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VIP 10 but no CoF reset.

Fri May 03, 2019 12:53 am

Hi guys - I have sent this to Customer Support, but not got any reply yet, so I’m wondering if anyone here can help.

Basically, I buy bits and pieces here and there and it has added up to VIP level 10, which I figured is cool, because now I get CoF twice. Woo Hoo!

Except I don’t. Two days now since purchase, reset remains greyed out for second attempt. No sweep button, no reset.

Now, as I said, I didn’t aim to be VIP 10, it just happened, but it still seems to me to be pretty darned poor that you offer something, write it up to tempt people, and then totally fail to come through on it.

I believe there is a trades description act that covers this? Like yoy’re Not allowed to advertise something you’re not actually providing. I’m going to assume your legal department already told you that, so - what gives?

And yes, I’m running in normal mode, I checked that bit.

While I’m here, if you want people to see VIP as a benefit, allowing more purchases or resets without having them at the same price, for example more stamina buys at the 50 diamonds level instead of at the top price, tends to encourage buying in. It has to have a real benefit or people won’t actually bother, like I didn’t.

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