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Heroes Interaction

Fri May 25, 2018 12:07 pm

When awakening a heroes, they are suppose to bring in some kind of addition abiliy or effect which could really help themselves and not other heroes to really shine on the battle field. What I mean by that is Heroes such as Kong, Sylphi, Lumos, and Hurok should get a new awakening skills because by now their awakening skill is not very useful for them or to any other heroes if they don't meet the require. Rather than having to add more of these "awakening skill" to some other heroes, I think it would be a lot better if it were to be an interaction between the heroes.

Example Given: Lumos awakening skill "Land of Light" can only be put to use IF you are willingly to have at least one other "light hero" such as Leon or Jasmine (Solomon or Mariaan) on the battle field. Noticed that they are all support and by now I'm sure none of you guy don't want to do that and I agree, it's a waste of an awakening for Lumos and the benefit is not a lot (increase in magic atk.)
Solution: "Land of Light" will be put to use whenever you have certain light heroes (2 or more) on the battle field. Lumos is not needed. Other awakening such as "Spear Expert" and "Underworld Prophet" will be the same.

Other interaction skills bteween heroes that I can come up with are:
Golbin's Family: Increase Health Bonus. (Boomer and the Golbin Squad)
The Wise one: Increase Atk. (Sumiko and Musashi)
The Frozen waste: Increase Magic Atk. (Nilya, Arcturus, Boreas, Galcia, Gremor and Kaneq)
Blood Thrist: Increase Atk speed. (Orkon, Malthra, and Vincent)
Noble Steed: Increase Health Bonus. (Esabel, Tareth, Mariana, and Soren)
The Death Caller: Increase Magic Atk. (Sylphi, Avior, Havoc, Hurko, Mortus, Lucius, Zem, Adline and Soren)
The Cure of the Sand: Increase Magic Pierce. (Osiris, Tut, and Xanos)
Nature Protecter: Increase Magic Armor. (Flora, Vernos, Bella, Crusher, Dokras, Ariel and Gale)
The Moon prayer: Increase Energy Bonus. (Tsuki, Sarya, and Selene)
Other Dimensions begin: Increase Atk Pierce. (Chorna, Ethera, Hurok, Goram, Dr. Zeno, and Mazir)

+ 2 or more heroes is needed.
+ Heroes can benefit with more than one interaction
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