

Posted: Tue Mar 07, 2017 3:59 pm
by Gremlin
I can tell you some empirical rules: if your enemy's party based on Magic Attacks, then you can strike them with brute physical force. If most of your enemies are Phys.based, then you better deal Magic damage. If you enemy have an number of tanks( for example is 3), try use the same number of tanks or a BIT less(2-3 tanks ).Dont send 1 tank against 3! When your level grow to a purples cards, see at synergy effects. At your level you can use almost any of your heroes( expect Leon, Drago). But at future... well, FakelikeFaker and Ivanrgs tell you all things completely right)))