Which of heroes descripted by me you like?

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I dont like any of them. (Why?((( May you write, please?)
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[Hero Suggestion] Gelmut.

Thu Jan 26, 2017 1:20 pm

And this is third and final hero...
Bewitched Knight.
This man is completely covered by heavy steel armour, he look like big walking armour! Gelmut's armour is something like German Knight's shell in Middle-Age.
He wear also helmet(without any hornes), and his face always covered by visor.Like many knights, Gelmut have a shield, triangle shape. This character main color is steel-metallic gray. He dont wear any cloaks.
Gelmut was cursed by witch. And now he is in some type of... coma... or lethargy... He is not dead, but not alive. Dont speak, dont eat, dont take off his armour...
Front line. Gelmut have very,VERY high Physical Defense and Magic Defense, but comparatively weak in both Attacks (low reflexes) and have low speed. Basic attack - with sword, dealing Physical Damage single enemy.
Ultimate: Cursed Àrmour.
Summons protective field that negates all attacks for 5 sec.( Like Alana). Also greatly rise his both Defense for 8 sec.
Green:Cursed Sword.
Deal a Magic Damage. Single enemy.
Blue: Cursed Shield.
Sometimes good reducing enemy attack targeted in Gelmut.
Purple: Defender.
Decently rising allies Phys. Def. and Magic Def.
Awakening: Protector.
When used Cursed Armour, all enemies will targeting at Gelmut. If he died, his body releases power of curse and deal great Magic Damage on single nearest enemy. If he survives, he restore some health points for himself.
That is all what i want to say. Did you like this characters?( you may see Artz and Jade and compare them in here). You may writing your replyes, i will be very glad to read them.))) Thank you for your reading!

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