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Call to Arms Players!

Posted: Mon Oct 03, 2016 4:58 am
by BeastModeOn
I am fed up with Lilith ignoring known issues. Their only updates include new heroes for us to buy. I've spent hundreds of dollars so far and I/we deserve a voice!!

Fix these or I quit: (PLAYERS please add to this thread agree with what I'm saying so we get some traction)

1) any server where 1 guild has over twice the next best guild's GPs must be merged.
2) GPs to open dungeons is WAY too high for 99%of guilds - fix it without benefiting only the #1 guild.
3) All hero soulstones should eventually be available without paying.
4) Chat system MUST be fixed

I am NOT trying to be "that guy" but this game is great other than those things. I know you can fix it, so please do so next patch or I'm out! I could spend way more $$ but won't until I see some action.

Thanks in advance to all who post!

Re: Call to Arms Players!

Posted: Mon Oct 03, 2016 6:21 am
by Lockhart
1) They merge 5+ servers every month, probably based on how bad the activity is. Your turn is coming. If not this month then sometime in the following months. Guild popularity is hardly a good reading on a server's activity though.
2) GP gain is generally pretty even with how quickly you can finish a raid. If you're beating a raid before you've regained the GP to open it again it's probably time for you to move up to the next raid level.
3) They will be except for Ezio. Everyone knows this. If this is going to become a gripe about Ezio... well...
4) Chat system isn't broken. It's a sub-optimal system, sure... but not broken. I've never really had any issues with getting my message across, even if it takes five lines to accomplish it. I'd really rather they not try to fix something that isn't totally unusable only to make matters worse. My only request on this matter is for a separate tab for ruins invites like what was done with treasure cave invites. I never get my private messages anymore, because they get swallowed up by ruins invites.

If you're looking to make your guild a better place to be, none of these suggestions will do you much good. Merges just make good guilds seem bad and bad guilds seem awful. I was running a top 3 guild. Merged and it became a top 5 guild. Merged again last month and now it's a top 10 guild. A lot of my original server's guilds that were in the top 20 don't even show up in the top 50 anymore. Server merges are excellent for top-tier players and guilds who are looking for a bigger challenge to keep playing. For mid-low tier players/guilds it doesn't really offer much other than the chance to be sat on by higher tiers more often.

Re: Call to Arms Players!

Posted: Fri Oct 14, 2016 3:50 am
by BeastModeOn
I've played so many games with "guilds, I can't count. I've never played a game with less competitive guilds. Our current server has one guild with 100% actives making 80k GP. My guild is 3rd making 29k GP. Every guild below us makes less than 15k per 3 days.

I'm just trying to start a conversation of how to make it better. If I open a high level raid it does last longer but it's one raid and none of the <80 players can participate. This game needs help in this area, that's all I'm saying.