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Re: Strategy Guide Contest - Final Result

Tue Jun 14, 2016 10:55 am

Machokara wrote:
VIP15 wrote:
Machokara wrote:
Why do you guys care so much?
Im with Tryndamere.
EVERY guide will be read ,EVEN IF ITS "BAD".
The point of a guide is to help new players.
I have no idea how the winners were picked,but WHO CARES!?!!!
You made a guide so "YAY" you helped.
The prizes and winners dont mean anything .
Everyone will forget that this was a thing in like 1-2 weeks.
So stop fighting.

Well mate no one fighting I start the post that I was not agreed how did the pick the contest winners thats all and some people because they are winning the played the act they love the judgments so much and they start protecting them and saying they worth winning when they are not all their guides is about pictures and sadly we are not in class with full of kids with 7 old years that you put a pictures for them to understand (And the saddest part is I CAN EASY GO IN GAME AND READ CoF RULES why do you even POST THEM HERE LOOOOOOOL) or even the exchange thing who don't know there is a shop in CoF that you can exchange the Dragon's Scales to heroes soul stones he didn't even mention about you don't get Dragon's Scales on the 2nd run of CoF also missed one of the best heroes there Wrax also where is Xanos a lot of thing in his guide missing it's not a guide it COPY paste pictures that all

What is wrong with pictures?
Pictures are used to explaine a point of the guide better.
Its going to be SO boring and hard to understand just to see text,text and more text.
I do agree that SOME of the guides had a big amount of useless and text,but again ,WHY DO YOU CARE?!?!
This also proves that you are arguing,because you didnt win.
I BET if you won ,we werent going to be here and having this conversation.
But you do know that Soul Hunters is also played by little kids,right?
Some of them might want pictures instead of text?
And i see it really mean and stupid to talk bull on other's guides.

PLEASE read my post before you reply because I am sure you didn't read my last post you just reply and comment,First of all the wrong with the picture IT'S USELES
because the screen shots not something new or new feature it's copy past from the own game so if none could click on rules and read it hes problem that things guide does not explain guides is to teach you new things that not or hard to understand in the game.

InhaleExhale mate
it's fine mate don't be sorry and yes I will argue with the winners why not, they said how they will pick the winners read the rules please, the most useful guide because its GUIDE CONTEST not photo shop contest COME ON GUYS get real! and I do appreciate your hard work you done well but yet its GUIDE contest InhaleExhale,
Also going and read more than 8 hours to know a lot of information about the game to help the newbie people is not easy mr InhaleExhale and I also have wife and she is pregnant so in the both point my work is harder than your mate if you want to argue about how hard it was and way you worth it gratz

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Re: Strategy Guide Contest - Final Result

Tue Jun 14, 2016 11:59 am

We got many nice submissions in this contest but only could select 5 guides. We are sorry that some players got disappointed that their guides weren't selected but we will do more contests in the forum very soon.

Even if your guide was not selected it will still be available to other players and it might help many of them.

Thank you all for your submissions and for the ones that didn't get their guides selected we wish you better luck next time. :)

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