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Hero "trade", and combo attacks.

Fri Apr 13, 2018 6:42 am

Hello lilith and hunters!

I have 2 ideas about new game features. Please let me know what you think!

"Trade". There would be a new tab in the Heroes window. Unwanted heroes can be "traded" to receive "Rainbow Soulstones". Rainbow Soulstones can then be used to buy other heroes' soulstones. The amount of Rainbow Soulstones received would be based on the hero's stars and level. 1 Rainbow Soulstone for every 5 levels, and 5 Rainbow Soulstones for every star. Example; trade a 3 star, level 20 hero, you would receive 19 Rainbow Soulstones. Then those Rainbow Soulstones can be used to purchase the regular soulstones of the hero the player wants. Or.. if this would be to difficult/confusing to add, instead of Soulstones, unwanted heroes can be traded for diamonds?

"Combo Attacks". If certain heroes are together during a battle, they can perform a "Special Ultimate". All heroes that can perform a combo must be alive and full energy. "Long tap" a combo hero to activate the Special Ultimate. Example; if Hanzo and Tanya are together, both alive and both have full energy, "long tap" either hero to activate their Special Ultimate. This can be done with other "combo heroes"; Li Twins and Tsuki. Aqua, Boreas and Volt for an elemental ultimate. Flora, Gale, Selene and Ariel. Sumiko and Musashi. Any combination of heroes that make sense.

If these would make a good addition to the game, or anyone has any ideas to add, please do. If enough players agree, lilith would add in the future.

Thank you for great game lilith!

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