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Yes! another help request! but i'm desperate!!!! :-)

Sat Sep 17, 2016 6:46 pm

Hi everybody here i am:

I cannot win COF and i cannot rank better than 120ish in arena but think i've got one of the best team in my server....
i lack in tactics
any help?

level 48 party
- Ezio 5* blue +2 capped abilities lev 48
- Elric 3* blue + 2 capped abilities lev 48
- Flora 3* blue+2 capped abilities lev 48
- Gale 3* blue+2 capped abilities lev 48
- Gizmo 3* blue+2 capped abilities lev 48
- Vincent 3* blue+2 capped abilities lev 48
- Drago 3* blu+2 lev 48
- Dokras 2* purple capped abilities lev 48
- Osiris 2* blue +2 lev 48
- Mortus 2* blue +2 lev 48
- Leon 2* blue +2 lev 48
- Arachna 2* blue +2 lev 48
- Ethera 3* blue +2 lev 38
- Ember 3* blue +2 lev 38
- Octo 3* blue +22 lev 38

Others (all level 1):

- Musashi
- Ariel
- Thorsen
- Enrique
- Selene
- Aqua
- Lucius
- Sumiko
- Esabel
- Cara
- Lumos
- Boomer

how can i mix them?
which ones i need to focus on? (think i can handle 15 of them max powered)

tahnk you guys for your time!!!!!
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Re: Yes! another help request! but i'm desperate!!!! :-)

Sat Sep 17, 2016 7:14 pm

For CoF: Nukes and Tanks.

By the 6th/7th stage I usually have Killjoy/Leon full for defense, cara/slim/gale/selene/arac/dork/ethera/alana/mara/sera/osiris/mort/tareth/ariel/tanya full for nuking, and finally flora and jazz for healing.

Jazz can cancel most alts, but eth/mort/cara. She's a must when you server starts getting Sera/Gale.
Ethera can stop mort, if you have another phys dps, you freeze him at the front line.
Save killjoy, dork, or a sacrifice tank VS Cara.
For Eth/Ezio, keep sera + either dork/osrisi/ariel charged.

Vs non arac teams, you can use AoE and Ethera to leave weak damage /high hp tanks alone, like draco/leon/torsen/elric, to pretty much get full health. Also, you know you can start over if you screw up?
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Re: Yes! another help request! but i'm desperate!!!! :-)

Sun Sep 18, 2016 5:49 pm

One thing that should help is to drop Ember for Cara. You're still early in the game and I bet you'll get the hang of it more as you play more. Don't forget that in CoF you can press the menu button and leave the battle without consequence if you're having a bad round. Sometimes you just have bad luck or bad timing, and it helps to just try again.
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Re: Yes! another help request! but i'm desperate!!!! :-)

Mon Sep 19, 2016 12:17 am

Ezio, cara, Arial, arac, and Dorkas are you best bet for arena. Gizmo is also very powerful. Avoid tanks and healers for arena imho. Vincent is maybe the exception.

CoF - I had a great deal of success using Xanos, Jasmine, Cara, Dorkas and Gale. Bunch of AoE power, heal from Jasmine and Cara to take out the opposing Cara or Ezio if they are still alive. As a second team use Ezio, a tank, flora and Serafine and Garrick or another damage.

I would avoid Alana, Mariana, Sumiko, Ember, Boomer, and Esabel. They all get weak quick.

Try to get Tholin, Garrick, Leah, Riley, Wraxius, and Tanya too.

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