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[Guide] Choosing the best heroes for a strategic gameplay

Tue Jun 07, 2016 9:14 am


Soul Hunters is a game where there are almost no bad heroes. Every character in game is viable in it's own way.But,There are always some heroes which have more uses than others.So,I'm gonna introduce you to the heroes which are most popular and used in this amazingly balanced game.

First of all,let me tell you something about the classification of the heroes based on their roles.

Tank: Tank is the most important part of your team.The heroes which soak damage while other heroes do their work properly are called tanks.Tank's work is to prevent opponent to enter mid-back,Drago

DPS aka Damage per Second: These are the damage dealers of your team.There are three types of DPS such as Front line(Riley),Mid line(Leah) and Back line DPS (Gizmo).DPS' work is to deliver pain where Tank protects them from receiving damage.

Support and CC aka Crowd Control:The support heroes work is multipurpose like to buff your party( leon) ,debuff enemy party (gus),Healing(Jasmine,flora),Hastening (Bloodspear,garrick),increasing attack,decreasing enemy attacks also dealing damage (cara,jasmine).And,CC are the heroes which can control enemy heroes like sleep (Mortus),nightmare(Cara),entangle (Dokras).etc.

AOE Damage Dealers : Area of Effect(AoE) damage dealers deal damage to all the opponents like ariel,leah etc.

Healer: Heals your party(flora),Heals your party while dealing damage (Jasmine).

So,Now is the time to introduce you to the heroes that you most need and also some other tips.

Heroes That you must work on from beginning

Garrick : Do I need to give any description of him.I guess not.Get him.Period.

Gizmo:The king of DPS.Magic Damage dealer.Useful everywhere.

Jasmine: Single handedly kicked out flora from the game.She has amazing abilities.Most wanted Hero.

Tholin : True Multipurpose "Tank" (in reality DPS).He is useful in arena,raids,hol nearly everywhere.

Riley : She has two lifes.Insanely easy crucible with her.She debuffs enemy while doing damage and increasing crit rating.Get her asap.She can make your game so easy.

Gale: The free hero on which you can rely on.She is decent so why not upgrade her.

Serafine: Her ultimate brings havoc to front line.Fastest ultimate charge.Even better after awekening (lvl90 fact).

Dokras: He is a defensive beast.His minions do great damage.Also,His CC and Ultimate is insanely good.

Leah: Best AOE physical Damage Dealer.Parties are built around her.Best hero whose ss are obtainable from campaign.Try to use her in full AOE team to get maximum benefit in arena.

Drago: Not good at early game.Becomes a must at late game.He is the meatshield.Can soak huge damage.

Leon: Front line support which works as a tank at late game.He gives physical immunity to teammates.Must-have for late game.

Slim: He is a late game star.Becomes a God at orange.Heals himself with every hit.Highest crit rate in game.

Arachna: She is the only anti-tank.Her Damage is very good.Even better after awekening.Work on her.

Tanya:She is the Only anti-mage.So,yes upgrade her if you can.

Other heroes which you should work on

Osiris: She deals good magic damage with silence ability.Valid Hero.

Gus: Physical Debuff and DPS at it's best.Really Good.also can work as a secondary tank at higher stars.

Bloodspear: Only good against raid bosses and HoL.But,you should not leave him behind.

Cara: Only Good sorry Great at arena.She is really good against ezio.Arena-Star.Try not to use her in AOE teams to get full advantages of her abilities. i.e.[Drago,garrick,jasmine,cara,dokras].

Ezio: He is purchase only and a great hero.Perfect upgraded version of Hanzo.You can't kill him easily.But,he can kill you without effort.

Ethera : She wrecks CoF and used in specific teams at arena.Really,Really good ultimate.Slows enemies.

Xanos :Truly a great hero.He will give you many advantages.His ultimate is devastating.Work on him after ethera.


Other heroes you may work on if you like

Namtar: Only GOOD after awekening.He reduces the damage taken.

Ulfang: He gives haste at the beginning of the fight,gives lifesteal to physical heroes.Only used in physical teams.But,he doesnt do much damage.Personally,I don't use him.

Alana: She'd be good if her energy build-up didn't take so long.She can be if good use in arena and some bosses.But,she's not that great.

Alastair : His duck ability and huge single target magic damage is good.But,he kinda falls apart at late game.

Wraxius: The glass Cannon.He duplicates the strongest heroes of opponent.Highest magic damage in game.But,dies too quick. He's good at CoF and a specific arena and guild war team. ;)

Ariel: She is the best magical AOE.Great at early and mid game.But,after Lvl 86 she just fuels energy to opponents which results in your failure.But,overall not bad.

Elric: Best tank after Drago and Leon.He is Good but Not that good. Lol. :v

Mushashi: Great at early game.But,in late game,he gets killed often before his ultimate.But,he is pretty good against HoL and Raid bosses.Put him beside a tank to see miracles in Arena. :D

Enrique: Supporter for excellence. He only supports.Needs a team built around him.

Flora: You can work on her as a back up for CoF and an arena team with jasmine.But,otherwise she's become useless.

So,This is the list I suggest you to work on from my point of view.

Some tips on team building

Frankly,there is no perfect combination of heroes in this game,that's what makes it awesome and interesting.However,There are certain things that you wanna keep in mind while building a defensive or offensive team in arena.

    When there is a single-target hero in opponent's team like garrick,cara,alastair,selene,osiris etc.,you should use dokras in your team to counter them.Because,Dokras's minions take 50% or more damage from those deadly hits.

    If you see seraphine in opponent's team,Try not to put more than two heroes in the front line.The less,the better.Because her ultimate totally wrecks it.

    Always try to put leah in a full AOE team,unless she will only help opponent to recharge ultimates faster.Same kinda thing,goes for ariel.Also,Auras work great with leah.Suggested party for leah would be:Leon,Tholin/Riley,Leah,Garrick/Ethera,Gale.

    Try not to use any AOE with cara,because AoE will wake the opponent's heroes.Use single-target heroes instead.I have found an amaging combination comprising cara.That is : Drago/Leon,jasmine,garrick,cara,dokras.You can also give it a shot

    Try to make full advantage of auras of heroes,like leon,gale etc.You shouldn't put any magic heroes where you use leon or gale(unless there is a better plan) because magical heroes don't get benefit from physical auras.Same thing goes for magical aura like Selene or Osiris.

    It's a good idea if you build team in any of these two ways,either Full Single-Target or Full AoE.Each one has it's own advantages.In a full Single-Target team,the strategy is to kill opponent's heroes one by one before their ultimate.Whereas,Full AoE team thrives on the idea that the attack would be so fast and powerful that all opposite heroes will die before having ultimates.Hybrid teams also work great in certain situation.

Thank you all for reading this long post.Hope it helps you in some way.Feel free to suggest or correct any information.Any constructive criticism is always welcome.

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Re: [Guide] Choosing the best heroes for a strategic gameplay

Wed Oct 11, 2017 11:00 am

very good information bro...thank you :)
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Re: [Guide] Choosing the best heroes for a strategic gameplay

Wed Oct 11, 2017 11:34 am

epicwolf wrote:
very good information bro...thank you :)

This information is over 1 year old and is completely obsolete by now. Please do not revive old topics.

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