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(Shitty Shithole Stupid Soulhunters) a REVIEW about this game!

Tue Oct 11, 2016 11:25 pm

People may or may not be offended by this based on their opinion saying that Soulhunters is a good game. However, I don't fucking care at this point in time. So here is my HUGE RANT AGAINST Soulhunters! :D

Soul hunters is a game where everything seems good, or is it? This is a gem of gaming shit with unreasonable additions, ill thought out updates, and the most horrible customer service i will ever see. There are just so many things wrong with this stupid game that it’s going to be painful listing them all. Each bad thing about this game i find degrades it severely. I don't even know where to begin for this fiery rant. Lets start by talking about the bugs in the heroes. For instance, Ethera is a hero where there are at least THREE bugs within this hero already. The bugs are that she FREEZES not only the enemy’s team, but YOUR OWN TEAMMATES as well.
Another bug with Ethera is that when she uses her ultimate, enemy Etheras don't get affected by this or any other one of Ethera’s abilities as well. This is already bad and we haven't even gotten stating more of the bad stuff yet. It is like going into a severely infested house where you only go in, and 100 cockroaches fall on your head from the top of the doorframe. There are a total of 8 OTHER bugs with JUST the HEROES ALONE. Some examples of these other heroes bugs are that with Killjoy, the spheres are sometimes casted on an ally instead of him, and that Gus’s panda smash will only hit a few enemies. These aren't even ALL the bugs with the heroes. Im pretty sure that there are at LEAST 5 or more bugs associated with the heroes alone. There are also bugs that i have encountered that are not due to the heroes, such as being unable to close certain windows, or rarely, crashing. The only way to fix ALL these bugs, which are at LEAST 25 in total, is to focus on them, and fix them, otherwise more bugs will pile up over time with these due to the updates in which MORE bugs are introduced. If you thought that was bad, then there are EVEN worse stuff in this game I have still yet to mention. Did I mention not only do they deceive you with so called “improved rewards”, but they actually take away some of it AS WELL. What do I mean by this, well, they say after you defeat all the bosses once someone reaches level 90 in a server, in order to raise the level cap, they say that the rewards WILL IMPROVE in both chests as well as the ones in the crucible. However, once Riley, the last boss, is defeated, you won't notice ANY reward change at all in any of the chests. In fact, it seems like everything was the same before. The only difference is that they created like a 1 in 1000 chance of actually obtaining something like a commander’s blade in a 10 pack of gold chests. This change is very bad and pathetic. People, including myself, were expecting at least for the useless grey items to be gone, and move up 1 tier. That would've been fine, or AT LEAST make some noticeable difference. Also, the mystic ruins were great with their rewards, when for some shitty reason, the greedy ass developers decided to take away the DIAMOND TICKET CHEST TICKET, and replace it with a GOLD CHEST TICKET. Not 10 tickets, but only 1 FUCKING TICKET. Who needs this crap beyond level 80 is beyond me. I agree that it should be 1 golden chest ticket for levels 40-49 tho. For levels 50-79 it should be 10 golden chest tickets, for levels 81-100 it should be 1 diamond chest ticket. This sever cutback, is like saying that a doctor, who makes 120 dollars an hour, has his/her paycheck cut to only 12 DOLLARS AN HOUR. Do you think he/she will like this? HELL NO!!! In fact, it might even lead that person to stage an angry revolt. The only logical explanation behind this monstrosity is to become greedier than the massive amount of profits soul hunters already has!
Also, the efficiency in this game is quite bad as well. For example, someone suggested that when someone owns an item, that cannot view what is needed to craft another one if already equipped. The only way one can view this is to look in the items book and find it, which DOES take up your PRECIOUS TIME by the way. The bag items and the Soul Stone are all in a big fat clutter in your bag by the way. You can find different rarities of items all scrambled up and it makes it very frustrating. When a player leaves his/her guild, the info for the space available in a guild will take a LONG time (at least 6 hours) to update the info that a layer has left a certain guild. These three reasons ALONE prove that efficiency is HORRIBLE in Soulhunters. When events are about to start, the developers made it LOOK LIKE the events ALREADY started when in fact they already ended or just about to begin. This can annoy some people because they can be tricked into buying goods in hopes of getting more when in actuality they don't get it, because the developers probably thought this was a GOOD IDEA to try to be as GREEDY as possible. The chat limit in Soulhunters is also HORRIBLE AS WELL. You can only say very little per line which is annoying and stupid. I can understand the chat limit amount in global chat, but limiting the amount you can say besides in global is just retarded. The chat log in which you can view is tiny as FUCK. What do I mean by this, well, you can basically only view the last 10 messages or a little more than that of what people said. You should be able to view that last 200 messages someone has said. Then it would be considered worthwhile and GOOD. Not just that, but there are also some UNREASONABLE ADDITIONS that the lazy ass developers put in the game as well. One such of an egregious example of this is something called the time limit. What makes this so bad? Well, its not the thing they put, but rather the WAY they put it. Just because certain games have time limits like mario, doesn't mean the game has to be BAD and can be quite GOOD. As long as it is used in a good manner, then it is OK. However, Soulhunters implements this feature in a STUPID way for the most part. What do I mean by this? Well, in this game, they put this feature in EVERY BATTLE!!!! The time limit for the most part is VERY UNFAIR. If the time runs out, your team LOSSES INSTANTLY!!!! No chance to survive but lose INSTANTLY. Wtf is this piece of fucking crap? Also, the time limit is only fucking 90 second long. REALLY? Why would a game like Soulhunters NEED one anyways? I can understand if it is used fairly like in epic arena, or the crucible or if it is used to prevent guild raid hogging. Everywhere else, though it is implemented in a horrible way, and unnecessary. A good example of implementing this feature is in Mario where you have about 5 minutes which is enough by the way to complete a level. Did I also mention that their time limit ACTUALLY has some sort of benefit? The benefit is that you get extra points, which isn't the worst but actually CONTRIBUTES to your score, which can be used to achieve records. Compare to Soulhunters where if you complete quickly, you get no benefit at all. The time limit in this game of Soulhunters, is like comparing that to mosquitoes. This makes this feature not only ANNOYING, but rather USELESS and is a bad indicator of whether you win or not. This feature should be added in racing games or levels where you have to complete a level within the time allotted. Soul hunters ISNT a racing game, and all of its levels have this dreaded feature which ISNT necessary. However, you can either REMOVE IT, have some benefit associated with it, or make it an indicator of FAIR gameplay. Many games use this time limit feature CORRECTLY, either not including it, making it fair if it runs out, adding rewards associated with it, if it is necessary (a racing game or a complete the level within the time allowed level)OR a combination of fairness and rewards. Such games that use this feature CORRECTLY are ZombieFarm, UnisonLeague, New Super Mario Bros. Games, racing games, and Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. This goes to show that Soulhunters DOES have potential to turn this unbelievable bullshit into something good, or by destroying it in certain areas ONCE AND FOR ALL. Another retarded stupid implemented feature in this game are something known as PRECHARGED shadow clones. This is bad because the enemies are basically CHEATING. I can understand this is trying to balance the game, but recharging the shadow clones on wave 1 is taking it TOO FAR. Not only that, but they also give the shadow clones faster charge rates of up to 2 TIMES THE NORMAL AMOUNT as well. This makes it extremely aggravating and unfair. Who likes a game like this? Why would you love to fight against a cheater? I could understand if it was two different setups that try to balance each other, but this is just open exposed cheating. I rather lose to a good reason like, my heroes need to be upgraded to a certain amount, or I died due to a GOOD setup, but dying to someone or a computer thats CHEATING, is very annoying and retarded. The solution to fix this stupid problem is to either balance it the correct way, or by removing even just the charge rates, and only keep the recharging on waves 2 and 3. In soul hunters the community is fucking bullcrap. The people there are extremely rude and intolerant. Approximately 70 percent of players are mean and cruel. I have met countless amounts of jerks in Soulhunters, and I have never even met ONE nice person in this retarded game. All the players do is belittle your ignorance because you are new to this game, spam nasty insults to each other, and start acting like sexist and racist people. When someone says “Good job” to you for an amazing win you have, they don't really mean it at ALL. They only are interested in how you won and not about you. This refutes any good people actually playing this game. There are at least FIVE people that keep hurling insults back and forth and THEY ENJOY IT. YET nobody in the retarded team of Soulhunters attempts to stop this toxicity. An island where manners are foreign will be better off than this community of absolute shit. Only like 5 percent of people are quiet and not stupid and primitive like these other bastards. This game has one of the worst communities ever. Most communities have a mixture of quiet, bad, and good people. However, this game has mostly bad people. In fact, it wouldn't be surprising to see some other guys ideas shut down by the egregious people in this community. I don't care if you insult this big rant of mine, because one, I don't fucking care, and two, you are just proving my point by insulting me. Overall, this community is better off to drop dead than to harass others. To top this review of this horrendous game off, the staff and the creators of soul hunters are HORRENDOUS. They never even help others in customer service. Countless numbers of people have complained about this shitty service. Out of 10000 people who tried customer service in Soulhunters, only about 2 people were ACTUALLY helped. The others, well, they got their shitty service as ALWAYS. People are complaining here, and this crappy team won't do anything to help them. Lets just say someone got charged with 50 dollars of diamonds, when that customer DIDNT ACTUALLY PURCHASE IT. They would complain to Soulhunters, and yet, that stupid ass team won't get off their morbidly obese asses to help that person. This will cause people to start leaving angry and with their pockets empty. Also, when the team responds saying that the team will fix that persons mistakes, its like talking to a BOT. Moreover, I think it IS ACTUALLY A BOT. Why would someone enjoy being treated like dirt on a fancy shoe, is BEYOND me. The Soulhunters team really needs an ACTUAL human being to do the writing and not just some retarded old bot. Most people that have played soul hunters before talked about the SHITTY customer service before!! This needs to be addressed and fixed as SOON AS POSSIBLE. That being said, soul hunters overall is not only just a bug hoarding, horrible addition game, but it is also a place where insulting and bad customer service takes place as well. I suggest that these retarded developers fix their game as soon as possible, otherwise more people are going to be seeing this huge review that can possibly destroy Soulhunters. I don't care if you insult my opinion, in fact I would recommend both nasty and helpful comments!!! Im spreading the word as well about this shitty game too so no one would play this lame excuse for an app game. This is the end of my FEROCIOUS RANT.
Soul hunters only fixed 4 percent of its bad stuff.

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Re: (Shitty Shithole Stupid Soulhunters) a REVIEW about this game!

Wed Oct 12, 2016 12:23 am

Good job with that review!
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Re: (Shitty Shithole Stupid Soulhunters) a REVIEW about this game!

Thu Oct 13, 2016 12:33 am

Why did you post this in two places?
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