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[Hero Suggestion] Djinn Brethren

Posted: Thu Nov 03, 2016 12:08 am
by Forsaken
I think it would be awesome if four heroes from the Djinn race were introduced.
These four heroes could be introduced as "Hall of Legend" bosses and obtainable heroes down the line.
Matching the Djinn description while having unique abilities and play-styles, Each with a title " Eastern, Western, Northern, or Southern Djinn"
Though they may seem cosmetically similar Ive tried to aim them away from each other in ways that should deter players from using all four genies on one team.
I focused on the air/wind element for the first Djinn "Qiju" but his siblings could each focus on one of the other three basic elements (Earth, Fire, or Water) to use while in combat.
(Much like the avatar series!) :excited
The Western Djinn


Found this guy on google, Its exactly what I hope this hero could look like.

A tiny bottle resembling an EXP salve could be carried out by a Goblin Trader before polished with a cloth.
As Qiju starts to emerge.. The Goblin Trader becomes startled then quickly leaves the battlefield.
The bottle could bounce or roll towards the front-line before Qiju fully emerges.

ULTIMATE: (Typhoon)
Qiju engulfs the battlefield in swirling winds.
Enemy units are disrupted and take light damage during this effect.
Friendly units become Wind Swept, Increasing movement and attack speed for a moderate time during and after this ultimate ends.

GREEN: (Impede)
Passive: At the start of battle Qiju creates a vacuum of swirling wind around himself, redirecting all ranged attacks towards him.
Additionally, Qiju takes reduced damage from melee attacks by (X)%, increasing as you level this ability.
While taking increased damage from ranged attacks by (X)%, reducing as you level this ability.

BLUE: (Updraft)
Passive: Every 4th basic attack causes Qiju's next auto-attack to become Empowered.
Empowered attacks will target random enemies dealing increased damage while also lifting and holding units in the air for a short duration.

PURPLE: (Thunder Clap)
Qiju claps his hands together projecting a delayed ultrasonic wave down the battlefield.
The ultrasonic wave reduces the attack speed of enemy units over an extending period of time.

AWAKENING: (Cascading winds)
Every time Qiju activates Updraft his attack speed is permanently increased.

I was aiming for a physical tank that once awakened was overpowered in the sense of control not damage.
Specializing in countering ranged heroes while also being somewhat handy against melee types.
This could be balanced by having a large weakness to magic damage as many magic typed heroes use ranged abilities but don't not take the form of a projectile.
Qiju cant manipulate magic and will be unable to Impede magic from striking your teammates.

I imagine his ultimate Typhoon being an ability that doesn't disrupt your team but causes the enemy team to be disrupted and unable to fight during its effect.
While also boosting your team's movement and attack speed for lengthy amount of time this ability would create a moment of vulnerability that could tip the scales.

The ability Impede is what makes Qiju a unique tank.
Allowing him to redirected any type of ranged attack towards himself during the fight while also taking increased damage from said ranged attacks combined with a reduction to melee attacks.
To explain this, Qiju's wind vacuum creates random drafts around him. As melee heroes swing, the air wrapped around him pulls and/or pushes the strike causing reduced damage, projectiles/ranged attacks will increase in velocity and be dragged towards Qiju causing more damage done.

The ability Updraft is his way of continuously disrupting the battlefield.
Creating updrafts under enemy units, this ability can be enhanced by awakening this hero.

The ability Thunder Clap could deal no damage but create a climbing debuff that starts (for example) at 1% and over 12 seconds the debuff climbs to a 10% reduction to attack speed before ending. Once awakened as Qiju's attack speed is increased thunder clap would start to overlap itself, resetting the time but maintaining the debuff's percentage.

His awakened ability Cascading winds is simple yet it refines his Updraft and Thunder Clap abilities while also giving him a rapidly climbing auto attack.
If left on the battlefield long enough Qiju can create a lasting debuff and constant updrafts.
Combining this ability with his ultimate would make a frustrating combo to get around in any type of battle.
The Southern Djinn


Not sure what this is from but it works with my idea.

Ikuja could be a small child-like Djinn having a clear resemblance to her genie brethren but unlike her older brother Qiju this Djinn isn't bound to a vessel, allowing her the freedom to walk among mortals.
Ikuja would be the youngest and weakest Djinn yet having a unique ability that can only be described as Animation or Golemancy.
She could uses this power to breath life into stone, Creating crud and child-like earth minions that will defend and attack for her.

ULTIMATE: (Teddy!)
At the start of battle Ikuja creates a large golem resembling a teddy bear.
Taking damage for Ikuja, This golem will share her stats and will have an increased amount of health.
Only when teddy is destroyed can Ikuja recreate him using her energy.

GREEN: (Kitty!)
Ikuja raises her arms upwards, commanding teddy to stomp, Shattering the ground and calling two rock golems to appear.
These rock golems take the form of large cats and will stay and fight until destroyed.

BLUE: (Bunny!)
Ikuja claps her hands repeatedly, commanding teddy to stomp, Shattering the ground and causing small rock golems to appear from the earth.
These golems take the form of small rabbits and quickly dash forward dealing damage to enemy units on the field before returning to the earth.

PURPLE: (Froggy!)
Ikuja points her finger forward, commanding teddy to stomp, Shattering the ground and constructing a large rock golem from the earth.
This golem takes the form of a large toad, First jumping towards the front lane damaging enemy units in range then swallowing the closest target dealing damage and stunning over a short period of time before returning to the earth.

AWAKENING: (Shock And Awe)
When teddy isn't on the battlefield Ikuja throws a temper tantrum, Causing devastating effects to the battlefield.

This Djinn is a child-like creature that dose not grasp concepts like violence or war.
When in battle she could sit on her teddy-bear's shoulder and act as if she is only trying to play with the enemy team.
To balance this hero i think her health and defenses could be extremely low.
Teddy could have more health and defenses as he is the one fighting and taking damage for Ikuja.
These two things combine could create a unique hero that can deal-and-take large amounts of damage as long as she has her teddy bear on the battlefield.
While teddy is not on the filed, Ikuja is vulnerable and will be unable to defend herself until she uses her ultimate to recreate her teddy.
Ikuja has to take damage in order to gain energy while teddy is not on the field, as she personally dose not have an auto-attack.
Making this a risky hero to use while also having the potential to go far.

Teddy's auto-attack would adjust to his positioning on the battlefield.
Normally his basic attack would be a ranged rock toss but if enemies come in melee range teddy will switch to a melee styled basic attack, Dealing damage to all units in a short AOE radius by stomping his feet.

Her ultimate Teddy! is what gives this hero the ability to battle, Having high defense and strength imbued by Ikuja.
This ability will activate at the start of any battle and will last until destroyed.
Once destroyed Ikuja will be left open to attacks and will not be able to last very long with out her teddy bear.
The more energy she has when activating her ultimate will increase the speed her teddy is recreated, At 100% energy the teddy bear is recreated instantly.

The ability Kitty! is like Tholin and Dokras, Summoning two large stone-carved cats that will stay and fight by Ikuja's side until destroyed
This ability requires Teddy to activate.

The ability Bunny! would spawn tiny rabbit-like stone creatures that dash down the battlefield causing damage to multiple enemies.
This ability requires Teddy to activate.

The ability Froggy! would spawn a large rock-toad that deals AOE damage then grabs the closest target and holds them for a short time dealing damage during this hold.
This ability requires Teddy to activate.

Her awakening Shock And Awe could create seismic waves across the battlefield devastating everything around her.
With teddy destroyed Ikuja is sent into a raging temper tantrum causing mountains to rise and fall as she waves her arms.
This will cause random disruptions to friendly heroes and damage to enemy units.
This ability would help her regain energy faster at the cost of annoying your own teammates by randomly interrupting casting and pushing short distances.

Over-all i imagine this hero wouldn't be the wisest choice to put in your "main team" but could be a great substitute when things just wont go down the normal way.
The Eastern Djinn


Exactly what I hope this hero could look like!

This Djinn could be the oldest and wisest among the brethren.
Bound to a jewel mounted on a ancient staff, Thagraqen would never allow another to have any control over his actions.
Therefore he wields his eternal prison as his own weapon.

ULTIMATE: (Ignite)
Thagraqen gently taps his staff on the ground.. Quickly engulfing the entire battlefield in flames.
Enemy units take damage-over-time for a short duration.
Friendly units become "Cleansed" removing all negative effects.

GREEN: (Smolder)
Thagraqen takes a deep breath, before exhaling a smoldering cloud of smoke down the battlefield.
Enemies become blinded and take damage-over-time for a short duration.

BLUE: (Brand)
Thagraqen sears a dark rune onto a enemy unit, reducing one major stat by (X)% and dealing damage-over-time for a short duration.

PURPLE: (Cauterize)
Passive Aura: (X)% reduction to the duration of damage-over-time effects on friendly units.

AWAKENING: (Condemn)
By tapping into forbidden magic, Thagraqen's entire body becomes engulfed in black flames.
Legends say the cursed flames continue burning for seven days and seven nights, unable to be extinguished.

I was aiming for a basic mage-type that supported his team in a unique way.
Once awakened, his damage-over-time abilities become infinite, giving him a large boost in damage while also changing his appearance to a Black Djinn, The strongest type according to myth.

The ability Ignite could deal heavy damage-over-time and take any debuff off your teammates.
Once awakened this ability could deal devastating damage by never ending, hopefully creating slow but sustained damage-over-time.

The ability Smolder could reduce accuracy and once awakened left a never ending damage-over-time effect that stacked with his other abilities.

The ability Brand could deal damage-over-time and reduce one major stat depending on the type of hero marked.
Once awakened the debuff would never expire and over time would be applied to every enemy unit on the battlefield.

The ability Cauterize could be his supportive ability, reducing the time DOT-effects last on friendly units.

His awakening Condemn could effect his entire play-style, gaining infinite flames that never expire.

Over all this guy could easy be the definition of "over powered" however his damage could be geared to "slow but sustained" not "burn everything to the ground".
The Northern Djinn


Closest thing i could find to what i imagine this hero could look like.

Hailing from unknown lands hidden in ice and snow, Somriri is the more elusive sister of the Djinn brethren.
She is well known throughout the north but few have ever caught a glimpse of this mystic creature.
With a mastery of shape-shifting combined with dominion over water, ice, and snow this Djinn is not the type to fight fair.
To this day, the location of her vessel is unknown yet Somriri seems to be under direct orders..

ULTIMATE: (Thrashing Winter)
Once activated, Somriri transforms into a icy polar-bear increasing physical armor by (X)% for the duration of this effect.
Once transformed Somriri lets out a mighty roar, Forcing all enemy units to attack her for a short duration.
Somriri basic-attack becomes a AOE swipe attack, damaging enemies in a short range.
(Frozen replicas left in this form deal 50% more damage when shattering.)

GREEN: (Flowing Ice)
Every 12 seconds or when Somriri takes (X) magic-damage, dashes to a random enemy on the battlefield leaving shimmering replicas frozen in ice.
Somriri will attack from her new position until flowing ice activates again.
Each replica left behind can only be targeted by AOE-type attacks.
With only 1HP the replicas will shatter, Dealing (X) damage to surrounding enemies in a small AOE radius.

BLUE: (Rushing Water)
Somriri gains (X)% movement speed and (X)% attack speed for every frozen-replica on the battlefield.

PURPLE: (Hidden Mist)
When entering the battlefield Somriri transforms into a icy three-tailed fox.
Dodge rating increased by (X) while in fox-form.
(Frozen replicas left in this form deal 25% more damage when shattering.)

AWAKENING: (Dancing Snow)
When Somriri falls below 30% HP she transforms into a icy rabbit activating Flowing Ice every 6 seconds.
Somriri gains (X)% dodge, movement, and attack speed while in rabbit-form.
(Frozen replicas left in this form deal 50% less damage when shattering.)

I was aiming for a assassin-type hero that excelled in movement and attack speed, while also having the ability to jump from target to target.
To balance this annoying hero, maybe reduce defensive stats making this hero to rely solely on dodge to survive.

The ability Thrashing Winter is a off-tank transformation that will take damage for the entire team for a short time before returning to Djinn, Fox, or Rabbit-form.
The polar-bear could have a large frozen solid appearance and leave replicas that do more damage.

The ability Flowing Ice would be this hero's main ability, Jumping from target to target dealing quick single-target damage while leaving replicas that deal burst damage when shattered.
This could deal single-target damage and a unique AOE-type fashion.

The ability Rushing Water is a away to buff this hero depending on current performance.
If no mages are on the enemy team, Somriri can only change targets every 12 seconds.
However if magic-damage is done to her, Somriri will continuously jump leaving multiple replicas behind, giving her a boost in attack speed and movement.

The ability Hidden Mist once unlocked, will be this heroes main form and appear as a shimmering frozen solid three-tailed fox.
Adding dodge and increasing the damage replicas do while in this form.

The ability Dancing Snow could turn Somriri into a small ice-like rabbit when low on HP, giving her a panic-mode, adding more dodge, movement, and attack speed.