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Adding more pet food in HOL shop

Sat Jun 16, 2018 5:44 am

So you all recently keep adding heroes in the gladiator shop WHEN ITS ALL FULL OF PET ITEMS AND FOOD. it takes so many resets to get the heroes you want. I miss the old champions corner. That shop should be like the champions corner.

What you should do is take the food out of that shop and all shops have 6 tiers. (12 options total) and the HOL shop only has 5 (10 total) and you can only get candied chestnuts there. You should add an extra slot to make it equal to all the other shops and make the last tier for pet items and pet food. Make it random as well. (Like how the ss are).

Since you guys give us less gladiator coins than the epic arena (40 to 29) i'm not spending 2 hours worth of coins for a reset! This will fix both issues. And will allow us to get other food besides chestnuts
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