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Tie the daily free forge to new day transition

Wed Dec 19, 2018 7:12 am

Please change the Forge so that the one free forging refreshes on the new day transition, and not on a 22-hour sliding window.

The once-a-day free forging is a very helpful thing, because it allows anyone to - very slowly - upgrade their units all the way to +200 without resorting to gems. It also adds the much needed experience gain to the forge, especially at higher forging tiers. Big thumbs up to Lilith for offering this feature.

I'd like to suggest a way to streamline this a bit. You see, the free forging does not reset on a new day transition, it resets 22:00 after using the previous free one. This has the unfortunate side-effect that if I my daily routine gets delayed by more than 2 hours (or I forget), on next day I will not be able to do the daily routine in one go because of that 22-hour cooldown timer. And then it's possible that i forget about the timer and let it lapse all the way to the evening (or worse). At that point I can forfeit it, or play the stupid game of setting an alarm on my phone every day to try to slide it back to the usual hours.

I'd normally do the former, but now that forging is part of the daily tasks, that carries a penalty. I guess I could do one lowest-tier forging using some gold, it's no big deal... This thread is more about preserving the consistency of the daily routine.

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