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[Guide] Crucible of Fire (CoF)

Sat Jun 04, 2016 7:27 am

Crucible of Fire

Complete the Crucible of Fire (or from now CoF) every day I would say that is one of the most important aspects of the game, as this is a major source of gold, but also a way to get equipment, experience items, soul stones and heroes! But if this were not enough you can also get dragon flakes, which can be changed in the Supply Crucible Wagon (the store that is in the CoF) for more soul stones or other items. This is great because it is a constant source of soul stones.

Key concepts to complete CoF

To put together a good team to complete the CoF, IMO the key characteristics that the team should have are:
  • Explosive damage: Sometimes no matter how much sustain you have, you will need to eliminate your enemy quickly and before they start using their ultis or you are going to be destroyed... Gizmo, Garrick and Ethera are good examples of enemies that you don't want to have for a long time.
  • Interruptions: Other times you won't have all your heroes with their ultis charged, so you won't kill your enemy as fast as you want, here is when you should use wisely your interruptions to avoid your enemies' ultis or other skills that could kick your ass... Ulfang, Jasmine and Riley are good interrupters that you can have in your team.
  • Sustain: Another important aspect, because you can't always disrupt all of your enemy skills, nor kill them fast, therefore, you will receive damage you like it or not, this is why you will need heroes like Jasmine and Flora, but if you are using a physical team and you don't have Jasmine nor Flora, Ulfang is a good choice because of his aura that increases the lifesteal.

And finally:
  • Patience: Without doubt the most necessary aspect to complete CoF every day is patience, sometimes you will be able to complete it in 10 minutes, but other times it will cost more and you will have to reset several fights to reach the final stages in good shape.

Skills that fulfill the above characteristics

Below I'll leave a list of the heroes IMO that I like and fulfill the above characteristics, but if I don't put someone it may that I forgot him or that I don't like him for CoF:

  • Explosive damage
    • Gizmo: Huge damage with ult.
    • Leah: Very good and consistent damage.
    • Gale: Very good single or multiple target damage with ult.
    • Riley: One of the best Physical DPS, strong hits and abilities, specially in Wolf form.
    • Dokras: A lot of damage with his ult, speacially if the enemy have a lot of summoned monsters.
  • Interruptions
    • Jasmine: Global instant interrupt.
    • Ethera: Very good interruption good, leaving your enemy vulnerable for a lot of time.
    • Ulfang: Stun "all" enemies in one direction, although they can dodge.
    • Enrique: Very good interruption that leaves all your enemies heroes sleeping.
  • Sustain
    • Riley: Can heal himself with his ult.
    • Jasmine: Global Heal + Interrupt + Blind enemy team.
    • Flora: Very good global Heal.
    • Ulfang: Lifesteal aura.

Please, keep in mind that this also depends on the compositions of the teams (yours and from the enemy), for example, Gale's ulti won't have much damage against a team that has a lot dodge/physical armor, or the third ability of Ulfang won't provide much sustain to a magic team.

My particular team

The team that I use is:
  • Gale
  • Leah
  • Jasmine
  • Riley
  • Alana

I find that this team balances all the points already mentioned above, and as you can see in the video below, I can complete CoF in 10 minutes, with no deaths in my team, no stage resets, and no exchanges of heroes.

Note: Another day I will complete this guide, for now I'll leave it up to here.

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