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[Hero Suggestion] Jade. Hengli, please, say your opinion...

Wed Jan 25, 2017 11:20 am

In other theme you have seen the Artz, bacteriologist (his powers causes a lot of criticism, because you say he is too strong...), and there i have introduction my other hero...
Brave Mercenary.
She is a short-haired(with man's haircut) woman with serious, hard but pleasant face. Her hair is black. Jade wearing desert army uniform( 20 century), armor vest, and helmet( like American or Soviet). Her weapon is brass knuckles, shotgun( like "Jackhammer"), and sniper rifle. Jade is quite skilling in martial arts, and have a brave nature.
Front line. Jade have a good Phys.At., Phys. Def.,Magic Def. but dont have Magic attack.Have a good amount of health. Basic attack - Jade strikes with judo on enemy, deal Phys. Dmg.
Ultimate: Headshot.
Jade fires with her sniper rifle in single enemy, dealing great Phys.Dmg with high accuracy.(This ability partially neutralizes enemy's ability to dodge).This attack also have high rate of Critical. Jade targets the enemy with highest HP.
Green: Art of Battle.
Jade conducting an attack with 4 time judo strikes in row, with high Critical.
Blue: Wide Range.
Firing from shotgun and deal high Phys. Dmg. on group of enemies in front of her.
Purple: Willpower.
Focusing her spirit on duty, she gained decent amount of HP.
Awakening. Rage of War.
Its greatly improved her other abilities and speed of attack.

That's all about Jade. Did you like this character? Thank you for your reading)))

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