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Lucius' equipments are magically based, however, no abilities of his whatsoever use magic attack, so pretty much most of his equipments add no value to the hero, making him one of the most if not the most useless heroes in the game, and when compared to the other heroes that have summoning abilities, he is among the worst, since his summoning skill is his ultimate skill, while compared to other summoning heroes, such as Kong whose alt deals tonnes of damage and summons a unit.
Due to that I propose the following changes to this hero
Change his green skill to make his basic attack into a magical attack, something similar to what the undead wizards cast in PVE (green projectile) this not only makes his equipment actually useful, but also gives him the chance to receive more energy through killing other units

Change his purple skill to increase energy efficiency, so he can cast his ult more often.

I do not think what I suggest is Op for this hero with the current situation of the game, and I just proposed an idea that you can change, since currently there is no point in using him.

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