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[GUIDE] Arena

Fri Jun 03, 2016 12:42 am

The Arena
It is the PvP competitive mode, where you can test your heroes and your team building abilities.
(at party level 60 you are unlocking Epic Arena).


PDT = UTC -7h
Example: 2pm in London(UTC+1 from 27/03 to 30/10) = 6am for the server(PDT)
To know the exact server time, you can click on Events in the main screen of the game.

Based on your daily ranking, you will earn prizes composed by:
- Diamonds
- Gold
- Gladiator Medals(arena coins)
- EXP items (used to quickly increase the level of your heroes)
- Magic Dust (used to enchant items)
The higher the ranking, the higher the prizes.

Special Prizes
"Each time a player breaks his highest ranking record, he will receive a one time Diamond reward".
The reward is calculated based on how many ranks you have overtaken.
The prizes are conspicuous amounts of diamonds, even thousands!
Example: from #15 to #5 you get 1500 diamonds, from #5 to #1 1700! ==> if your previous record was #15, hitting rank 1 grants you 3200 diamonds!

Arena Armory
Clicking on Exchange you will find the Arena shop, where you can get Soul Stones and/or items by spending your Gladiator Medals
Suggestion: spend your medals to get Ethera first: she's a powerful Arena hero that fits in almost every party.

DEF Party
Here you should deploy your best party; its goal is to beat the enemies or survive until the time runs out.
There are different tactics used to arrange your party, like the Survival: you deploy tanks/supports and healers/supports to survive 90s(Jasmine needed).
Suggestion: for a basic/versatile DEF party try to use an "Area Mixed Damage" tactic:
1) Tank (ex: Elric / Magdor / Vincent)
2) Area/multi-target physical damage (ex: Ezio / Gale)
3) Area magic damage (ex: Ariel / Ember / Xanos)
4) Single target burst (ex: Serafine / Musahsi / Gizmo)
5) Healer (ex: Flora / Jasmine), support or any other hero between 2), 3), 4)

ATK Party
It is the one you use to challenge an opponent.
You should arrange your party to counter the heroes you are going to face.
1) VS a highly dodging heroes(ex: Ezio / Ethera) it's useful to use someone who can block them: Arachna, Cara, Dokras, etc
2) VS full magic-damage team, Vincent is the tank to pick, because of his high magic defense!
3) VS full physical-damage team, Leon could be a valid choise for his ulti!
4) VS a team with 2 tanks, you should use heroes that can reach the backline (ex: Ezio / Ethera/ Xanos / etc) or defense debuffers (ex: Ulfang, Alastair, etc)
5) VS healers, the single target burst is excellent to almost nullify the healers' utility
6) VS single target shields (ex: Crusher / Jasmine), area damage mixed to a single target burst
Remember: you can change your ATK party before every battle ==> don't miss the opportunity to check and adjust it!
1) Do not challenge opponents with 2+ levels than you, you risk to be outscaled
2) Take care about opponents with an higher fusion(ex: your 5x blue VS his 5x blue+1)
3) Avoid fights with opponents with an higher fusion colour(ex: your 5x blue VS his 5x purple)
4) Max out the abilities of the heroes you are going to use in the Arena
5) If you are competing for top 50, enchant the items of both ATK and DEF parties
6) Perform the very last attack at 11.58pm PDT to secure your position!

Useful Links
1) If you want to know heroes' abilities and stats, visit the Wiki
2) To know which heroes are single target or area damage, the roles and the buffs, you can look at this Tier List

I hope this guide was helpful.
If you have any suggestion or you see something wrong, I will be glad to improve/correct the guide :)
I'm open to any question about Arena parties composition!
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Re: [GUIDE] Arena

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